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  1. vechung

    The Blues

    Very very nice! Great singing technique and awesome voice. Beautifully produced.
  2. Love the fat analog sound. Something that VST's cannot reproduce.
  3. A Psychedelic and experimental piece. Sounds you had fun with it. However anxiety is a killer for me.
  4. Nice groove! I also like the song overall. Nice arrangement. "She talked and talked and drained him She made an empty vessel" - She does not necessarily needs to be a Vampire to do that
  5. I need to check this synth out.
  6. I am tired of this pandemic too. I am developing this habit of avoid people too and becoming anti-social. Just a suggestion, can you add a guitar solo as medley? It needs to be funky and fun.
  7. vechung

    Majesty - EDM pop

    Awright. Thank Wookiee
  8. vechung

    Majesty - EDM pop

    Thanks Daryl and Mark for your comments. The vocals were processed with VocalSynth2 from izotope.
  9. vechung

    Majesty - EDM pop

    Hi All Checkout my new track and see what you think. BTW I was holding out on SPLAT and finally I downloaded Cbb and wow! Nice job bakers. It is a very much improved. Thanks
  10. Thanks Bjorn for the comments.
  11. vechung

    "Tin Foil Hat"

    Hey! It is a relaxing tune when getting a drinks with friends. Easy going and nice to listen.
  12. Hi Tom Love the production and the song. The video is disgusting seeing people's mouth open and tongues stick out.
  13. HI David What kind of bus are we waiting for? Sounds like some dramatic action movie. I like the different variations you put on the melody.
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