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  1. I had a similar problem until I realized that my files, for some reason, were being saved as Midi instead of normal. Don't know what caused it. Might be a similar for you.
  2. Do you have an example to offer? I am reminded that "1 man's trash is anothers treasure " As a user who has only a 'smattering of ignorance" about this program - my dequest would be SLOW DOWN, I can't keep up. But, I'm too soon old and too late smart. The new age of music has passed me by.
  3. I think MTpower drummer will do what you need. It's free and quite flexible.
  4. I'm entirely midi/vsti. I arrange mostly for myself to accompany my church organ selections and my own singing. I am deeply into easy listening with classical roots. I also do a lot of transcriptions of classical selections
  5. Frankly, I find the start screen annoying more than helpful. I never use it since I have many (way too many) projects going on at the same time. Willard
  6. Why not simply delete it thru the Win explorers file? That's how I do it. Maybe it is an entirely wrong approach.? Willard
  7. I did save to the green preset you indicated. I thank you for your answer. However, after reading Arlen's answer, it dawned upon me to just find in a project and save it as a new user preset. In case that is unsuccessful, where do I find those saved in the green box?
  8. Arlen,

    Thanks for the mind opener!  I will just save it under another name.  Yikes, good grief, duh - - - so many trees I couldn't see the forest.



    1. arlen2133


      Man!  Glad I could help. 

      Many a time, I'm just trolling (at work, lull in the action)..

      If I can help further, just hit me up.  Glad to share.


  9. I've developed a user preset for the sonitus compresser before a recent crash. It occasionally appears in some projects. Where are the user preset effects stored? I want to get it back into the user presets for new projects. It doesn't appear at all within the preset options now.
  10. I work almost entirely w/ midi and don't really understand most of the needs of the advanced users who answered above. BUT, I'd love to see some sort of magnifier, especially in the PRV and its controller section. These old eyes have much trouble seeing the tiny numeric indicators w/in the controller section and the note section as well.
  11. Hi abacab, Actually both. The program does not respond to my midi kybd at all. The midi kybd works on all my other VSTs. Occasionally, the GUI interface kybd will respond to the mouse. But, no matter it is completely useless in that way. Neither do the pitch wheel or modulation respond altho they will move up and down. It is essentially the same w/ the wdwds and brass. Thanks for your response.
  12. I can not get Sonivox to respond to my kybd or mouse. It will play a midi file, but the keyswitches don't respond to either. Also, the envelope can't be adjusted. The user manual gives no instructions. I am setting up this VST as I would any other. I am at a loss as to what to do. Any ideas?
  13. Sounds a bit like the problem I've been having w/ GPO 5. I save my setup, and it disappears. This is true when I also save the setup as an fxp directly w/in GPO 5. I've had no luck w/ makemusic support, altho they've tried. It is frustrating b/c it is serendipitous.
  14. scook, Thanks again. Ended up being the same title "cakwalk warning". Same problem. So you were able to help me kill two stones w/ one bird.😀
  15. I posted a question not too long ago. But, I've forgotten the question and where I posted. Is there a way for me to locate the questions I've asked? I guess my brain is in the process of atrophying. thanks Willard
  16. I see various icons to the left of questions - ie star, circle, arrows etc. Perhaps these are out of the reader's control but I can't locate information about them and what they are trying to tell us. My initial forum decorum ended up with a dark star, now it appears white. Why? Thanks to you who responded to my original confusion! Willard
  17. I've looked for a page that informs how best to respond to those who have been helpful. Is a reply w/ thanks the way or does it add to too much email? I also believe it saw a way to indicate the best solution or to show a problem solved icon. I did solve a problem that may be of interest to others. I hope I'm making sense out of my confusion. Thanks Willard
  18. Michael, Thanks for your response. I, indeed, did try this and to no avail. At this point, I'm looking to determine whether uninstalling CbB and reinstalling might be a viable action. The real question is that a very good friend of mine is away and his music needs to be codified and sent off ASAP. I do not want to be the person who loses years of work!!!!!
  19. After accidentally moving some cakewalk projects around that subsequently were deleted and unrecoverable, the eastwest play VST3 plugin no longer loads. When opening projects, you get an exception and cakewalk offers to save a copy and end. In some other instances, the project loads. When scanning VST files, the scan reports an error during load on play_VST_x64 with the failure point being Main Call as well as a subsequent error on Play with the failure point of createInstance IComponent. We've tried reinstalling Play and updating to the latest version, but have had no luck getting things back up and running. It's been suggested we reinstall Cakewalk, but weren't sure that was the right option either and are looking for any suggestions.
  20. These latter posts remind me of the original Startrek where there are two "warring" factions. One had black on the left side and the other on the right side. Kirk was astonished about the conundrum!
  21. If you have the SWA bundle of Cakewalk videos (50 of them) you'll get a wealth of info in one place. You can download the old Cakewalk Command Center Willard
  22. Bill's solution is the one I use after reading and seeing some videos on the subject. Willard
  23. The loading of saved projects is serendipitous. Upon re-opening a project in Sonar the aria player MAY not load the save presets w/ the project - nor will it load them as a saved fxp file. The entire GPO 5 UI will be greyed out. The channel selection areas are all blank (ie previous selections do not appear). The original sounds will play, but there is no way make any changes in the mix, fx UI. Once this happens there is no solution but to reload manually ALL the initial presets (if I remember them). BUT it will play the instruments originally saved. HOWEVER, I can not tell what they are nor can I discover whether they are KS or not since the keyboard is greyed out and the mod wheel does not work. see example in file Aria player v1.872 Aria Engine v1.933 (WIN x64) I have contacted Garritan thru makemusic. They've been stymied. I tried to contact Plogue, but no response from them. I did have the computer crash about a month ago and it hasn't acted quite right since. I've reloaded CbB, and GPO 5. Has anyone experienced something like this after an update? I'm thinking specifically WIN 10, but maybe it is is a CbB problem. Willard
  24. WOW, for me this was a great video. Quick and well explained. Thanks Willard
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