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  1. Scook, Thanks "It may be found by clicking in the plug-in UI followed by the F1 key." This is what I was looking for. I've not used SI and didn't know about the "F1" key.
  2. Friends, I've been searching for a tutorial to help understand the implementation of the SI Bass Guitar. Is there a folder that contains those grids? Specifically, how do I get the pattern grid into my project? I like the NiceBass using either or both Pop or walking in the Jazz blues section. Any help appreciated
  3. Sorry for the late reply. I will begin to delve into your answer above and your youtube site. I truly appreciate your insight and help. Willard
  4. Why is my articulation map scripting for EastWest NOT working? I have followed the Tutorials from Tony Manfredonia, XEL OHH and Mike @Creative sauce. I've been successful w/ my scripting for BBC, but EW is a hard nut to crack for me. Below are the instruments I've chosen for 5 instances of EW - 1st, 2nd Violins, Viola, Celli, Bass: Chan:1 1st VLN NV NV NV VB RR NI Chan:2 2nd VLN Pizz RRX4 Chan3: Viola Spic Marc MOD Chan4: Celli Tremolo NI Chan5: Bassi Trill HT WT NI I have enclosed two images: EW-1 Shows 3 channels responding to the incoming midi data for the 1st Vln. EW-3 Shows my EW articulation map editor page along with tracks and the synth rack. 2 side questions: In the articulations view the Pizz & leg are in bold print, the last 3 are not, why? In the generate MIDI events I don't understand why all five articulations don't all appear in the drop down list? Can anyone see the error of my ways? As always I appreciate the expertise of this great forum. Thanks Willard
  5. Nigel, Thanks for tip. I've looked at these youtube sites with the exception of EXL's His explanation, because it dealt w/ BBC, and the way in which I am learning to use it, helped alot. Thanks Willard
  6. Hi all, I like to transcibe early music. Much of it consists of 3/2, 6/8, 4/1 time signatures. Is there a connection between ticks and tempo in order to get, for example, either 2 clicks per measure or 6? In a piece I am transcribing currently, the correlation between the Adagio mm and the actuall performace tempo doesn't jive. I adjust by raising or lowing the tempo. Can that problem be overcome? When using a multi VST - like GPO - using the keyswitch allows one to need a single instance of a part present. However, with EW Play or Kontakt etc, the extensive variety of KS articulations can not ALL be represented in one track. QUESTION: How do you approach this dilemma? Do you add the entire midi/or audio to a track; or just copy those notes that require those additional articulations to a new track? Thanks for any advice.
  7. Serendipitous playing around in the plugin manager somehow thru various deletions etc the original appeared. Sorry to bother you all. Willard
  8. Hi all, I was attempting to install a new VST (w/o success) and spent too much time in the Plug-in manager. Apparently while shifting things around I screwed up. The Audio FX now shows an backup synth instrument page. How can I (do I) resurrect the Audio FX page into the Brower . I am specifically talking about the FX that appears in the 1st spot next to MIDI FX. Attached is a png the shows the Audio FX filled with an old instrument file rather than the audio files that used to appear there. Any suggestions appreciated Willard
  9. Matthew, As I study your templates more, I realize that you do what I am looking to do when you 'enable' the synth and the instrument. How do I accomplish this? Willard
  10. Thanks for that work on the template. You have all the instruments loaded wihin the "LABS orchestra" am I correct? Is there a way to combine various VST's ie GPO, E/W and spitfire into one templete and then disable loading into ram a particular patch or an entire synth, yet retain the possibilities of adding later? Willard
  11. Thanks for your reply. Just to make sure I'm on the right track. I could have a series of VST folders ie EW; GPO; listed but empty. Then when I open the template simply install what I need. IE 5 GPO tracks, 2 EW etc Thanks Willard
  12. I am developing a template but have been unable to find info on disabling a VST from loading into ram. I use BBC SO, GPO 5, easrwest string orch much more than my other orch Vst's. Generally use a number of articulations and various Vst instruments, but not in every project Is there a way to have a folder w/ eastwest present, but w/o it being loaded into ram? Willard
  13. After a forced ms upgrade this morning, my sound is non-existent. I've done the sound test w/in microsoft, the sound test with my Behringer UMC202 uphoria. I've changed my audio back and forth between 48000 and 44100, checked all connections. My drivers are updated. I don't get anysound when playing youtube videos etc. Any suggestions. I've only a smattering of ignorance w computer technology. Willard
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