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  1. I've got ver 2021.06 and my program says ALT + T. Have things changed in the newest version?
  2. Steve, I have tried to use SINE in CbB. I've downloaded the player. It is not 'recognized' in the Plug-in manager, and never appears when the synth rack view. I've deleted and tried a new install. The only thing I've installed is the SINE Player. I downloaded a number of the free instruments, but they 'sound' in the stand alone. But, I need it as a VST. I've written to Orchestral Tools, but have received no reply. Have I missed something? Willard
  3. It is a shame that American Hubris is still active. It is a well known fact we are a 2nd language poor nation. IMHO, If you can reply then do so. If the language is out of your league, don't respond. Too many of the repsonses had negative connotations. If the original was in Russian, do you really expect the individual to understand. If he did, I'm sure he would be offended. Frankly, Americans need to be more responsible. This is a global community, the world is a global community and too me, the "Write in English" reminds me of the personage in the "Ugly American".
  4. Hi all. I'm working w/ Hollywood Strings Gold - (cheap version). I am using midi entry, but I can't get the above controllers (cc 1 or cc 11) to effect a change in sound. The draw or wheel will put in the changes but they do not effect playback and in some instances erase the spot even though I'm using Sound on Sound. The composition is for string orchestra. I have five instances of Play -Vln 1, 2, viola, celli and Cbassi each one containing the same (7) articulations w/ the exception of the CBassi. I hope someone has an interest in pointing me in the right direction. I have spent hours researching tutorials and reading the manuals - EWQL HS Gold and Play 6. Willard
  5. Hello all. I recently bought London Solo Strings from Bigfishaudio ($99). It is a very basic set of solo strings with only four articulations - however, for some this may be perfect. There are many additional articulations available. You'd need to add each independently. (I think?) (Kontakt is not intuitive for me.) Arco Marcato Spiccato Pizz I've attached the Artmap File: London Solo Strings.artmap
  6. It has taken me 7 months to achieve a smattering of ignorance about EASTWEST (Hollywood Strings) and their Play engine. Everything that has been said here is true. I used youtube, EW support, CbB forum and anything else I could find. Finally ended up tripping into some solutions. Willard
  7. Jerry, Very nice. I enjoyed the finale's energy and dynamics. Willard
  8. Hey all, Still struggling with EastWest strings. I've got the articulation map configuration - thanks to scook and Steve Harder and the many others who asked questions in the new articulation section. However, there DOES NOT seem to be a forum on or about EASTWEST that matches the quality of this forum. Support is spartan as I fumble thru the NET. Specifically, it is my inability to get the Play engine to recognize any CC 1 modulation data. My work flow is to create a midi file; build articulations, phrasing etc, pass thru my 5 instances of the Play engine and bounce to tracks. Questions and/or comments appreciated! Willard
  9. Steve, I don't have OPUS but have Hollywood Strings (cheap version). All of my articulation maps now work with the exception of the bass. I chose to use C2 as the starting point. I've tried both moving the entire starting point for each map from C2 both up and down. However, there appears to be something that triggers the Bass map even if I have only one articulation. For ex - I have the bass set to legato but it plays stac marc MOD. I even tried using only the keyswitch set and that didn't work either. I noticed you did state there was a possibility of some articulations interferring with the bass. One shows the Articulations I chose Two shows the upper four instruments and the chosen articulations three shows my effort to put the bassi in a different starting position All the channels are sequential as you can see in One Any help appreciated. Willard
  10. Noel, I developed a workflow that uses the tempo track in the multidock. I currently have the following in my multidock - console, markers, tempo, PVR. I can't get the tempo view in the selection area. See float 2 png
  11. I find the new tempo track less suited to my needs. It interrupts my work flow. Is there any way to remove that part of the programming? OR, is there a way to incorporate the old AND the new view? OR - - - do I have to accept it as the new gospel and re-adjust my attitude? Willard
  12. I have the latest update. I clicked out of it after I read it. I can't find it now. How can I get the the current release notes up again? I am up to date with the 2021.04 update 2.
  13. I have three: main is Dell 24 in; right is 22 in HANNspree HDMI left a Sceptre 22" Main moniter is track view; right is used for PVR and various settings ie: Staff view, tempo etc; left shows VST and effect plug-ins. All connected to USB expansion devices. Three may be overkill, but it works quite well for me. The left monitor is attached to a monitor swivel which I can use to read PDF files etc by swinging it over my keyboard which is perpendicular to the workstation.
  14. My needs are much simpler than mixing. I am still trying to understand some of the more basic midi to audio, using EastWest and Kontakt. Additionally, how to use the basic midi learn, articulation maps. I feel that I can use GPO5, but having great distress w/Sinokinetic "Toccata" organ and EastWest strings. I'm not, at this point, too concerned about mixing. If this is not of interest to you, cam you point me in the right direction. Willard
  15. Vernon, I appreciate your effort to explain my conundrum. My limited knowledge of midi is my hangup. How do I implement a CC change. I only have a simple Alesis Q49 controller and an old Yamaha kybrd. For me at least, the q49 MANUAL isn't of much help to understand implementation, plus only pitch, mod wheel as usable switches
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