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  1. willard cottrell

    exporting midi tempo map

    Blogosherianman, I have my setting set to have only one project at a time. I'll bet that was why it didn't work for me. Real good info for others thanks for posting! Willard
  2. willard cottrell

    exporting midi tempo map

    Altho the reply by Blogospherianman didn't work for me; I did discover a workaround. I simply went to the MIDI file which had the tempo map adjusted to the way I wanted it, and created a new midi blank trk. I copied the midi trk into the CPW file and the revised tempo map appeared. Once again, thanks to all. From every mistake I make, you guys really help me to understand the program better. Willard
  3. willard cottrell

    exporting midi tempo map

    I need to import a midi tempo map from a midi file to a cakewalk file. There are abundant tempo changes. Needless to say, transferring by hand would b a monumental task. I really didn't understand a method I saw in the forum posted to michaelb's same question as answered by Brundlefly. I also tried the PDF, but I couldn't find anything - probably 'cause I wasn't asking the right question. I never use audio snap. I have the file saved as a midi file and CWP. The problems I experienced getting from MIDI to CWP require another comment. Any help appreciated Thanks Willard
  4. willard cottrell

    BPM from acappella voice song

    I create a click track at the suspected tempo and change the tempo as needed.
  5. Hi friends, I occasionally use midi files that contain meta data. (not that I understand that stuff). I believe that controller 91 and 93 are not present w/in the GPO data, but they are available in the PRV view. Do those have any effect - ie do they negatively effect GPO or the FXs send like reverb or chorus in CbB. Can they be eliminated from the midi file? Thanks
  6. willard cottrell

    Vsti Patches not saving in projects

    I had a similar problem until I realized that my files, for some reason, were being saved as Midi instead of normal. Don't know what caused it. Might be a similar for you.
  7. willard cottrell

    Feature "dequest" subforum request

    Do you have an example to offer? I am reminded that "1 man's trash is anothers treasure " As a user who has only a 'smattering of ignorance" about this program - my dequest would be SLOW DOWN, I can't keep up. But, I'm too soon old and too late smart. The new age of music has passed me by.
  8. willard cottrell

    Midi Drums

    I think MTpower drummer will do what you need. It's free and quite flexible.
  9. willard cottrell

    Cakewalk - Heavy VST Instrument / MIDI users?

    I'm entirely midi/vsti. I arrange mostly for myself to accompany my church organ selections and my own singing. I am deeply into easy listening with classical roots. I also do a lot of transcriptions of classical selections
  10. willard cottrell

    Start Screen update

    Frankly, I find the start screen annoying more than helpful. I never use it since I have many (way too many) projects going on at the same time. Willard
  11. willard cottrell

    Delete a project.

    Why not simply delete it thru the Win explorers file? That's how I do it. Maybe it is an entirely wrong approach.? Willard
  12. willard cottrell

    user preset

    I did save to the green preset you indicated. I thank you for your answer. However, after reading Arlen's answer, it dawned upon me to just find in a project and save it as a new user preset. In case that is unsuccessful, where do I find those saved in the green box?
  13. Arlen,

    Thanks for the mind opener!  I will just save it under another name.  Yikes, good grief, duh - - - so many trees I couldn't see the forest.



    1. arlen2133


      Man!  Glad I could help. 

      Many a time, I'm just trolling (at work, lull in the action)..

      If I can help further, just hit me up.  Glad to share.


  14. willard cottrell

    user preset

    I've developed a user preset for the sonitus compresser before a recent crash. It occasionally appears in some projects. Where are the user preset effects stored? I want to get it back into the user presets for new projects. It doesn't appear at all within the preset options now.
  15. willard cottrell

    Correct timing

    posted in wrong place