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  1. Is there anyone who is writing SFZ code using Visual Studio Code? With this stay at home order I see an opportunity to try my hand at this. I kinow NOTHING about coding, but I would like to experiment w/ the many early SFZ and SF2 files I have, but don't use. EMU Proteus 2 etc. OR, a list of places that have tutorials going from simple to complex coding. The latter are sorely missing w/ youtube. The majority I found tend to assume you are a knowledgeable coder. Thanks Willard
  2. Hi all, Really weird problem. I am constructing a project from my q49 kybd. All midi notes are correct. Project in A min. 3/4 's thru and an A double prime (midi key #57?) plays slightly flat. All other A's of the same play correctly. This happens regardless of synth. I've checked midi event list and there are no extra midi cc's in that line. On the other synths ARIA player and Somivox Orchestral companion play correct when I press the appropriate key on the synth property page. Any ideas for trouble shooting? Willard
  3. Problem Solved I set my ARIA instrument up with wrong CbB settings. I was doing some different experiments and then took a break from everything for awhile. When I came back to using the program again I hadn't reset the settings! gettin' old ain't for the faint of heart!
  4. For some reason I can't seem to get a wav file to appear on instruments I never had trouble with. Hooked up as usual Midi: input Q49 kybd output to ARIA (or any other Synth) channel output assigned output to ARIA, echo on Synth: Aria echo on (w/ channel and instru assignment) output to Master A wav form does appear at the master but not w/ the aria Midi cc's are Vel, Modulation and Volume Does not work w/ midi files or directly from the Kybd. What's my 75 yr old mind missing?
  5. The only major problem I have had w/ CWB was a windows crash. Since then working great. With the onset of both 32 and 64 bit plug-ins, I wonder if it is worth some comments about keeping both sets and/or eliminating 32 bit if possible?
  6. I've been using GPO5 since its inception. I have no qualms, but I'm not producing professional quality stuff. For me, a professional musician for 60 yrs, I think it is good stuff. Sorry to learn there's no effort to improve. (another reason to dislike makemusic!??) I used finale way back, but I always had trouble with it. I upgraded to the newest Finale and went back to Print Music 2014. I felt they tried Finale to be all things and it wasn't good at either. I never really liked make music as a software supplier or developer. I stayed w/ it because I wasn't interested in learning a new GUI. There are, I'm sure, better companies and software.
  7. I had a friend tutoring me w/ audio, but unfortunately he has been sidetracked lately. Well, for 6 mos actually. I doubt I'll have access again. I've been on my own just as I was starting to understand a little!?! 1. I remember he'd have me take midi trks and record them as stereo into the audio . Then he would take them back to mono after bouncing them. Never understood that nor was experienced enough to question the process. 2. He would use a process to create silence between inactive sections within the bounced trk, why? Should I? 3. I can understand a mono trk I believe, if using a solo instrument or section. But, I occasionally use ensembles (GPO5, orchestral comp). Why make this mono? I don't remember that he did this or even suggested it (getting foggy at 75). Should or can the two be present in the mix down? 3a Ancillary to that, how does pan fit into the process. For ex, if I use a full string ensemble, does pan influence the balance? I'd say yes intuitively. 4. Is there a concise tutorial suggesting a process after the input portion - ie all midi trks ready to go in terms of balance, EQ, volume etc? I use orch stuff primarily and don't know if there is an actual difference in technique from current pop music mixing ideas. I appreciate any help. Willard
  8. Blogosherianman, I have my setting set to have only one project at a time. I'll bet that was why it didn't work for me. Real good info for others thanks for posting! Willard
  9. Altho the reply by Blogospherianman didn't work for me; I did discover a workaround. I simply went to the MIDI file which had the tempo map adjusted to the way I wanted it, and created a new midi blank trk. I copied the midi trk into the CPW file and the revised tempo map appeared. Once again, thanks to all. From every mistake I make, you guys really help me to understand the program better. Willard
  10. I need to import a midi tempo map from a midi file to a cakewalk file. There are abundant tempo changes. Needless to say, transferring by hand would b a monumental task. I really didn't understand a method I saw in the forum posted to michaelb's same question as answered by Brundlefly. I also tried the PDF, but I couldn't find anything - probably 'cause I wasn't asking the right question. I never use audio snap. I have the file saved as a midi file and CWP. The problems I experienced getting from MIDI to CWP require another comment. Any help appreciated Thanks Willard
  11. I create a click track at the suspected tempo and change the tempo as needed.
  12. Hi friends, I occasionally use midi files that contain meta data. (not that I understand that stuff). I believe that controller 91 and 93 are not present w/in the GPO data, but they are available in the PRV view. Do those have any effect - ie do they negatively effect GPO or the FXs send like reverb or chorus in CbB. Can they be eliminated from the midi file? Thanks
  13. I had a similar problem until I realized that my files, for some reason, were being saved as Midi instead of normal. Don't know what caused it. Might be a similar for you.
  14. Do you have an example to offer? I am reminded that "1 man's trash is anothers treasure " As a user who has only a 'smattering of ignorance" about this program - my dequest would be SLOW DOWN, I can't keep up. But, I'm too soon old and too late smart. The new age of music has passed me by.
  15. I think MTpower drummer will do what you need. It's free and quite flexible.
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