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  1. You know, that's actually not too bad either. I can still comp as usual later on. It seems it only gets a little cumbersome if I decide later on that I want to record additional takes on the same track. Thanks a lot!!!
  2. hm... but I did not do any split. I merely finished a recording. Anyway: I thought it was a new bug. But as it isn't, it actually doesn't belong in this thread. So I'll stop here. Thanks for explaining! 👍
  3. It appears you must have misread what I reported: "all of them get spliced at whatever point of the loop I stop recording" I.e. for example I record ten takes over a loop that goes from 1:01:00 until 9:01:00. After completing take #10 I decide that it's a wrap and subsequently stop recording during loop #11 (ie. what would be the 11th take but it's a take I don't need/use) at (say) 2:07:480. Sonar automatically cuts all ten complete takes at 2:07:480, i.e. resulting in two items/snippets per take before I did any cut whatsoever. The first one (on each of the ten takes) has the exact same length as the incomplete (garbage) take #11. Keep in mind that the point at which I stop recording (i.e. the lenght of take #11) is completely arbitary.. Its length is the time it took me to make up my mind that a) it's a wrap and then to b) stop both playing and recording. And hence it doesn't make any sense to use that point on the timeline as the basis for anything. It's arbitrary. There's no connection to what I just recorded. I had to stop at some point. It's this, could be any other too..
  4. I don't get it - so that's how it is supposed to work? That doesn't make the slightest sense to me. What would be the intention and rationale behind that splicing? Also I do not remember it having behaved like that before. Comping is certainly absolutely what I want to use and having to use another mode instead is in no way whatsoever an option for me. That would mean throwing out the baby with the bathtub. I am curious to hear how that automatic splicing could possibly be of use/help to anyone. Perhaps my imaginative powers are lacking, but frankly put, for the live of me I can't come up with any reason why that might ever be desirable. To me it clearly looks like it must stem from an insect crawling over the code somewhere.
  5. I am not absolutely certain this is a new issue, but when I record multiple takes in comping mode (i.e. loop recording) and all takes share the same track, all of them get spliced at whatever point of the loop I stop recording… this is quite the royal pita to be frank.
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