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  1. Scook - MANY thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I went into the ASIO4ALL software not knowing what I was doing and saw that the Realtek was switched on (my soundcard) but Not the USB Codec. Switched that on and everything suddenly started working O.K. Thanks again.
  2. sorry to show my ignorance but how do i do this ? Thanks
  3. Hi, new to all this (just managed to get a keyboard controller connected) but now my next problem. Connecting a Behringer UM2 mixer to Cakewalk to use an electric guitar. Plugged guitar into UM2 and thought levels were very low. After much mucking around discovered the sound being recorded was coming from my internal PC (DELL) mike and not the guitar (can hear guitar in headphones plugged into UM2) Tried many combinations but about to pull my hair out. Final settings are as follows. Any help MUCH appreciated ........................................ Downloaded ASIO4ALL. Then Went to : Playback & Recording - Driver Mode ASIO Driver Settings - Playback Timing Master - ASIO4ALL v2 HD Audio Output 1 Driver Settings - Record Timing Master - ASIO4ALL v2 Audio Mic Array Input 3 Devices - Input Drivers - ASIO4ALL v2 HD Audio Input 1 & ASIO4ALL v2 HD Audio Input 3 Devices - Output Drivers - ASIO4ALL v2 HD Audio Output 1
  4. Hi Jon, Making some form of positive progress - will update you and let you know. Again, Thanks.
  5. Jon, thanks for coming back. Please excuse my ignorance. Am I right in thinking that my keyboard (midi controller) won't necessarily play all the instruments in Cakewalk but only ones that are "compatible" with it ? (which is why I can use a screen keyboard but not my microlab) - or have i got it all wrong. I looked at all the available instruments but they all seem to be SI- Bass Guitar. SI- Drum Kit etc (the only thing with VST was VST2 Breverb 2 which i assume wasnt an instrument). Finally (I promise, I have narrowed it down to if I disconnect my keyboard, restart Cakewalk (everything works OK with the screen keyboard) i then plug Microlab in as soon as i tick the pop up to connect it Bamm "Audio Dropout". Hope this all made sense. Once again thanks for your help.
  6. Apologies if this is the wrong place or its been asked before but i am new to all this (first ever DAW). Have my Arturia Microlab keyboard plugged in but dos'nt work in Cakewalk (recognised in setup as Midi input) although "screen keyboard OK". If I unplugged my keyboard and plug it back in i get "Audio Engine Dropout (0) error. Hope this makes sense - any ideas what it could be welcome.
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