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  1. This my friend is genius!!! Glad you wen this far to see/hear it for yourself!
  2. Mixing vocals can be easy if you just know the right approach. Today, we are going to use EQ, Compression, and even some nice extras to get a vocal to set on top of a mix. What is EQ? It stands for Equalization. This is a term that describes what an EQ is doing, it is literally making things equal. In other words, if you have an offending frequency that is built up in the vocal, you can grab an EQ to make that frequency more pleasent to hear by turning it down. Want an awesome EQ cheatsheet to hang at your mixing station? Join the Patreon group at $1 or more a month and you get access to one! Mixing Vocals in Cakewalk by BandLab
  3. Quarantine Song Challenge- Are you a musician or instrumentalist that has currently found yourself indoors more than usual, and with extra time on your hands? Well, in order to break up the monotony and create a little fun, I am doing a "Quarantine Song Challenge". Details: Starting Friday April 10th, I am giving all who would be willing, a challenge. The mission should you choose to accept it, is this: Create a song or upload an oldie off the shelf. This should be a version of your best rough mix, or if you're very productive a completed masterpiece that's fully mixed and mastered. I will then showcase submissions the on my channel live for all to hear and give my personal feedback as well. The submission with the most votes will be mixed and mastered by yours truly. Technicalities: Submissions need to be in high quality WAV files preferably 24bit. If your hopeful of winning, make sure that your project is recorded and mixed in 24-bit with a sample rate of 44.1-kHz Submissions can be uploaded here: https://bit.ly/Upload-Your-Submission-Here
  4. You can use the marker feature to move clips at an exact point in the project. See the video below. Clip Paste-1.m4v
  5. I have found it to be pretty intuitive. Like most things that are new, I feel like the main "bugs" i keep hearing are just based off of the fact that this is a different workflow. The glitchy behavior is to be expected at first release of anything just due to its intrinsic nature of being in a digital format. I'm sure that just like other problems we've experienced in the past there will be more improved usability. I personally love the idea and have been implementing it into my workflow already. I did sort of a first look video here: Having used it only a number of times I was able to navigate rather easily through the key features.
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