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  1. Hi all...question #2 from this Newbie. Does Cakewalk come with an Auto Tune/Auto Correct plug-in for vocals? If not, can you recommend one? Free or inexpensive preferred. This would be for correcting the occasional (ok, very occasional) flat or sharp singing note...
  2. Thanks so much! I did a clean install and the templates are back. More questions to follow soon regarding organizing files and folders, sound card issues, etc.
  3. Thanks so much for the quick reply. I think the problem is that I've screwed up by moving a bunch of folders and files. A few weeks ago, I started moving a lot of Cakewalk stuff onto my Data drive because I was running out of room on the SS Drive. As you suggested, I looked in the Folder Locations section and it's a mess: most of the lines say "app data/roaming/cakewalk...etc." I think I'm going to need to backup everything to an external drive and start totally fresh with a new CW download... Thanks again...I'll keep trying!
  4. Hi all...my first post here. I very recently re-introduced myself to Cakewalk after dabbling lightly in Sonar six or seven years ago. Turns out I've forgotten just about everything I ever knew (which wasn't much to begin with!). I have many questions, but my first is this...I'm trying to create a new project, but in the opening pop-up that appears when you start Sonar, it's only the three projects I've already started. I'd like to begin with one of the preset options (I think one is 8-track, or something like that), but when I click on the New Project tab, the box is blank. When I go to the top left and hit "File" and the "New," it only gives me the basic option (blank project). I uninstalled and re-installed CW this morning but that didn't solve the problem. Any advice is appreciated. As mentioned, I do have several other questions regarding my sound card, VST plug-ins, etc. Thanks!!!
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