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  1. Dear Bandlab, Any idea what I need to "get rid" of to run the studio instruments without that license check? There is no license check in CbB anymore - why do I still have it? Tried everything ... (see 1st entry at the top). thx! wulfg
  2. Hi JonD, thanks a lot - that's working! If still anyone knows how to get rid of the old licensing check that would be great. Appreciated wulfg
  3. Hi, I used Cakewalk since Sonar X1 including StudioInstruments. I upgraded to X2, X3, Platinum (officially paid, Command Center still working, account still accessible) and use Cakewalk by Bandlab now. If I start Cakewalk as admin, I can use StudioInstruments as expected (no registration dialog shown). But if I start Cakewalk as normal user and add a Studio Instrument I get the 'Complete Registration' dialog and can't use the Studio Instrument. The registration field is grayed out and contains "Not logged in as administrator". If I run as admin, everything works and no registration dialog is shown. I already uninstalled Studio Instruments via Windows control panel and re-installed Studio Instruments via Bandlab Assistant. BTW: X2, X3 and Platinum are still installed since I don't want to loose any old plugin. In Control Panel I have the following entry: Cakewalk Studio Instrument Suite / BandLab Singapure / Pte Ltd / 1.73GB / There is only one SI-Bass Guitar.dll on my system having version (file properties). I don't get why this dialog shows up. Studio Instruments is for free now. Why do I still get this 'Complete Registration' dialog. This is so annoying - I would really appreciate any hint how to get rid of it. cheers wulfg
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