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  1. Corruption could be a strong word but if it's the only project with an issue, I can't see how it can be anything other than a problem within the project itself rather than Cakewalk. Have you tried isolating any possible glitches in the project? For example, it may be a plug-in or plug-in setting that's causing the problem. Go through the tracks archiving them one at a time to see if this cures it.
  2. whistlekiller

    One Year of Cakewalk by BandLab Celebration

    It'll do I suppose.....😂
  3. whistlekiller

    Chrome launches Cakewalk to play midi..?

    Exactly. I've never seen a file saved by accident.
  4. whistlekiller

    Chrome launches Cakewalk to play midi..?

    He must have clicked 'save' somewhere along the line for that to happen......
  5. whistlekiller

    Missing Status Area

    I currently have two largish monitors running off a graphics card, an iPad running via the 'Duet' USB interface and am planning to use the onboard graphics to run a fourth monitor (just a 17" square one) in the near future. The Windows 10 (1809) system doesn't seem to have any undue problems managing this set-up. Multiple monitors are extremely helpful and make life a lot easier for me with Cakewalk.
  6. whistlekiller

    No 32 bit version for Win 7???

    It’s worse than that Paulo, Mrs Whistlekiller is an accomplished angler as well. #AllYearRoundTan
  7. whistlekiller

    No 32 bit version for Win 7???

    We are all beholden in life. Before software was a glint in somebody’s eye we were beholden to employers not going to the wall, beholden to landlords not putting up the rent, beholden to partners not asking for a divorce, beholden to political leaders starting wars in which we could all be killed.......if you have the means and inclination to control these important things, a bit of a software ownership problem is small beer.
  8. whistlekiller

    No 32 bit version for Win 7???

    I’ve never noticed backwoods. I’m a firm believer in leaving well alone without too much digging. Something I picked up from my years in the IT industry talking to very clever technicians. I think Windows 10 is fantastic and it does everything I need it to do better than its predecessors. Can’t ask for more.
  9. whistlekiller

    No 32 bit version for Win 7???

    Nowadays I have the advantage of being a professional angler and because of this my computer has worked perfectly with this ‘atrocious piece of garbage’ from the moment it was built....😎. The most stable and simple to understand OS I’ve ever used and believe me, I’ve used a few. Furthermore, Cakewalk has never run better either, on anything. 😉
  10. whistlekiller

    W10 FLS Slot Limit Increase

    How about trying to limit what stuff you shove though a DAW. Some of the best music was created with a minimum number of tracks and effects. 😀
  11. One of the new forum features as opposed to the old place is the 'Like' button (the heart shaped icon at the bottom right of each post) which replaces the need to quote and reply with "+1" when you like something. Keeps forum clutter down.
  12. As far as I'm aware, no you can't,
  13. I haven't experienced any issues at all with Windows 10 since migrating from 7 several years ago despite all the naysayers saying it was a disaster. Cakewalk by BandLab runs perfectly with it, as does my old VS-100, possibly due to me not tinkering with anything. Always online and only using Microsoft inbuilt AV. Nothing to worry about.
  14. whistlekiller

    Welcome to Everyone!

    Evening and Merry Christmas everybody. I've been a long time Cakewalk user and an interested participant in the old forum. Nice to see yet another promise fulfilled by BandLab with this new forum. Looks a lot leaner than its predecessor. 👍