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  1. Thank you alot for the information, unfortunately I'm not financially able to buy myself a new sound card and have to try to work with what I have. I'm really new to all of this stuff, so I will try to update my knowledge and hardware as I go. Thank you alot and have a nice day!
  2. Thanks for all the help, this seems to resolve my problem. Again, thank you ALOT for all the help!! Have a nice day my friend. Cheers
  3. I did that, upon restarting Cakewalk and having only him running,and again I get this error. No silent buses error though when I enter Cakewalk.
  4. It is selected by default and I don't have an option to select anything else in either Playback or Record timing master.
  5. In Audio l Devices l Input Drivers l Output Drivers I selected only two choices I have , Mircophone Array and Speakers I think you can see it from my screenshots.
  6. Is Sonar = Cakewalk? Cause either I am extremely blind or I don't have it. Thanks for being so patient!!
  7. My whole setup is pretty much Lenovo laptop and speakers, no microphone or any other VST
  8. I'm only using my speakers(they are pretty only though). Where can I select that? PS I'm really sorry for all the trouble, I'm not exactly a tech guy.
  9. Upon opening Cakewalk I get an error saying " There are no audio devices for the current driver model on your system . Please go to Edit l Preferences l Audio l Playback and Recording and choose a different driver modul" and after that an error about silent buses (Master)
  10. I did as you instructed, and now I'm getting an error saying : Unable to open audio playback device. Device may not support the current project's audio format or may be in use. For help please visit ... etc" Also thanks for the help!
  11. Hello everyone, I'm COMPLETELY new to DAW and I've been trying to set up Cakewalk for days now. I've been looking at numerous videos on Youtube on how to get started. One of the things I was doing was setting my metronome to hear it while I'm recording. At first I didn't have any sound in Cakewalk and kept getting an error message about silent buses(Master), when I got rid of that I could hear metronome and everything was fine, and when I returned to YT video to continue I didn't get any sound on YT or anywhere else expect in Cakewalk. I'm extremely new to all of this so any help would be appreciated. Thank you
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