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  1. Ahhhh....changing the Local Switch to "Off" did the trick. I don't, however, have a "Part Mode" setting. This RD-700 is almost 20 years old. Still works great, but may not have that option in the same verbiage as you mentioned. Regardless, you have definitely helped me get to the next step. I seem to learn new things by the "Ready-Fire-Aim" principle. I get in and try to figure it out as much as I can and then, when I'm a little bit dangerous I get the manuals out and dive deeper. I'm still in the phase of trying to get dangerous. Once again, thanks a lot!!
  2. Yes, I'm a complete newbie when it comes to working with MIDI keyboards and DAWs. So, please have patience for a question that is probably in one of the manuals somewhere, but to my frustration must be glossing by it. My setup is a Roland RD700 hooked through a Focusrite 4i4 (3rd Gen). I do have both the MIDI and the audio hooked up to the keyboard. I created a MIDI track in Cakewalk by dragging over the Cakewalk TTS-1 plugin and can even record the track using the selected sound - in this case a simple piano. The other day, I selected "something" (that is the mystery - how I got there) where my Roland was not playing any other sound than what I had selected in my MIDI track. Even the LED screen on my Roland showed that it was under control of the Cakewalk software. I didn't touch anything on the keyboard to do that, it was something in the Cakewalk software. Well, I come back two days later and I cannot get back to that state. When I play, I hear both the MIDI sound AND the audio being generated from the Roland. I saved everything after my first session, but it didn't come back to the same place. I just want to get back to my position where I was recording MIDI and not hearing my Roland's output as well. Any pointers to documentation or help is appreciated. Thanks!
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