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  1. FWIW: I would check to see if they show up and can be routed in MidiOx. If so, it might indicate a Cakewalk issue. (or a Windows issue). In my case, I have found that exiting Cakewalk and powering off the devices and then powering them back on, resets them in Windows. Windows reports the audio and or MIDI devices that were previously unavailable to Cakewalk (although, they showed up in Device Manager as fine) are back in Cakewalk! Hopefully that will work for you. I know it doesn't make sense but the process has worked for me. MidiOx is excellent for testing Midi issues (and other stuff, like remapping CC's). Good luck! Ron
  2. Problem solved with one click! Just click the FX button and disable the audio effects! Doh! Face Smack! 😵
  3. Funny thing. If I delete the synth tracks and then recreate them, there's no latency. Profit. Not so fast! I save it, fine. I save, exit and reload it and BOOM, it's back. Weird. In any case these are the VSTs: Vocal Chain VSTs: Antares Mic Mod EFX Ozone Imager ERA 4 Plosive Remover Waves DeBreath Mono Waves DeEsser Stereo Waves CLA Vocals Waves Vocal Rider Stereo Audio Instrument Tracks (2) Both Have: Soundspot Propane Voxengo Span 2.9 So, I guess once I have the MIDI parts done (and hope I save and not exit or CBL doesn't crash, which it very rarely does) I'll just freeze the synth output audio. If I want to add some more synth stuff, I'll just make new tracks and freeze the audio. It's a bit of a hassle but that's what I have to do. The question now is: Why when I add MIDI there's no problem. When I save exit and reload, the latency returns, how does that happen and what is the cause? I don't recall this happening with previous releases.
  4. I believe I have figured out what was going on. On this project I had about 4 Waves plug-ins for vocals and, two plugins for each of two audio tracks. I haven't tested exactly which plugin might be the culprit as I setup a vocal chain for my wife, and I don't want to screw around with that because it is tweaked to perfection. Everything is ready for her vocal and I'm done. I made another copy of that project and deleted all the audio tracks and, no midi latency. So it must have been one of the plugins. I will research that later. Fortunately, for this project I was able to use the synths I needed on my Sonic-Core machine as standalones. The SC box is connected via MIDI, ADAT and audio. with both machines clocked. I think I just never noticed it before because when I record her, I disable the VSTs and just give her a little reverb on her bus. That's because when I have all the VSTs running in her FX chain, there is latency which makes it impossible for her to sing. After she's done her best take (I rarely have to touch her vocals), I turn the chain on and we can hear her blissful voice, and I can then mix and master. My theory is that some audio VST is causing the MIDI problem. I'm going to spend some time on tracking that down after I finish this project. At that time, I will post exactly which one(s) I found. I suspect it is in her vocal chain, which is turned off when I do my MIDI stuff and lay out those tracks before the vocals go on. This time I had it on to do some MIDI touch-ups with a flute and celeste here and there and must have forgot to turn it off. I know it's a long story but I'm sure the solution will be short. The bottom line is it is not a Cakewalk problem but some wayward audio VST which I recently installed several. I greatly appreciate all your input on this head scratcher!
  5. Any ideas? I now have to use my VSTs on a different less powerful machine sending MIDI there with NO LATENCY and recording back into Cakewalk via ADAT. 😓
  6. Msmcleod: Did that. Says version is current. John; Me too, but no installers to be found. Not even in a back-up. No joy guys but much gratitude for your replies. For the life of me, how hard is it to do what everyone else does? Have a downloadable installer available online besides BA.😠
  7. Assistant says version is current. No update option. I don't ever recall getting anything in that folder. I thought there was a roll back file available. But if I did that, the GUI and transport lag would return. I'll just work with the 2 machines with zero latency via Sonic-Core hosting VSTs and audio. VoiceMeeter turns Scope ASIO into a multi ASIO Host. Just need to update some VSTs on that box. It's a workaround for now, but the Sonic-Core machine is not nearly as powerful as my main DAW machine. If it matters, I'm running Win 8 64 Pro at average 3200Mhz and 64 GB of RAM and all SSDs.
  8. Any ideas? I now have to use my VSTs on a different less powerful machine sending MIDI there with NO LATENCY and recording back into Cakewalk via ADAT. 😓
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