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  1. Well this is interesting. I just installed the latest 2020.05 update, and things have changed for the better! I can now switch a mono track to have stereo interleave and use Waves stereo plugins.. and it works perfectly! I tried a delay and reverb. Both worked as I would expect. I also checked and it seems the dry signal is panned center coming into the plugin, which it is, and I'm happy (I was afraid that it might enter a stereo plugin on the left side only . The Mono-Stereo plugins still don't work, but honestly I don't care. Maybe I'm hallucinating, but this is exciting! On another note, I recently have been using Cubase Pro. I just double-checked and it suffers from not allowing mono-> stereo on a mono track too! In order for any mono->stereo effects to work (or stereo effect with mono recording), the track MUST be of type "stereo" when it's created. it doesn't give me the option to click the mode and change it like the interleave option in Cakewalk. Nice work! I feel so emotionally torn with Cubase and Sonar...er.. Cakewalk right now.. (wait... maybe the interleave button was simply missing before this update?... hmmmm.. am I losing my mind?....) Cheers! - Sean
  2. Thanks for the reply! Great detail... good theories on the crash! (I've written many a lines of C/C++ code and spent countless hours in WinDbg, so I appreciate the thoughtfulness. ) Well, TBH, I uninstalled Sonar as I just recently invested heavily in Cubase Pro, and entire NI Komplete and Spitfire BBC Orchestra. I'm loving it (although Cubase friggin' annoys me so far, although it has some clever tools. Just a different animal. Can't say (yet) that it's better than Sonar... I really do like the MIDI editing stuff.. :)) My idea was: Cakewalk by BandLab seems just as powerful as Sonar, as you mentioned, all the plugs work. I spent a good amount of time also rearranging my VST's, keeping the "Cakewalk-only" ones in the Cakewalk folder. I was also trying to reclaim some of my drive space on my SSD to make room for the sample libraries. In hindsight I should have just left it. I wound up ultimately investing into a new 2TB SSD. Problems solved! Regarding the crash, it still happens with the 2020.05 update. I'll send the minidump file to Cakewalk... er... bandLab... Cheers! - Sean
  3. I'm trying to export a rather large project to OMF. When I do so, Cakewalk crashes. Cakewalk Version: 2020.04 (or whatever the latest is) I can send the dump file to someone for further debugging. (I'm not comfortable attaching publicly, as it does contain some private info) According to '!analyze' in WinDbg, this is the culprit: I recently uninstalled Sonar, so I can't test it to see if it's a new or old bug. I'll also look at other export options and maybe start deleting things to find the cause. Also, I was able to successfully export another project, but it only had 5 tracks. This one has 28. Cheers! - Sean
  4. Noel! I've seen your name for many, many years. You speak with authority, and glad to get your opinion. I cracked open a project (with a bunch of missing old Waves plugins, incidentally) to see what happened in SONAR Producer. I know I'm not losing my mind! Regarding this statement: "SONAR did not support mono in / stereo out plugins and neither does CbB yet. " This is what I found: Waves plugins still had mono output even with SONAR Platinum. Wow... this surprised me. (I did recently invest in new Waves plugins when I built my newer computer... coincidence?) The Sonitus delay had no problem converting the mono track to have stereo out. See attachment. It shows the inbound mono signal in the FX chain, and on the other side is a stereo signal. The meter shows a difference in the channels, and it sounds correct! Maybe I've been lucky in the past with using non-Waves plugins for chorusing or other effects, but this really does make me even more confused. I also noticed the interleave button isn't present in Sonar Platinum. Maybe I'm misunderstanding something? Thanks! - Sean
  5. Please fix the abhorrent Waves plugin Mono-Stereo bug. I'll re-open Cakewalk once I see this is fixed. I have too many projects I made in Sonar that make use of mono->stereo plugins. (Ya know.. like adding a chorus to a vocal... or delay to a guitar.. ) For those curious, it seems any Waves plugins that operate on a mono signal and output stereo now just output mono. It's apparently a known issue that's been around since late last year. Automation or unit tests would catch this sort of a regression. Waves is a very popular plugin vendor and mono to stereo plugins are quite common. FIX THIS!
  6. Wow. I spent a lot of time trying to understand what was going on until I found this thread. I love the footnotes. How absurd. It's like "it's okay for our customers not to be able to use stereo effects on mono tracks... They won't care..." Thanks for finding this release note! At least provide a feasible workaround! But dear god... what about existing projects where there's a bunch of tracks with existing plugins.... with precisely tuned settings.. I mean, nah... nobody would ever encounter that. 🤬 Absolutely a massive production issue. I've used Cakewalk and Sonar for many many many years. For this type of regression to occur and for them to let the software ship is a huge quality issue. This can wreck havoc on existing projects and for anyone who isn't familiar with this bug. This type of thing will completely shut down a studio if they rely on Waves plugins for their daily work. This is a very very very common use case!! Would ProTools, Fruity Loops, Logic Pro or Ableton let this garbage ship? I've been working in Ableton more lately and only popped into Cakewalk to check out some older projects. I immediately thought I started losing my mind since I couldn't figure out what I thought I was doing wrong. This is an embarrassing disaster... definitely not good for the reputation. BandLab (or whoever the product owner is)... FIX THIS! Totally unacceptable and unprofessional to leave a bug in like this. Just friggin' open-source Cakewalk/Sonar and let us fix the issue. This is the type of thing I would drop what I'm doing to chase down. Sorry if I sound angry, but this truly is astonishing to still be an issue months later.
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