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  1. My problem that looked like ripple edit was working when it was actually turned off, turns out to be a drag and drop nudge setting that moves clips when the new clip is placed nearby.
  2. I'm experiencing ripple edit behavior when [mouse drag+ctrl+copy] clips even though ripple edit is turned off. This does not happen when I copy and past clips. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?
  3. Thanks Scook, your suggestion seems to be the solution. So it seems that the Control Bar settings are a subset of the Work Space and need to be saved with the Work Space. Keep well, H
  4. I've been using Cakewalk since the beginning of March 2020. I'm gradually getting acquainted with all the features and am generally happy with it. I have come across what seems to me to be a bug. I configure the control bar the way I like it and then lock it. I uncheck 'auto collapse' and 'auto open" in the options menu. But every time I restart Cakewalk, it resets to the default. I've tried all kinds of variations of settings but I'm not able to save the Control Bar in the configuration that I prefer. Can anyone confirm that this is a bug, or that I'm doing something incorrectly? Thanks, H
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