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  1. David and Jonathan, Yes, I was aware of the left/right designation. I just thought I wasn't getting any signal from the right 2/4 inputs. I see now that I am, that's good. Now I'm just having trouble getting everything (front and back inputs) to play through my headphones, but I'll figure that out eventually. Thank you, Dan
  2. John Vere, thanks for the quick reply. About the driver, I'm not sure, that all happened automatically when I set up the interface. But the under settings in the Focusrite Control Software, it says Scarlett 4i4, so I think the driver is correct. As to the ASIO, I did not have that set (didn't know I should). I set it to ASIO but now I have a new problem. I can access Input 1 and Input 3 on the 4i4 but not Inputs 2 or 4. So I'm apparently still doing something wrong.
  3. Cakewalk recognizes my Scarlett Focusrite 4i4 as a 3i3 and will only receive input from the front two inputs (which it designates as Left 1/2 and Right 1/2). I can't get Cakewalk to recognize the additional two instrument inputs (3 and 4) in the rear of the Focusrite. Cakewalk thinks it "sees" additional inputs Left 3/4, Right 3/4, Left 5/6 and Right 5/6, but I cannot access them. Grateful for any ideas; I would really like to be able to use all four inputs.
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