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  1. Well what do you know it works. Thanks! I am new to Cakewalk. Scratch that feature request, Lol!
  2. Hello, is it possible that we can get a feature that allows us to toggle the auto-scroll on or off like seen in the attached photo. When I attempt to us the "Left Click Locks Scroll" feature to me it is a hit or miss as it does not work all the time and the screen runs away from me when I want to focus on a specific area to work on.
  3. Thank John. This actually works and does adjust both audio & midi tracks once I use the groove option under the "Online Section" Thanks.
  4. Hello, I am very new to Cakewalk and I am trying to change the tempo on an entire project which has both audio and midi. The this is when I change the tempo all the track seem to go out of sync. Can anybody let me know how to change the tempo of an entire project without affecting the sync of the individual tracks? Thank you.
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