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  1. Michael John

    Out Of Tune

    Guys I simply removed all the MIDI inputs on each MIDI track coming from my controller and that solved it. But isn't that kinda dumb? Each time you have to re-enable it if you want to play a new melody or something?
  2. Michael John

    Out Of Tune

    I don't think so because it just happens regardless...
  3. Michael John

    Out Of Tune

    It has both MIDI and AUDIO.
  4. Michael John

    Out Of Tune

    For some reason my project keeps going out of tune. I stop the project and start it back then it plays in key but within a couple minutes it goes out of tune again. Anyone might know why?
  5. Hi, I am trying to export my mix but when I do so certain instruments are exporting way louder than how they are in the mix. Any idea why?
  6. I turned of all soloing and it is working, but really... What if want to listen to just the sidechain tracks to hear whats going on? Any suggestions?
  7. Mark, do I need to enable the side chain on the Sonitus compressor? I thought it was automatically enabled. The thing is I can use the side chain effect if I create a new project, but it is just this project I am not able to use it the way I want...
  8. I am new to Cakewalk by Bandlab and I am trying to sidechain my kick to my bass where when the kick hits the bass ducks. I have wtached tutorials online but when I attempt it nothing happens. Please see link. Can anyone help?
  9. I notice that whenever I update Cakewalk to a different version my workspace settings are never saved. Is there an option to backup your workspace settings so that it can be reloaded if they are not saved for whatever reason?
  10. Lars, removed windows sounds still the same. I have to stop the project and start it back and it plays in the correct key but then it goes off key for some odd reason?
  11. Robert, what does the Event List suppose to do for me?
  12. Hi, My projects seems to be changing pitch automatically during playback. Its starts playing normal and then its like the pitch changes or the tempo slows down or something. Anybody know why this might be happening?
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