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  1. In the track view, click on the dropdown for the track in question that says "Clips" by default, and choose "Clip Automation" | "Gain" AMB
  2. I must admit, I'd never noticed the OK|Cancel at the bottom. After a bit more experimenting I realise that it's only a problem if I go straight from editing a note to saving the file. Clicking anywhere else has the same effect as clicking OK. So to be more specific, the problem can be reproduced as follows: Open project, Edit note (without clicking OK or Cancel), File Save, Close Cakewalk Any changes in the edit are then lost. AMB
  3. When you make a change in the notes section of the browser, it doesn't seem to register as a change so the changes are lost when you save (unless something else has changed in the project). I quite often load up a project, listen it through and take notes (to do list, lyric ideas etc.) and have to remember to make a null change elsewhere (usually just muting and unmuting a track) to force the save. A minor bug, I know - but frustrating when it catches you out. Hopefully easy to fix. AMB
  4. If you want to explore an alternative to Winamp for this, Foobar2000 also lets you stop at the end of each song (in Preferences | Playback check "Stop playback after the current track" and uncheck "Reset the above when stopping"). AMB
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