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  1. Right. It seems as though the original template icons are not easy to find, and they get overwritten if you modify a default template that comes with installation without changing the name. That being the case, can someone post here their copy of the Basic.cwt template file from the Project Templates folder? I will download it and copy back into my folder and overwrite my modified file. Thanks in advance for any help.
  2. I made a change to one of the default new project template files, and now it doesn't show it's icon in the Start Screen. I know how to assign PNG files to project template files, but I can't find where the original project template icon files are located, so I can reattach the icon file to the new version of the project template file. Does anyone know where Cakewalk installs the icons for the new project template files? Thanks for any help.
  3. Thanks! That absolutely fixed it. What a weird bug.
  4. I've used the Cakewalk Step Sequencer for years, going back to the days when it was a Sonar feature, but I've hit a problem that I've never seen before. I'm creating a Step Sequencer clip that's a measure long and it plays fine when I loop that measure. But, when I click the right edge of the clip and drag it to make it longer, the Step Sequencer lengthens the clip, but it doesn't extend the beat sequence. When I the whole extended clip, it just plays the beat for the first measure, and the the rest of the clip is silent. When I've done the many times before, the beat loops within the extended clip and plays for the entire clip. Has anyone else encountered this? Many thanks for any help provided.
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