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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you reginaldStjohn! By setting the Master output to the X-USB ASIO Driver Out 1 (which I assume is 1 and 2 based on the input naming) and then on the X32 setting the Aux In Remap to Card 1-2, I am now able to monitor and hear the playback through channels 17 & 18! Making progress... now I just need to dig into the routing to see where/how this is routed to 17 & 18... the learning continues and never stops. Thanks agian for the assitance!
  2. Hello, I'm very new to Cakewalk & the DAW world, but I'm having a ton of fun learning... I hope I get the terminology and explanations correct as I describe my setup and what I'm experiencing below. I'm still a little unclear on some of the 'mechanics' of things. Setup: Win 10 laptop (realtek audio) with the latest ASIO driver installed Behringer X32 Rack I'm using an X32 as the audio interface using ASIO drivers into my laptop via the X-USB interface. With the help of the formus, I have the inputs configured in CW to the ASIO channels (bizarre naming btw), and I can get signal from the mics and can record. If I'm understanding the mecahnics of it correctly, CW is essentially taking what is coming IN from the X32 so the individual channel gains would be set FROM the X32 and not done in CW anywhere? I'm also struggling with what the what the configuration of the channel outputs should be set to, and how to get the sound to playback. If I'm using the ASIO I/O, is there a way to playback through the laptop (soundcard)? Or does the playback get routed back through the X32 and I should be monitoring it there? Thanks for any guidance/suggestions. Warren
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