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  1. Cecelius2

    I'm Baaaa-aaaack!

    You truly have been missed. Welcome home!
  2. Thanks so very, very much Msmcleod! You info is definitely helpful. You saved me from purchasing the Nembrini Acoustic Voice, but you turned me on to a great set of IRs. I had not heard of 3SigmaAudio before your post. I purchased 3SigmaAudio Classical (Cordoba Torres) IR to go with my Godin Multiac. The Multiac sounds good even great by itself, but often has too much attack. The 3SigmaAudio Cordoba Torres IR is wonderful; it warms up my Godin and make it sound more like a high end classical. I also purchased the 3SigmaAudio Martin 45 Acoustic IR. It is good as well. At first I was just trying it with a Godin Electric that has an LR Baggs Piezo bridge. It definitely helped tame the piezo and sounded okay, but then I tried it with my 1970's Martin D35 loaded with a Baggs M1a magnetic and WOW. It sounds beautiful going right into the DAW direct. Then I tried it with my old Gibson B25 which has an old Duncan Performer cheap magnetic Sound Hole pickup. The Gibson B25 already sounded okay, but the 3SigmaAudio made a very nice guitar sound even more beautiful. I plan on purchasing the 3SigmaAudio Taylors for acoustic and probably a Taylor 814ce-N and 812ce-N for the classical. I wish that 3SigmaAudio had bundles for their acoustic IRs (they do have discounts on the cabinets but not the acoustic IRs). So MsMcleod you saved me $39 by me not purchasing the Nembrini Acoustic Voice, but you led me to 3SigmaAudio which will be taking my money for several more acoustic and classical IRs. Thanks again. Your post was really helpful! C2
  3. This looks interesting and not a bad price. FYI--three is a demo version available. I have not pulled the trigger yet, but might. It is relatively easy on the CPU when I tried it on an old i5 but no cpu issues. I wonder how you guys think it compares to other Acoustic Guitar preamp effects vsts like Waves Acoustic plugins (Maserati ACG and CLA Unplugged). What other acoustic Guitar FX plugins do you guys know about or use? [ Yes, I know that it is easy to use a series of plugins in a chain (compressor, exciter, EQ, Delay, Reverb, Chorus), but that is six +/- plugins in a chain.] I know that IKM has their Amplitube Acoustic, but it is for iOS only not for a Desktop vst. It is ashame that this is not available for desktop DAWS. So, besides this Nembrini Acoustic Voice Preamp, what other acoustic guitar FX preamp plugins are there out there???
  4. This is Great news! Thanks. Two questions First-- to be clear, you got it working? Second, did you use the edited inf file for the driver with Win 11 information or did you use the win 10 driver? Again thanks for doing this.
  5. Cecelius2

    Windows 11

    Thank you both for this helpful information. While I will buy a new DAW desktop when the time is right, I am greatly relieved to know that my current desktop DAW computers will still work via offline activation. I hope this was not too off topic. Really! Thanks!
  6. Cecelius2

    Windows 11

    Thanks Chris. Regarding Cakewalk, in theory, would it be possible to do offline activations from a separate computer with Win 11 and then transfer the activation codes to Cakewalk on the older Win10 computer? [Sorry, but while I have used Cakewalk since the mid 1990's I have always stayed online and do not know much about offline activations].
  7. Cecelius2

    Windows 11

    WHAT IF? What if my computers can't run Windows 11? I know that Microsoft is going to still support Windows 10 until Oct 2025. Yes yes, yes, I know--I know that I should (and yes I will eventually) buy a new Desktop Computer that runs Windows 11. BUT, what if? WHAT IF? Hypothetically will we be able to run Cakewalk by Bandlab or Cubase 11 or Studio One 5 on Window 10 (OFFLINE) even AFTER October 2025? I read on these forums that some of you already run your DAWs totally offline. [FYI--I have never run my DAW desktops offline; I always run the DAW Software's latest and Microsoft updates online.] But some of you run offline-- So to you guys who already run offline, will this be possible? If a 4th, 5th, 6th or 7th Gen CPU is stable and fine and runs Cakewalk, Cubase and Studio One 5 solidly right now, can one opt to run those DAW software programs "perpetually” offline on Windows 10? I know that there would be not upgrades or updates, but will it be possible to run Win10 DAWS offline AFTER October 2025? If this is too off topic, please pardon the post, or redirect me to where I should look for an answer.
  8. First, let me say thank you again. I (we) really appreciate your efforts. Second, this is disappointing. While this is disappointing news, this is not unexpected. Third, I plan to wait until Roland releases updated midi controller drivers for their current products. Then I will download one of those drivers and take a look at that working win11 Roland driver's "inf" file. Perhaps seeing a working Roland Win 11 driver will help to see if there is something that can be edited on the PCR drivers. I know this is a long shot, but it is my plan now. Finally, while the PCR drivers may not work in Win11, I plan on keeping my PCR800 to use on one of my DAW computers that does not meet Win11 requirements. I plan on keeping this older DAW computer working as long as it is possible. I just don't want to throw the PCR in the trash since it still works on Win 10. [[EDIT: I also hope that we will be able to run Cakewalk and Cubase and Studio One offline on Win 10 even after the Oct 2025 end of Windows 10. BTW, I have always run my DAWS online, but this debacle with Windows 11 CPU requirements may mean that at least on my current WIN10 DAW computer, I will try to run it offline--if that is an option after Oct 2025 . I will eventually purchase a new Desktop computer for my main DAW eventually to run Win11, but I plan on waiting since my current Desktop Intel DAWs work fine .]] Again, thanks very, very much for your efforts with the PCR and Windows 11. C2
  9. Thanks. At least the Advance Startup still has the option to Disable Driver Signature. That means there is hope. I figured I (or someone who did the "hack" of the inf file back in 2015) would need to edit the "inf" file so the necessary lines had the "11". I realize it may not work, but it would be nice to be able to keep our PCR800's since they have worked and are working still (with some editing). Please keep us posted of your progress. Again, thanks so much for this information. C2
  10. Thanks so very much! This will be helpful information. I am interested in knowing if there is still the option to "Disable Driver Signature Enforcement". I know that we may have to edit the driver's "inf" file to change the windows 10 references to 11, but that this would not work if Windows 11 does not allow us to "Disable Driver Signature Enforcement". Thanks for looking into this!
  11. My K13UCe finally arrived yesterday. While the delayed (too long) shipping was a disappointment, I must say that I am very pleased with K13UCE. The Cremona Quartet is very nice as is the Session Guitarist Picked Acoustic is enjoyable-- worth the wait!!! Remember--the "Summer of Sound" Sale ends tomorrow June 30th.
  12. BACKGROUND: Back in 2015 there was a thread on the old Cakewalk site that showed us “How to get Roland/Edirol devices to work with Windows 10”. http://forum.cakewalk.com/The-ultimate-guide-to-get-your-RolandEdirol-devices-to-work-with-Windows-10-Updated-m3267234.aspx There we learned to use an edited Roland driver file that changed an “inf” file to work with Windows 10. There were different methods, but it required us to “Disable Driver Signature” and then to install the changed driver for the Roland device. It worked! For me, I used this method: 1) hold the “Shift” key while restarting Windows, then 2) select “Troubleshoot”, then 3) select “Advanced Options”, then 4) select “Startup Settings”, then 5) select “Disable Driver Signature Enforcement”, then 6) boot the computer with drivers signature enforcement disabled, then 7) install the edited Roland driver and then, 8) plug in the Roland device. It WORKED GREAT! Our beloved old Roland midi keyboards worked even though Roland had stopped updating their drivers for these products. Now that Windows 11 is announced and soon to be released, it will require enhanced security features including TPM 2.0 and Secure Boot enabled. QUESTION: Does anybody know if Windows11 will allow configuration to “Disable Driver Signature” and install an edited driver for our Roland midi controllers? I realize that it is very early and Windows 11 has only been announced, but some of you already have beta or leaked versions of Windows 11 installed. I also understand that we may have to edit the "inf" file again to have the “11” information . But Does Win11 even allow a configuration to Disable Driver Signature configuration so we can install such a driver? It would be ashamed to loose use of beloved Roland midi keyboards because of upgrading Windows 10 to Windows 11. So, while it is early in the Window11 rollout, I thought I would start this thread so we can learn if our older Roland midi devices can work on Windows 11 Thanks for any help with this.
  13. Cecelius2

    Windows 11

    Thanks. This app is much more helpful.
  14. Mine shipped on Fedex International 2 day on 6/22, but I just got an update from Fedex tracking that it will not arrive here in NW USA until Monday 6/28. I am not blaming T&S, but that is not really "2 Day international" delivery.
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