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  1. Thanks Ryan IKM! I am so glad you posted. Yes you are correct, and I was wrong. You actually can go direct out and disable cabs and amps. I had not figured out how to select/enable the DI (by clicking the Direct tab and having it's light come on) on the Mixer section. I was just trying to blend but had not enabled the DI itself. I apologize for my misleading mistake. Again, this is a GREAT sounding Hammond! And for this price, I cannot pass it up. Thanks again for this correction. [Edit: I just purchased it for $84 using my jampoints. Thank you IKM for a delightful product and a very nice sale!] C2
  2. I know that GG Audio's Blue 3 and GSI's VB3-II are both modeled; I think that UVI's B5 is a hybrid that uses Samples and some modelling, and IKM's B3X is also some kind of hybrid that uses a mixture of samples and audio processing but with only a 500mb footprint. As I have noted in a different post, B3X, Blue 3, and VB3-II all have trial demos that you can download and try out on your system. This way you can find which is best for your needs and system.. Perhaps others might want to chime in to confirm or correct this?
  3. I like this setup myself very much! While GG's Spin (Leslie) is great, adding IKM's Leslie adds something really nice to Blue3 and takes it to a very similar feel and sound as B3X. You can pretty much tweak Blue3 and get that B3X vibe by using IKM's Leslie. If IKM was not having this sale where with Jampoints I can get it for $84, I would just use Blue3 +IKM Leslie, but for this sale price, I can not pass up this deal. Also, playing B3X is just fun and very full sounding. Blue3 + IKM Leslie is still less than 1/2 the hit on the CPU compared to B3X. I figure that I can use B3X on smaller mixes and handle the hit, but for bigger CPU demanding mixes I may use Blue3+IKM Leslie. [Also I may use "freeze track" with B3x more so to reduce the cpu load.] [Edit: Let add that B3X's high CPU hit is worse when the GUI is open, but when the GUI is closed, the CPU load does drop considerably.]
  4. I am still evaluating IKM B3X. From what I have read on other forums, the top contenders are B3X, GG Audio's Blue 3 v2, UVI's B5 and GSI's VB3-II. There are trial versions of IKM B3X, Blue 3 and VB3-11. I would highly recommend you downloading all three and comparing them. They are all very very good, but they are different. B3X has a much bigger CPU hit than either Blue 3 or VB3-II. The latter two are modeled and load very fast, but B3X takes longer to load up and to switch presets. I have been hoping to get B3X and this price is very good; so I will probably get it. One thing I will say is that with both Blue 3 and VB3-II you can completely disable the leslie/cab and then use whatever other Leslie or Amp you wish; I loaded IKM's Amplitude Leslie and it sounds Great However, on IKM's B3X you can bypass the leslie amp, but not the cabinets. You can use either the Leslie amp or the Amplitude Amp (included) but you can not completely bypass the cabs completely. [Edit: This is wrong. See Ryan's post latter in this thread]. I recommend downloading the demos and comparing them on your system. [I wish that UVI's B5 had a trial demo, but it does not and so I can not comment on it, --others rave over it.] Also google Blue 3, UVI B5 and IKM B3X and you will find several threads where they are compared.
  5. Yes, I am still around, but rarely post. I come everyday to look for Larry's best and latest deals.
  6. I am very interested in the B3, but I downloaded the demo/trial version today. Whoah--it is a serious CPU hog. I compaired it to Blue3 and added Amplitude's Leslie as its amp/cab thinking that it would be comperable but IKM's B3x is about three times the drain. I may still get IKM B3 because the sale is good especially with Jampoints, but I am shocked by the CPU hit.
  7. Wow. I can't remember, but did Toontrack offer in the past a crossover/loyalty deal for their customers who owned their other products when they launched past EZproducts ? It would be great if persons who already owned EZDrummer, EZKeys, EZMix, and ST3 would get some kind of loyalty/crossover discount. $179 seems expensive especially right now with coronavirus hurting the income and work of so many musicians.
  8. Tried to order. But got "out of stock" when I tried to check out.
  9. Thank you Zo! You are doing a great service to us.
  10. Just sent you a PM. Please put me down for one Plini Cecelius2
  11. Thanks to all of you who have answered my question. This will help me make a decision on which to purchase first. Thanks C2
  12. Is the Lurssen Mastering Console available to be purchased in the Custom Shop? [This may have already been addresssed but this is a long thread and it is hard to find out) I checked my Custom Shop and I can not find Lurssen Mastering in it. I am probably going to join this group buy, but am trying to figure out what to get first. I know that the Lurssen Mastering Console is $159 and that would allow the freebies to be almost anything else, but I can't find it in the Custom Shop. Thanks for any assistance C2
  13. Where do we go to discuss HDD and SDD specs for our DAWs now that the old forum (and its Computer Hardware subforum) are now read only?
  14. Starise: I emailed Tracy at Indiginus (since they are co-developers of Amadeus) ; I asked about Amadeus being installed on two computers at the same time. He said "yes" and that he has it installed on two computers right now. I have not yet installed my Amadeus (just downloaded). I wanted to know about installing on two computers before I installed based on your issue. Don't know if this helps you with your issue, but I thought I would post Tracy's reply. C2
  15. Just want to let others know that this is now working. I was able to change my email address for this site and for the general bandlab account. So the "send email confirmation" is now working. Thanks Jesse for helping behind the scenes C2
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