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  1. Same here; I own Intro, and the website shows the $29 link, but when I log in to my Arturia account, my price is $99. I just sent sales an message asking for help.
  2. Got an email early this morning from Celestion Digitial responding to my email to them. They say and I quote: "checking now". This was 11.5 hours ago. So I checked the celestionPlus website just now, and no luck yet; they still do not have the Redback 412 as an option in the Pick&MIX 5 IR pack. It is available in the 3pack but not the 5 pack.
  3. Also: I sent Ownhammer an email asking if they would be having sales since other IR companies (CelestionPlus and Choptones and others) are having Summer sales. The owner of Ownhammer replied today with this when I asked if he would be having a sale: "Not usually, no. The past couple of years I've done Black Friday sales, but I'm not entirely sure that I'll continue to do so." This is strange since I know from the search feature on our Cakewalk Deal forum that he had a Labor Day Sale last year, A Spring sale in April and an Anniversary sale . This is frustrating.
  4. I just tried to order and I am having a different problem. I just tried to pick 5 speakers for the Pick & Mix 5 IR pack. The 412 Redback is available in the 3 pack selection, but is not an option anymore in the 5 pack option. So , I think that there are some glitches with the shop website. I just sent Celestion an email to see if this can be fixed. I suggest that you send them an email to see if they can help you.
  5. That is good news. Love S-Gear (my goto Amp Sim). Wonder if there will be a new amp added? It is time for an addition.
  6. This sale is perfect timing for me. Have been wanting to get several new IRs from CelestionPlus. This 3rd party IRs really add something to Amp Sims. My plans are to grab these: Cream Alnico (212 open & 412c), Ruby Alnico (212 open & 412c), Gold Alnico (212 open & 412c), Redback (412c), Creamback 75 (412c). Celestion's SpeakerMix would be great, but their proprietary DSRs are expensive. I also hope that Owhnammer has a sale soon. I find Ownhammer to have a "fully cab" sound (Celestion seems to me more speaker and less cabinet??). I just grabbed the Ownhammer Thiele EVL12 and really like it for use with S-Gear The Duke and Nemrini Overdrive Special for Dumblesque tones. I want to get the Ownhammer 412 EVL12 but that is not sold individually (only in bundles). Also hope that CabIR.eu will have a sale. They are pricey. Still, it is great timing for me that Celestionplus 38% off hits now. I like their IRs (but they do seem to be more speaker and less cabinet than Ownhammer). C2
  7. Strange? I received an email today from Nembrini saying this: SPECIAL OFFER 60% OFF ALL PRODUCTS using code PLUGIN60 at checkout (minimun purchase of $25) I said earlier in this thread that this same code did not work on the ODS on sale. However, this email today says it is for "All products". So, I may have been wrong in my earlier post??? But again, I tried the code and it discounted the other products in my cart, but not the ODS (dumble). So if your are reading this, and you are considering getting the Overdrive Special amp, perhaps you might want to try this code and see if it works for you. It did not for me, but the email today says it is for "All Products". Just my 2cents. Your experience might be better at getting the code to work for you. Still, I really like this amp!
  8. Tried to use the new code (PLUGIN60); while it was recognized as good, it only worked for "non sale" items in the cart--would not discount include the Overdrive Special Dumble amp. Still--$39.99 is a good price for this. Nembrini probably caught this and would not let the discount apply to the intro price anymore. Regarding this amp-- I am impressed by how "thick and creamy" the ODS sounds. I compared it to my S-Gear The Duke settings and this sounds good, but different. The Nembrini has good overdrive tones especially the overdriven clean/pushed tones. The S-Gear is cleaner, but the Nembrini will have a place in my setup for the flavor it adds. No regrets. However, I was surprised by the cabinets and IRs that Nembrini included (mostly v30's, a 4x10 and a 1x15 Fender styled cab). I loaded two CelestionPlus IRs for Creamback openback 2x12 and a G12-65 openback and these 3rd party IRs really helped the product shine. No regrets. C2
  9. I absolutely love the Triton Extreme!!! and also the MS20, Polysix and even the miniKorg. However, I am a little disappointed in the Korg Arp Odyssey if only for it's browser. The other Korg products even including the older M1 and Wavestation have Browsers that show categories (like Bass, Pads, Leads, Arp, Motion, Poly etc), but the Korg Arp Odyssey has a drop down browser that does not differentiate or categorizes the kinds of patches, only different versions of the Arp Odyssey (rev 1, rev 2) . Perhaps I am missing something, but this makes finding kinds of patches a little hit or miss. I know some just start with a blank initial patch and then tweak, but I like to have some organization to the patches to find a starting point to fine tune. Am i missing something about the Arp Odyssey's browser?
  10. Thanks for this info. I had been wanting to purchase Korg Triton and Oddysey vsts for some time and had been waiting for a good sale. This was it! At first I could not get the korg id site to recognize my M1Le registration info; it kept just seeing my M1 and Wavestations that I had purchased in 2013 and migrated to the new site in 2017. Then I realized that I had never registered my M1 Le product that came with KorgNankontrol2. I finally found the correct old M1 Le authorization key and registered it. Bingo! It worked and gave me the coupon code for the $149 upgrade. That the advice about M1 Le upgrade. C2
  11. I emailed Gforcesoftware and told them how much I love Oddity2 and Minimonsta. I asked them not to let these products fall into "legacy" status, and asked that Gforce continue to develop and update them. Today I got a reply saying that they also love the products and that they "have no intention to let them just die" . i do not know if that relates to Apple M2 down the road or Windows developments. FYI-- I just love both of these! Oddity2 is one of a few (only 2?) vst versions of Arp Oddysey. And while there are many mini Moog emulations, Minimonsta is A MONSTER. Just thought I would post this "ray of hope" for these two vsts. C2
  12. FYI--gforcesoftware is back up. Their servers had crashed yesterday, but they are back up again C2
  13. These are very good prices for Oddity2 and Minimonsta! Both of theses are great products! FYI-- I just tried to look at gforce's website itself, but the site seems to be down. Anyone able to access gforce's website? https://www.gforcesoftware.com C2
  14. Just pre-ordered EZD3 upgrade. This was a "no-brainer" for me. EZD2 has been my goto for laying down preliminary drum ideas and it has had a low CPU load on my older DAW i5 and i7 computers. I also use Superior Drummer 3, NI's Komplete Drum series, Slate's Drums, and AD2 later in the process to tweak/replace the drums, but EZD2 is so "easy" to use and quick. I really look forward to EZD3 as it will have new kits and new grooves, and I trust TT will make a good product even better. [[FYI-off topic I know-- but yesterday I was able successfully to upgrade BFD Eco to BFD3 for the $49 upgrade price--I have to say that the installation and authorization with their most recent version of the License Manager went perfectly smooth--no bumps no hiccups.]] Like others here, I am waiting for TT to upgrade EZKeys to EZK2--it is long overdue. C2
  15. Regarding BDF3, -- Is the 49$ upgrade from Eco to BDF3 still available? If they get the bugs fixed, I would upgrade, but have not yet because of the negative discussions. BTW, I will definitely upgrade EZD2 to EZD3. Getting the extra 7 drum sets alone will justify it for me. C2
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