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  1. Tried to order. But got "out of stock" when I tried to check out.
  2. Thank you Zo! You are doing a great service to us.
  3. Just sent you a PM. Please put me down for one Plini Cecelius2
  4. Thanks to all of you who have answered my question. This will help me make a decision on which to purchase first. Thanks C2
  5. Is the Lurssen Mastering Console available to be purchased in the Custom Shop? [This may have already been addresssed but this is a long thread and it is hard to find out) I checked my Custom Shop and I can not find Lurssen Mastering in it. I am probably going to join this group buy, but am trying to figure out what to get first. I know that the Lurssen Mastering Console is $159 and that would allow the freebies to be almost anything else, but I can't find it in the Custom Shop. Thanks for any assistance C2
  6. Where do we go to discuss HDD and SDD specs for our DAWs now that the old forum (and its Computer Hardware subforum) are now read only?
  7. Starise: I emailed Tracy at Indiginus (since they are co-developers of Amadeus) ; I asked about Amadeus being installed on two computers at the same time. He said "yes" and that he has it installed on two computers right now. I have not yet installed my Amadeus (just downloaded). I wanted to know about installing on two computers before I installed based on your issue. Don't know if this helps you with your issue, but I thought I would post Tracy's reply. C2
  8. Just want to let others know that this is now working. I was able to change my email address for this site and for the general bandlab account. So the "send email confirmation" is now working. Thanks Jesse for helping behind the scenes C2
  9. Hi: I tried to change my email address on this site the other day, but got error messages and never received the confirmation email for the change. Two questions: 1)Is it possible now to change our email address, is that feature/function working yet? also, 2) If we do change the email address to a different email address, will we still have the old information still migrated to this site? [when we signed up here with our old cakewalk email it migrated the information and I don't want to loose that info] Thanks Cecelius2
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