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  1. Excellent and thank you very much for your time. I’ll look into both. I do have a midi interface also
  2. Can anyone help me with this please. I have a Boss DR-880 drum machine. How can I get it to trigger Superior Drummer in Bandlab?. I’d like to be able to hit the pads on the drum machine and have it trigger superior Drummer and record the midi notes in Bandlab in real time. Is this possible? Thank you John
  3. It ended up being the Steinberg Yamaha driver. Why this would effect Bandlab is beyond me. After reinstalling the driver, Bandlab is loading without the error now
  4. Ok thank you, but I don’t see a Yamaha driver in programs and features. Why would Bandlab be looking for that? I do have a Yamaha THR10X but again why would Bandlab look for that driver?
  5. I’m getting this out of no where every time I try to launch Bandlab. What needs to be done? Thank you
  6. Ok thank you. The other engineer forgot to hit save and the drums were lost. Not a good day
  7. When transferring a cwb to another studio, does it also transfer your Bandlab preferences. For example at my studio I have auto save on. When the cwb is opened at another studio will it have the auto save on?
  8. Yeah, still having issues playing them on my recording PC even being a .wav file, but never had this issue before. Just happened out of nowhere. It has to be a windows issue, not Bandlab since they play on other devices. I can play them on my laptop or IPhone. Saving them at 256 44/16 and wav 48/24 This is the message I’m getting with both type files.
  9. I will check that, but I usually check those settings. Thank you for chiming in
  10. Hi, I can export as mp3, but it will not play on windows media player or any of my media players on my PC or Laptops. I even went as far as taking the MP3 to my friends house and it doesn’t play in his either. Ive even tried to export it a few times and it won’t play, but what is strange is that it will play on my iPhone after saying it to my Dropbox. I’m exporting at 256kbps. Is there something wrong with Bandlab, but I never had an issue before and it always worked
  11. Hello, where do I find the Workspace manager? This is for version 2020.04. Build 179, 64bit Here is what I’m talking about. It loads it for a second then defaults EDIT: I found it and worked like a charm. Thank you!!
  12. Thank you for the update, but there is a big issue with saving my current setup. I did workspace and I run it in custom, but what’s strange is when I switch it to custom, set all my windows and how I like it then save it, close out then reopen, it goes back to workspace and all the views goes back to default. Let me explain further. Open Bandlab, undock the console, drag it to my right monitor, in the left monitor I have track view. The previous versions there was no issue and it remembered the next time I brought up a project. Simply click on my project and console view would be on my right monitor and track view on the left monitor. This version doesn’t save this and defaults to one window on the left monitor. Then I need to undock the console again, drag it to the right monitor and so on. The save function is not working when it comes to how I have my setup for my projects. Is there something I’m missing of how I can get it to save my current setup? Is there a way to rollback to the previous version? Thank you
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