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  1. I figured this one out guys , I started randomly turning off and on some of the plugins in the project and it turns out that Izotope rx 7 (adaptive) voice denoise plugin was the culprit , when enabled it somehow messed up quickgroups and also there was always a * mark on the project name even if I had just saved it. Disabling the plugin brings back quick group behaviour back to its normal state. I think this may now be transferred over as a bug report.
  2. Hi , I noticed that while copying arranger sections , bus automations are not being copied over.
  3. Hello , In the current project that I am working on , for some reason quick groups are not working. I select multiple tracks and if I try to move fader with ctrl pressed , It works for milliseconds and then drops off suddenly. This only happens in this current project, if I open a new project , quick groups work as expected. I can't figure out why this is happening. Having to manually group tracks every time I need to move multiple faders is an option but its cumbersome. https://imgur.com/a/bsXPA15 Has anyone else had a similar issue ?
  4. I would like these things to be added 1) The ability to undo mixer fader moves. This one is so basic but it is very important. Imagine accidentally double clicking on a set of faders and then not remembering what the volume balance was between them. A simple undo should work in such cases but it does not work on mixer faders at the moment. 2) Easy copy and pasting of automation lanes , right now we have to use the copy special command , but I'd like to have it implemented in a simpler way. 3) The random undo freeze bug , please fix that one , sometimes when you undo a soft synth which was frozen , the undo somehow deletes some of the original clips if there were multiple midi clips in that track. This one is a major bug. 4) Better support for mega orchestral templates using VE Pro , this means having way more than 100 tracks and the result is the UI becomes sluggish and weird bugs start happening. This is true even for normal projects with high track count , the UI is the first one to take a hit , for eg the playhead does not stop immediately after stopping play , it goes on for way too long sometimes even a minute , and then pauses. While audio plays correctly during this bug , the UI behaves randomly. 5) Ability to pitch a clip without having to turn it into a loop using the clip inspector window. Right now we have to use the transpose process and its not realtime. 6) Ability to move midi notes up and down one octave using shortcuts. Right now we have to use a script to do that. Other than these issues/requests , I absolutely love the DAW as it stands much taller even against other Prominent DAWs in the industry. Thank you for continuously improving the platform.
  5. This , the undo freeze bug where , in my case clips disappear. It is making me go crazy as well.
  6. Hi , First of all , thanks a lot for giving us this really helpful feature for arrangement handling. This puts Cakewalk now on par with other DAWs like Studio One that had this feature. But I got into a major block for me to use it on my previous projects. If I make a section and copy it and paste that section to elsewhere in the timeline. The copy does not include various bus automation that was applied for the given region , especially volume automation. I tried it in 2 projects so far with the same issue. I like to work with a lot of buses and also use bus automation , so much that it has now become a part of my workflow. Now if only the bus automation would also be copied with the section in the arranger , it would be perfect.
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