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  1. yes I am asking about portamento Where have I to go for using this .
  2. Thank you I have one more query can you tell me cackwalk has slider option or not if yes then how can I use in prv while making melodies? Basically when we have put 2 notes one is below and second is upper notes both notes has Same position but upper note is smaller then below then we have active slider then one below note sound imidiately upper note sound while lower note is not end how can I use of this in cackwalk?
  3. I am asking about flamming when it is active then we can play 2 or more notes simenteniously trough one note which we have put for making melodies .
  4. Shubham Dubey

    Flamer in cackwalk

    How can I use of flamming while making melodies on piano roll on particular notes in cackwalk? If there shortcut of it then kindly tell me if anyone don't understand what I am saying for those I have uploaded image .
  5. Shubham Dubey


    Can you tell me what is shortcut key of it how can I use of it while making Melody on piano roll? By the way thank you
  6. Shubham Dubey


    Cackwalk has arpeggiator feature or not if yes then how can I use it or what is shortcut of this I want to use it in piano roll while making melodies if no then is there any free vst available of this feature .
  7. Shubham Dubey

    Addictive drum 2

    Cackwalk already has addictive drum 2 or not if yes then how can I use of it where have I to go if not then it is a free or paid vst what is official site of that?
  8. Shubham Dubey

    Sample packs

    Yes we can drag them straight in to audio track but I am asking about midi track because we can't create beat with them by piano roll or step sequencer , keyboard on audio track by the way thanks for reference book
  9. Shubham Dubey

    Sample packs

    Thank you can you give answer of my another query which is written above
  10. Shubham Dubey

    Sample packs

    Thanks I have one more query on this topic which is written above kindly tell me if you know this
  11. Yeh it,s cool chennel for cackwalk when I was watched above vedio I have understood it's great channel for cackwalk I have obtained lot of valuable information by that vedio.
  12. Shubham Dubey

    Sample packs

    Cackwalk has already loaded sapmle packs of different genre or not if yes then how can I use of these pack into my music if no then from where I can obtain almost every genre samples is there any great sites for samples packs of kick snare etc.trough which I get sample packs? Kindly tell me asap. I have one more query on this topic if I have downloaded sample (kick ,snare etc) then how can I add these sampler(kick snare etc) into my midi tracks trough which I can use sampler by keyword or by piano roll? Kindly tell me.if someone don't understand what am I saying for those I have been uploaded image .trough this they can have idea about it this image is fl studio channel rack we drag sample (kick,snare etc) on it an we can easily use samples trough which we can create beat by piano roll or keyboard kindly tell me asap.
  13. What is chennel name of Mike in YouTube . is name Mike on channel or something else?
  14. Thanks for this vedio I have gained lot of thing trough this vedio thank you
  15. I am new in beat producing I have little bit knowledge about it kindly tell me how can I use of midi tracks from the basic in cackwalk and why is it required for producing beat we can make beat by audio and instrument track then why is it required please tell me right now I have only this daw I don't have any physical instrument like midi keyboard,a.i,moniter etc without these thing can I make or produce beat kindly tell me I must want to know about it because I want to make Career into it right now I am at basic level kindly tell me asap .from where should I start.
  16. Yeh I got it it's cool but when I have to split notes into 4 or 8 parts each note must have same proproption then what can I do if I used this way then i am not able to split notes with same proportion accurately ? By the way thank you
  17. Can you tell me how can I write CAL script for multiple splits notes I have to go where to use of multiple split of notes? By the way which thing I have to write in CAL script
  18. I don't have found this thing in faq section or any where that's why I am asking that cackwalk has piano roll chopper tool or multiplicator or not if yes then how can I use of it what is the shortcut key of it in piano roll or I have to go where to use this tool basically I want to split notes in to 4 or 8 part if any other way has exist for done this kindly tell me I am eager to know asap 😔? I have also uplode image of chopper tool this thing fl studio has of someone don't understand i am asking about which thing then he or she can see that image kindly help me I am curious to know about it.
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