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  1. Interesting I tried that code earlier and it wouldn't take it. Oh well I won't fuss over a dollar or 2 at this point thanks
  2. Thanks for the info, just purchased but the link they sent doesn't work and code doesn't register. Already contacted sales. Hopefully it will get resolved soon.
  3. I do own amp2 elite as well. What seemed to happen was my bank 2 must have corrupted during the update. I remember I was using some warrant (the 80s band) presets from the cloud. I tried to redownload them but it seems like something might have happened to them as I dont see the components in the presets listed.
  4. That would explain why a session I had totally hosed up. I had put a ticket in and they(support) said I should have finished mixing the song before upgrading. I do updates all the time and never lost my setting in Amplitube or any other amp sim plugin I have. Thanks for the insight.
  5. Does anyone know if there is a difference between the BREVERB 2 Cakewalk version and the regular BREVERB 2? Thanks
  6. Thomann has it for $177 however my paypal shows I paid $154.64 https://m.thomannmusic.com/toontrack_sdx_orchestral_percussion.htm?o=33&search=1557324429
  7. I have R2, is there any good reason to get the full bundle for $199? Thanks
  8. Thanks, just saw there bundle for $99. Wonder if it's any good
  9. To mention, I did fully switch over to Studio One. I tried ableton and looked into reaper but after 1 night was hooked. On the polyphonic midi aftertouch issue from what I researched the issue is primarily on electronic drums but supposedly works on keyboards. I have not tested using a keyboard but can verify on drums it does suck having to write the cymbal chokes in manually. However the ease of use with Studio One made it possible for me to be up and running within 1 night.
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