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  1. Hi again Thanks everyone for your comments. I learned a lot from the comments. Just to update you: I am using a Casio CTX 3000 keyboard for recording midi on Cakewalk. There is no sync option on my keyboard. However I figured out that the problem is not with syncing as I can drag all notes to grids at once manually. As Jose said latency is not a problem here either. Thank you John for your advise regarding setting correct tempo and time signature. This helped a lot with finding the problem. So what i did was i ran an isolation test by setting up everything 100% correct. The problem was a 1/64 Timba note in my accompaniment t. So this probably confused the software and made every beat of drum out of grid. I took the Timba note off my rhythm and the issue was fixed. I notice this for every rhythm that contains 1/64 fraction of notes. Not sure if this is due to my laptop CPU being unable to handle this or Cakewalk itself or maybe my keyboard.
  2. Hi David you are right. my beats are out of grids. This is why the quantize does not work. can be due to latency. what is the solution to this ? can you explain a bit more regarding nudging the clip ? thanks
  3. Hi again Just checked and there is no sync option on my keyboard. So got to drag all notes manually. Still works but takes ages !! the issue is that for some rhythm, the drum track that is created on keyboard ( supposed to be 100% accurate in trams of beats) initially fits the grid but becomes out of grids for the rest of song. Not sure if this is due to latency or something else ? if this issue is resolved then I can adjust all other tracks to the drum track
  4. Yes this makes sense. Will try this today thanks
  5. Hi Jose No i did not setup midi clock and as i checked now the clock is set to Audio. Change it to midi sync ? how does this affect the quantize process ? what i do is i add midi tracks and set different channels for each track and then record each track changing the track number from keyboard
  6. Hello I am trying to quantize a multi track song I played on my keyboard and recorded in midi format in cakewalk. I usually quanize my tracks on keyboard but since this song was recorded in cake wake I cant edit it on my keyboard. Quantizing by keyboard is pretty straightforward and works fine. However I ve spent hours quantizing tracks on cakewalk and the result is awful. Even quzntizing the accompaniment that was created by keyboard makes the accompaniment out of beat and deletes some notes. Most of my tracks need to be quantizes to 1/32. I ve read the manual and also played with settings in quantize menue but still get the same results. Can you please advise how to get a nice and clean quantize in cake walk ?
  7. Hi David Can't believe i followed what you wrote and the issue is fixed!!! now i can assign sound and instrument to each track Thanks a heap mate
  8. Thanks David seems I need to control the sound through cakewalk for other channels
  9. Hello ans thanks for the reply. I have organised the channels and can record the multitrack song. I can change instrument type for channel one using my keyboard but for other channel the instrument seems to be fixed wont follow the instrument selected on my keyboard.
  10. Hello everyone This is my first post in this forum. I want to record a multi track song using cakewalk and my casio ctx300 digital keyboard. I have some issues with recording the tracks and i hope someone can help me with my questions 1- I selected string sound on my keyboard and recorded the first midi track. However during the play back track one keeps changing instrument when i change the sound on my keyboard and when i turn the keyboard on and off the instrument sound changes to default keyboard sound which is piano. I want to fix the instrument sound for this track to String regardless keyboard sound. 2-After recording how do i change the instruments for each track in cakewalk ? can i change the instrument on cakewalk and playback on keyboard? so if track 2 was recorded using guitar, after recording i want to change it to flute and want to hear flute sound during play back on my keyboard 3- i am using rhythm accompaniment for my music, what is the best channel arrangement for recording them? i found out that track 10 records the drum. but play back drum is different from what I have made on my keyboard
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