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  1. Many thanks for the explanation Nigel. I had previously believed C4 was Note 60 and that it would be the same on on all midi systems. Thanks also for the info about the Base Octave control, I had never heard of it! I had already looked at the Creative Sauce Articulation Map video. Is your comment about these maps related to maps I import? I had thought that if I was creating my own it would be best to go for the option of adjusting the Base Octave, at least that way my keyboard, PRV and Guitar VST would all be reporting the same?
  2. Apologies if this is a facile question, but I have am a relative beginner who has just started using keyswitches and I thought I was going crazy when the keyswitches failed. I have figured out that when my keyboard send s out Middle C (C4), Cakewalk's PRV sees it as C5 and my Ample Guitar VST (inside CbB) sees it as C3. I also have "Chordie" which confirms C4. Can anyone tell me if its possible to align these or at least see the note number CbB receives?
  3. Hi Jack, Just purchased an x-touch and would be really grateful for a copy of your graphic file for Cakewalk
  4. Many thanks everyone. I really appreciate your time and knowledge, and it has really helped both practically and with my understanding. Cheers L
  5. Thanks to you all for the responses. 905133... Thanks for tracking down the .ins file. Ridiculously, I had found that myself but due to downloading it incorrectly, Windows 10 decided to turn it into a text file. Anyway, I downloaded properly this time and IT WORKS. I now have a proper list of Banks and Patches I can use in the track setup, so many many thanks! If the forum is not dying of boredom with this topic, I am afraid the other methods of inserting a bank/patch change event defeated me. Based on what I read, I decided the bank select method should be Normal. The Help file seemed to indicate it should be "Normal" because the Korg didn't respond to only one of the methods. The formula said the bank number should be CC0 x 128 + CC32, which in my case =2051. I put this in the bank select (not sure if it was accepted) but then the patch box just showed normal GM patches and my PC event changed the patch to a Rhodes Piano, not the guitar indicated in the Korg manual. Education would be welcome... Can I put in three events - one for CC00, One for CC32 and one for PC? And Bob, thanks for interesting idea regarding the conversion to audio. Something I will follow up.
  6. Thanks 905133. I had looked at that previously, but can't get to a place where I can add the three parameters CC00, CC32, PC. I don't have (and can't find) an instrument definition file for a Korg PA4X, so I concluded that I was stuck with sending the three data items I listed. The Korg manual gives these three data items for each patch.
  7. Apologies if this is novice stuff, but if I wanted to specify a patch on my (Korg) external synth, how would I use the information CC00 16, CC32 3, PC 22? Do I "insert a series of controllers" and just include that data? Scared to mess something up, so a step-by-step or a link to instructions would be much appreciated. Thanks L
  8. Hi Does anyone have an instrument definition file for a Korg pa4x? I found a text file written by a Swedish distributor with all the data, but am fairly new to this and don’t know the process for making the .ini General on either topic would be very welcome
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