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  1. Good morning to all, Since I installed the early access 1 when I export my audio file as an mp3, I get an error: "Error updating LAME tag frame: Can't open file for reading and writing" The weird part is that the mp3 file is fully created, and when I click on it the complete song is there! I thought Early Access 2 might solve this, but no.....
  2. I bought this reverb in early May, but it does not work inj the latest version of Sonar. Arturia says they are "working on it"..... Has anyone else had a problem/workaround? THANKS! "José (Arturia Support) May 25, 2020, 11:09:33 PM GMT+2 Hello MARIO The problem has not yet been fixed. The DevTeam is still working on it. Sorry for this icnoveniecne., please feel free to contact us if you need more assistance."
  3. Well with this pandemic, I started to digitize my old LPs. AND then I startred to create new music...... First time since 2000!!! So I bought the following plugins: 1. Arturia Echoverb 2. Plug and Play Ambiosoniq 3. Plug and Play Echoflex 4. Artuira Mellotron 5. Plug and Play Mix E-Max The first 3 refuse to show up in my Sonar plugins (Sonar by BandLab version: 2020.04 build 17.9 64 bit.) The last two show up and work great. My question is where are the plugins hiding ? I have the following places already showing up in Sonar C:programfiles\cakewalk\shared utilities\internal C:programfiles(x86)\vstplugins C:programfiles\cakewalk\vstplugins C:programfiles\common files\vst3 IS THERE ANYWHERE ELSE I SHOULD LOOK? THIS OLD GRAMPA THANKS YOU!!!!!!!!
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