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  1. In ableton live when clicking a automatable parameter in one track(mixer, vst or vsti of the track) the automation show this parameter curve. Is possible in Cakewalk Bandlab ? Sorry for my English!!!!!
  2. Quasi Solved The problem is in the Aud.ini in the parameter named AutomationDecimationMsec. I'm setting the value from 50 to 2 and the Melda and Kilohearts freqshift sounds right. But the Air music tech frequency shift it's not correct yet. It's not possible to lower it to 1 or 0 ? ( the minimum is 2)
  3. Tested with Kilohearts Freqshift and AIR Music Technology Freqshift, same problem not continuous. I reset the Aud.ini( don't work equally) and the cakewalk.ini I have this DrawPlayingAudio=1 PauseDuringSave=0
  4. It's an straight line. I want to know if it happens to someone else or just me. If anyone can try the experiment I show with the melda vst, It would be helpful to know if it happens to someone else. For my the problem is how melda plugins work in cakewalk. I will test with other Freqshift plugins and I'll show the result, if it works well with other plugins it will be because of how it works with Melda vst
  5. I'm use Meldaproduction Freqshift and Serum sine wave, automate the Shift parameter of Melda Freqshift from 50% to 100% in 2 bars 120bpm piano roll note F#3 and sounds quantized not continuous. I'm tested this in other DAW and it sounds right. Cakewalk Bandlab.wav FL STudio.wav
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