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  1. Sure Noel, please let me know what email I should send it to - you can PM me if needed. I can send a dropbox link. I have an update on this as well: I've deleted all the orphaned automations from the project using Delete Special - Track/Bus Automations. However, if i MOVE one of the sections in arranger track, it adds all the copied old orphaned automations back in for all tracks. So so weird.
  2. Bug to report: I opened a project saved in the previous version and I see that every automation from each track is all added together and copied across all the tracks. So every track has tons of automations that I can't even get to show up in lanes, just shaded out in the clip view, since they're not even linked to that track. See screenshot each track has the automations of all tracks on it.
  3. WOW. Arranger is going to help me so much with workflow. Thank you so much! I can't believe this DAW is free. Was a SONAR user since x1
  4. Hey that's fine with me! I just definitely didn't want anyone else looking into this for me. Thank you!
  5. Hi Mark, It is set to none already. I tired switching to something and then back to none and still everything is missing. Another thing to note is that it's not even loading the instrument tracks for frozen synths. It's like, because they were frozen, it decided to just ignore those when loading. Tracks don't show up in track manager either. It's like they've all been deleted, along with all midi data, etc. However, I'm still holding out hope since the project file is still 3.3MB
  6. EDIT: Turns out this is my fault. I have worked with hundreds of projects and somehow accidentally saved the actual most recent version of this project into the cakewalk core project templates folder. The version I've been asking about in my post is actually a very early version but it somehow still had all the audio files of the new one. I don't get what I did here but at least things are fine now! No work has been lost and the project file is not corrupt, and there was no bug.
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