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  1. Looking for some basic help, I'm trying to install Bandlab/Cakewalk on a laptop. I had in on my other laptop however its being borrowed so I thought Id install it on the spare. Its a Toshiba running Windows 7 Home Premium, running service pack 1, 64bit OS, 4gb RAM, 200GB free on HD. I downloaded the latest Bandlab assistant file, saved it then ran it. However i cant get past the opening screen "Welcome to Bandlab" I click on the "Log In" button" it quickly flashes, but noting happens. Have tried several times. The Signup link at the bottom works and opens a new browser window to create a new user, however that still doesnt allow me to "LogIn". Havent even gotten to downloading Cakewalk yet, because cant get it to sign in. Anyone have this issue before and solved it ?
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