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  1. Oh wow, look at that! I totally missed that, I was expecting to see it in a right-click menu, so I didn't even notice it on the left click. 😅 Excellent! I get that, but couldn't you theoretically paint to a bitmap DC on another thread, then paint the off-screen bitmap when it's done? That's like an extreme idea, I don't really think it should be necessary, I think there's just some serious bottleneck in the way the clips are drawn that I'm hoping can be improved. It happens when I'm working with lots of MIDI clips too, but it's not as bad, probably because MIDI clip don't have fade-in/-out. I get a massive improvement when I turn off View > Display > Display Clip Contents, but it still noticeably slows down when there are many clips on screen, and just slow enough that I get scroll messages queued up after I stop spinning my mouse wheel. Project file is at https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ah3el4yzf6QEjdQtfM39z3ch-ncOww ("no audio data" because I had to check if sending a project without audio would still exhibit the same sluggishness. It does.) It's particularly bad when I'm working on a particularly dense section like the vocals from bar 87, with 22 take lanes because I'm not primarily a singer 😂. Probably try it out on an older machine, you might not suffer as much as me if you're running an i9 or a new Xeon Platinum. 😝
  2. So far so good, no crashes yet. However, I've always had an issue with the responsiveness of scrolling. Especially since I use freewheel scrolling without detents, so once I start a significant scroll, I could be waiting for half a minute until it's finished scrolling. Even just scrolling single steps, if there's a lot of stuff to paint, it can take up to about a second, and it seems to be completely synchronous/blocking on the UI thread. My PC isn't the most powerful these days (2x 4-core Xeon 3.3GHz, no HT) but I'm sure the paint routine can be improved, perhaps asynchronously; scroll, bitblt, enqueue the full redraw the later? I made a screen recording that I'll link to once it's uploaded. (EDIT: Here's the video: https://youtu.be/WNJMNN_Eho0 ) Secondly, composite waveforms don't behave quite how I expect. When I have take lanes open, if I have multiple clips with interleaved audio, and I have sections of one clip muted, this ghosts the waveform of the other clip in the composite waveform. When take lanes are closed, it only shows the topmost clip, which I suppose makes sense for editing, but it's not reflective of the audio. Picture attached. Other than, well done! Super pleased with the introduction of ProChannel module presets! (But would love some copypasta so I don't have to save temporary presets. 😛 )
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