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  1. JM2

    process length 2/3 Tick 60 to 40

    Thank you. Here is my current version. no shift (when From BBT 1:1:0 to end, shift to 0?) Drum dur 0 to 1 -------------------------------------------------------------- (do (int initial_time From) (forEachEvent (do (if (== Event.Kind NOTE) (= Note.Dur (/ (* Note.Dur 2) 3)) ; 1200912 14:24:06 if Drum Dur 0 then set 1 (if (== Note.Dur 0) (do (= Note.Dur 1) ) ) ) ; 1200912 19:58:06 Note以外もシフト (= Event.Time (/ (* Event.Time 2) 3)) ; 1200913 00:38:33 test here and mute ;(= Event.Time (+ Event.Time (- initial_time From))) ) ) ) ;do -------------------------------------------------------------- 2/3 leng is not often I maint cal when I use it. marker , beat change is manual.
  2. I need to change 6/8 to 4/4(trip) TimeBase 120 6/8 to 4/4 (12/8 to 4/4) Tempo change is ok. 6/8 tick 60 to 4/4 tick 40 I try 60 to 40 // process length start time and length 2/3 but length command can't set 2/3. only 67% some track are ok with after Qtz. some are not. need CAL?
  3. Its hard to explain in english.........ahh MIDI track (external MIDI) but inst track(VST) is same. with mouse operation, few ways clip etc. but I need all keyboard operation for rapid edit with keymacro. select area From/To | delete | paste to other track same From/To select area and select data condition(Alt-ctrl-F2)| delete | paste to other track same From/To TB = 120 event Data are 4:2:0 MIDI Note 4:3:0 MIDI Note means no data is in Start point Set from 4:1:0 Set To 5:1:0 shift -10 select area from 3:4:110 To 4:4:110 Now 3:4:110 (Goto and -10 to 3:4:110) -------------------------------------- Select Track 11 Now is 3:4:110 from 3:4:110 To 4:4:110 -------------------------------------- Edit Delete (Edit Copy) -------------------------------------- move to 12 cursol down Select Track 12 from 3:4:110 To 4:4:110 -------------------------------------- Edit Paste Edit Paste Special? (Ctrl-Alt-V) event Data are 4:2:0 MIDI Note 4:3:0 MIDI Note normal Paste Paste Special and select delete Alt-Ctl-F2 sometime missing FROM point as start of *DATA*. not selected area. so I put dummy event to start and delete after paste. old cakewalk(very old) was simple. From and to select bar 3 to 4 (2 bars) then it keeps always 2 bars leng, paste data how to use is sub mix?? flat style track. Track 1 AP all org //MIDI Ch 1 keep all data for refer etc .Mute after expand. Track 2 AP MIDI Ch 1 Only track para meter no data or 1st expanded data Track 3 AP Hi //MIDI Ch 1(same) and without track parameter Vol/pan Track 4 AP Low //MIDI Ch 1(same) and without track parameter Vol/pan Track 5 AP part A1 Track 6 AP part A2 Track 7 AP part B1 Track 8 AP part B2 Track 9 AP 1x Riff Track 10 AP 2x Riff uppper part Track 11 AP 2x Riff lower part Track 12 AP ending extra Track 13 AP ending extgra double copy //MIDI Ch 2 .. for pick up Part A of AABA 32bars x 3 select area move 32 bars then move.
  4. Keyboard Shortcut for Loop Start Time / Loop End Time? Cakewalk - Cakewalk Documentation - Loop module https://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=4&help=ControlBar.08.html > Loop Start Time.?The current Loop Start time. Click to modify. > Loop End Time.?The current Loop End time. Click to modify. in S-key it can only set, set start/End of data, goto from / to not goto edit box. I have setup all F9 現在タイムを始点に設定 F10 現在タイムを終点に設定 Ctrl+F9 プロジェクトの始めを始点に設定 Ctrl+F10 プロジェクトの始めを終点に設定 Alt+F9 始点タイムにジャンプ Alt+F10 終点タイムにジャンプ now loop point is same as Selected area From/To time. Reason is I use cakewalk longtime and now need very rapid edit again for current project. so I rebuild all macro and CAL now. From/To Edit was key to From and To edit. (old Win Cakewalk/DOS) AHK(external macro) can do mouse move but sometimes delay. now after reach to edit, key [ ] + - works. TB 120 -> I use most time +- 5 and 10 shift -5 tick before - Edit Start Time - key - (tick -1) (x 5) - Edit End Time - key + (tick +1) (x 5) 1 bar move - key [ (move -1 bar) after this, I do move to other track for copy paste for move, I will ask next post.
  5. Thanks, metronome to Audio works. better than dummy audio track
  6. JM2

    Cakewalk's Loop need clock based

    Track tick offset Track tick transpose this func are not realtime now at inspetcor view it was realtime old cakewalk at track view ie. while playing we can change offset /transpose so I setup external macro key to simulate. (AutoHotKey type external tool) Track tick transpose -> Drum sound to change SD1 to SD2 so midi fucntions and some are ok at audio but audio is heavy.
  7. build 2020.08.0.120 at Arranger view title > ::CMixerInspectorSiteView:CMixerViewInspectorFrame::Arranger::View::Inspector::InspectorBorderComponent<Arranger::View::Inspector::ArrangerInspectorComponent> English text Selections Arrangements Japanese [][][][][] [][][][][] > Mojibake (garbage text) occurs when using Unicode multibyte characters (Japanese, Chinese, etc.) > on OS that differs from the selected CbB language. not sure this Mojibake means TEXT to [][][][] and where you fixed. with prev Version: 2020.08 (Build 20?) all are ok at simple plain Win10. and some setup OS(with external font control tool, DPI change etc) Win10 and Win7, its not fixed. now build 2020.08.0.120 fixed and found only 2 text are Mojibake Selections Arrangements to Mojibake [][][][]
  8. JM2

    Arranger Track Cakewalk Loop

    Thanks I use matrix view for drum machine like. ie. FL Studo, LMMS like.. I re-start to test matrix view/normal data now.(not loop based only data)
  9. JM2

    Cakewalk's Loop need clock based

    Thanks. huum, yes audio track has no pre-data. good. midi to audio lost many realtime fucntion. so for me big cons now.
  10. I use arranger function at midi only track project. Cakewalk's Internal clock means SEQ engine (old but best of best golden best...SEQ engine). anyway, I use workaround add dummy audio to run re-order.
  11. Cakewalk Loop means L to loop. BBT 7:1:0 10:1:0 loop 4 bars loop. I use cakewalk for net live session and loop. (session -> realtime session and delayd sync session) and live session's loop is BPM 120. cakewalk set to BPM 120. sometimes few diff. 2ms 3ms? or more I check it and cakewalk L Loop is not clock based. it's playback [From] - [TO} do job for restart [From] play start [From] when > BBT 7:1:0 10:1:0 loop 4 bars loop. Cakewalk at 10 0 0 then cakewalk do all jobs ie. need prec midi control at bar 7 1 0 (like when start bat 7 1 0 ) then start from 7 1 0 not big problem, while live session around 10 min or so loop is few diff, not out of sync. BPM is same ok. start point is diff. but some project file (only MIDI but) has meny pre control data and I have setup always setup | project | MIDI | pre-send MIDI On(not sure english menu text now) so How to setup loop sync like MTC sync. I test clock to audio (that I do't like for lost functions but) its same like internal.
  12. JM2

    Arranger Track Cakewalk Loop

    Cakewalk Loop means L to loop. BBT 7:1:0 10:1:0 loop 4 bars loop. I use cakewalk for net live session and loop. (session -> realtime session and delayd sync session) loop means auto-play. ie. cakewalk's play back. and loop means rereat 4 bars, 8 bars, 16bras, its cakewalk's loop. not simple BBT From -- BBT to loop. what I need is Arranger Track A1 A2 A3 A4 B1 B2 C1 C2 Arranger Track ********* it shows wrong font [][][][]..... so I can't say is. Arranger Track play A1 B1 C1 and loop [A1 B1 C1 C2] Loop and only Arranger Track setu, I like to setup loop A1 A1 A1 B1 C1 C2 and switch while live sesstion. workaround?
  13. Not sure started 2007.EA or from 2020.04 Early Access Cakewalk setup project Clock Audio or internal. MIDI(not VST track) only project is Clock:internal I use this MIDI only setup many. Arranger Track can't work. A1 A2 A3 A4 start A1 and A2 no sound. work around is add dummy audio track to set clock:audio if one or more audio tracks(audio/inst track(VST) then cakewalk set to clock:audio. and setup | project | clock is this Design? or bug? ie. Arranger Track only works clock is Audio(not internal) or bug? MIDI only and clock internal has many pros for me * very slid clock for MIDI * many good functions such as change perc tempo, (name?) now in Japanese menu so not english name. default 1) 0.5 2) 1.0 default 3) 2.0 with short cut key with this, tempo changes %. no change tempo map. and other great cakewalk internal functions.
  14. Japanese lang Arranger Track Menu shows [][][][][] POC set lang to Japanese. Show Arranger Track Consol::Arranger::View::Inspector::InspectorBorderComponent<Arranger::View::Inspector::ArrangerInspectorComponent some menu show [][][][] Input Japanese to Arranger Track name. it shows [][][][][][] Section type text [][][][][] Reproducibility : 100% (all project file) workaound : none When started : Arranger Track Cakewalk 2020.04 Early Access
  15. JM2

    TD-27 Snare Bleeding

    bleeding? you see some input? low level and when play no sound? if so its just noise or driver issue. not cakewalk. Roland driver is out of maint. TD-27 Driver Ver1.0.0 for Windows 10 is only zip html readme file. maybe 1.0.0 is very old driver. The don't put it to web, download zip and see readme.html and it says driver is on demand when you put it to PC. any diff combi you try? out to analog and to cakewalk to diff I/F (I know this can't check all but even you can check cakewalk's multi input part) other DAW like reaper same things.
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