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  1. I also had same problem, I just exported sound and copied into my phone and it sounds same as cakewalk. Give it a try.
  2. What will happen if i not update the CbB and 2-3 updates have already come ? And then I try to update it then I have redownload whole setup again or just a last update patch? For example : I have v1 and updated version of cakewalk is v4 so latest patch will work on v1?
  3. Rudransh

    Merge project

    I have 2 projects. I want to copy project 1 into project 2 with all instruments and midi. Hope now I get idea what I want to say. @Jeremy Murray-Wakefield @John Vere
  4. Rudransh

    Merge project

    Different parts of same song
  5. Rudransh

    Merge project

    All these... From automation to all vst's Whole mixdown
  6. Rudransh

    Merge project

    I want to copy mix down from one project to another project (with midi and instruments). is this possible?
  7. Rudransh

    is it normal?

    I exported around 5 minute long mix in .wav format with highest sample rate possible in cbB and it's size is around 500MB! , is it normal? even I need to use .wav format?
  8. Yes, serum. please help me with that
  9. I want to use vst on midi but everytime I have to export midi as audio and import it back to apply effect which it not a convenient way.... so please help Thank you.
  10. Same problem encountered tonight..
  11. 1) VLC and no idea about which audio engine 2 FX is selected I am using VLC I have no idea about drivers so please help me
  12. When I exported my music,it's sounds different and it's volume suddenly decreases and increases but when I sample it again in cakewalk it's sounds well as before exporting.
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