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  1. Same problem encountered tonight..
  2. 1) VLC and no idea about which audio engine 2 FX is selected I am using VLC I have no idea about drivers so please help me
  3. When I exported my music,it's sounds different and it's volume suddenly decreases and increases but when I sample it again in cakewalk it's sounds well as before exporting.
  4. Rudransh

    How to do this?

    I have a audio sample and I want to increase its pitch with time. I not find any pitch automation in cakewalk please help
  5. Rudransh

    Automation preset

    Is there any automation preset available in cakewalk? Like basic shapes..
  6. Rudransh

    How to get grid lines?

    I want vertical grid lines to so that is easy to see snap position.
  7. Sorry for bad english, When we shrink sample then it just cut that audio instead of this it should make sample fast play as we can chop sample by selecting specific part of sample.
  8. Rudransh

    No music after exporting

    I exported the music and that mp3 have no sound
  9. There should be download manager in bandlab assistant which show how much cakewalk downloaded and total size of setup.
  10. Rudransh

    Music ownership

    If i made music with cakewalk then can i use that for commercial purpose?
  11. Try to reinstall the bandlab
  12. Rudransh

    Size of cakewalk setup

    I want to know that what is the size of cakewalk setup because i have limited time and internet.
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