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  1. I also felt it was kind of clunky to use, but I liked what they was trying to do with it. It wasn't as bad if you didn't try to run multiple instances of it, but I'd use it on a couple of songs here and there. When my machine crashed, they reset it and gave me the update for free. I never had any problems contacting support, and the response was decent. I'll probably pick it up when I get a chance, but I'm using an older iMac(2012) so it may not even run. I'm just happy to see that they still working on it.
  2. It's been some time since I bought anything from PB, but the MTRA looks interesting. I already have a couple free 808 plugins that seem decent enough.
  3. I paid for Songsterr on mobile long ago and haven't looked back.
  4. Not really been around since before the forum changed over. I guess that makes me a dabbler instead, still don't know what GAS stands for.
  5. I thought I was the only hobbyist floating around these parts. I do love Studio One, but I always have to catch it at least 50% off. I do like my Mixcraft Pro, but it doesn't run on Mac. I really can't see myself using any other DAW, so I hope they keep bringing it with V6.
  6. Thanks, thought I might be spacing out on that one ... that or wishful thinking! lol
  7. What I logged in for one comment? I was hoping there'd be more, perhaps over on Reddit. I know they had a super deal on them before, and I believe it was a lot more in that deal. I do like that it also comes with the MPC content, and the presets don't look too bad.
  8. This made me remember that I don't remember what I have. I've always wanted to pick this up, because I had the X3 and some packs for it from them. I'm about to sell a bunch of my stuff, but I'm going to try and make libraries first using my Maschine. I hope I didn't miss the deal.
  9. That and Transfuser 3 is still my quick and easy go to for slicing and dicing audio loops.
  10. i was jut going to use FREE prime and call it a day. Who cares about a stinking manual as long as it works, and it's a daw so i can figure out the rest. Who exactly are they trying to reach at that price point, when you already have several lower priced SKU's. Silly rabbit, other DAW's are for kids, S1 is for the adults in the room with the deep pockets. lol
  11. I could swear up and down I have at least one product from them. I thought I picked up a free one off PB, but can't find anything. Oh well.
  12. What you talking about Willis, and I wasn't invited? I love their stuff!
  13. I haven't been producing any music lately, oddly enough I just decide to update this one today. This is one of the reasons I got this one is because of the solid stream of updates.
  14. Which is not nearly as good as this one. I hate not being able to to afford these right now, but maybe some day over the rainbow. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1433081-REG/native_instruments_25801_komplete_12_ultimate_collector_s.html
  15. You didn't notice the original post day of Oct 2, and it's way past 48 hours. Although yesterday I though it was $39 in the U.S.
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