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  1. Sugar Bytes has "Guitarist," and I forget the name of the 3rd party one I've seen sold on Native Instruments site, I want to say funky guitar, but I believe that's the genre of it.
  2. A "construction kit" is just that ... a kit to construct music with. You wouldn't go to a construction company, and request that they build you a house with all doors and no windows. They are also great for quickly coming up with a base foundation that you can go back and replace with some custom work. It makes no sense for me to fire up my electronic drums for something that was already laid down for me by professional musicians ... although I do miss the arguments with the other members of the band. Oh yeah and you also get to call all the shots.
  3. I was just about to say that they still seem a little too pricey for my budget.
  4. I was interested in it until I went in on a Rapid Composer sale, and there was no sale for the Producer Suite in sight. I do recall at one point a user posting about getting a special deal from them via e-mail, so now that you're on their list you may get lucky.
  5. I don't know anything about it, but it sounds good to me, and it's about the price of a set of sound patches. It also doesn't look all that complicated. I just picked up the Hypernode on sale, so I hate finding something else just to waste the freebie of the month.
  6. I wish we were all perfect, but even more so for perfect companies. It is this kind of feedback that helps a business to help realize those goals. Pardon my expression, but IK didn't reach it's position in the world by just whistling Dixie. I like their stuff and I feel it's pretty solid. I'll take that any day over some glitzy marketing campaign mistakes, because like others have said it is on the consumer to seek and find the best deal. I'm not trying to take anything away from your concerns, but I think they pale in comparison to what you actually get. I was also able to get in on the Max studio deal, but I am at loss to how I would ever upgrade it.
  7. @antler I was thinking about that the other day EA, and I would have to agree. They do have quite a catalog of great games, and I must say I've been enjoying my PS+ subscription ... broken piggy bank and all. 🙂 I see it like purchasing an Extended Protection plan on an item, so it all depends on what it is and how much you pay. It's also undeniably a possibly quite lucrative endeavor, so as a business it would be wise to look into. I say good luck to all of them!
  8. Tracy Chapman never said anything about a plus, so what's the deal here? You only need one reason, and these kinds of tricks are for kids. They looking to break your piggy bank like they do with video game subscriptions. 🤑
  9. @paulo I was going to go with that one, but then a friend suggested to me that they had relatives that could confirm this. That "friend" happens to be a pet cockroach, so I just have to take his word.
  10. I'd say the ST UI is more easy to use for me. Oddly enough I hardly everr use Kontakt as a MT instrument, and I just have ST setup as my default one. That's just coming from a lightweight user, as I know Kontakt is probably the more well-rounded product.
  11. Or maybe it's just time for you to start considering adding abandoned courtyard scenes to your next music video?
  12. ZZZZZ, is that suppose to mean something? Now if they had done the right thing long ago and open-sourced it, then it might be newsworthy.
  13. I was "lucky" and picked up Amadeus and the Full Komplete deals when they came out. I was also able to pick up the TSM deal. I actually find that I reach for ST4 the most ... mostly because I like the FX.
  14. You taking it too personal. People may have simply moved on, or perhaps a few bots were cleaned out during site housekeeping. Also keep in mind that the Internet isn't like it use to be. You have a lot more competition for quality content, and not to say your content isn't quality, it's just that people do tend to move on. Just keep trying to produce quality content, or just be content with the subscribers you're lucky to keep. I'm sure there are more people out there that appreciate what you do, unless you trying to make money, in which case I suggest you step up your game. Thanks for producing the video!
  15. I don't even use Mixcraft anymore, but the update was only $29 so I'm current. If they ever get their midi routing worked out I'd probably switch back from S1.
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