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  1. I could swear up and down I have at least one product from them. I thought I picked up a free one off PB, but can't find anything. Oh well.
  2. What you talking about Willis, and I wasn't invited? I love their stuff!
  3. I haven't been producing any music lately, oddly enough I just decide to update this one today. This is one of the reasons I got this one is because of the solid stream of updates.
  4. Which is not nearly as good as this one. I hate not being able to to afford these right now, but maybe some day over the rainbow. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1433081-REG/native_instruments_25801_komplete_12_ultimate_collector_s.html
  5. You didn't notice the original post day of Oct 2, and it's way past 48 hours. Although yesterday I though it was $39 in the U.S.
  6. I haven't had time to produce anything lately, but I'm always a sucker for 100% royalty-free vocal bundles. I'm really liking the demos, but it's not letting me buy it. Cart keeps showing up empty. 🙆‍♂️
  7. So he's now firing test missiles? Yet here you are, I hear those re-education camps in China are no joke, oh wait for it ... I doubt you'll ever see this comment.
  8. What gets me is that they show the coupon as an option, but it isn't applied. It says that you can only use it on one item, and I only have one item in the cart. I guess they lose this sale.
  9. WUP ... there it is!
  10. Yeah I might check out the demo, it's just that I already have a ton of these, but it is looking like a good piece of software. I should have my PC running again before the end of the sale.
  11. It seems like they want the cake and eat it too, and that's going to cost money. How much is the upgrade for the latest Cakewalk? Is that crickets I hear? The times are a changing, and I've heard that S1-5 was faked like the moon landing. They say just reverse the version number 5.4 and what do you have? 4.5 🧐
  12. Check out all these throwbacks languages created by Moses on his tablet running sacrificial ram ... it's Web Audio and JS all the way, or bust!
  13. Well I hope it ain't some of the same people complaining who buy into the "Total" Studio Max and Komplete "Ultimate" deals. I mean they wring your booty every year for extra cash, and yet this gives you more in return than those lottery tickets you probably picked up the other day. I'm going to do my research and perhaps jump on this deal. Granted you don't get the public services along with the tickets, but in the sense of winning this deal doesn't seem all that bad. I may be way too old school, but I remember a time when it was just the thought that counted. Edit: No I didn't! 🙆‍♂️
  14. Topcheese

    Wusik No Brainer

    I thought the sounds were good, but the GUI was kind of difficult to navigate.
  15. And actual users of the product would've said ... no. You listing the version number for LR, the last update to LM wasn't that big of a change.
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