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  1. Noctua is one of my favourite brands for cooling. I also like the bequiet! Silent Wings 3 High Speed fans. I find the both of the perform just as good as one other. The Noctua is a bit more higher pitched compared to the bequiet! in my experience though.
  2. Thanks @Jim Roseberry, I really appreciate the time you gave me with your reply. Thought I could avoid the latency issue with the 3960X but I guess that's a nope (I usually use 64 samples at 44.1KHz with my MADIFX). I will continue on with my Threadripper build, but I'll most likely wait till the Zen 3 Threadrippers hit the market this or early next year. I'm a bit more optimistic about that generation. I already have a bequiet! Dark Base 900 with some extra Silent Wings 3 140mm high speed pmw fans for airflow and a Corsair AX1200i PSU so I should be fine in that aspect. I consider myself decently tech savvy so I should be fine. When the new CPUs come out, I might do a comparison with the Dark Rock Pro TR4, one of the more popular AIOs, and the Prosiphon Elite when it's finally in my hands. That or I may cave entirely cause of build anxiety and just get the current Threadrippers lol. I really wish I had this information earlier. It's a shame that reviewers don't test with pro audio and musicians in mind. Thanks again for your input!
  3. I took a look at Pete's results as I find them to be a great resource for pro audio builds. He said he was not able to get the Threadripper 3970X or 3990X to work well which is discouraging. There was another gentleman I spoke to who built his own computer using a 3960X for engineering and he is happy with it. I have the G.Skill Trident Z Neo 3600MHz kit that is currently occupying my old computer for testing purposes that I plan on putting in my future build. I also plan on using the Ice Giant Prosiphon Elite for cooling when it gets released hopefully in the summer. The results seem promising. https://www.icegiantcooling.com/reviews So I'm not in an immediate rush to build, but I would like some advice re: if I should wait for the 4000 series if it will help with low latency.
  4. Hi Jim, I was wondering if during your testing, the 3960X faired better with overclocking. If not, would I be better off to see what the 4th Gen Threadripper would being when they come out this year in terms of performance? Zen 3 in general is rumored to have 10-15% increase in IPC and small speed bump. I already bought a Gigabyte Designare Trx40 so I'm pretty much committed to a Threadripper build. I would be upgrading from an i7-6800K and would continue to use an RME MADIFX PCI-E card.
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