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  1. Thanks I`ll keep using the VST2 till I can Peace
  2. Hi , I have been preparing a live guitar show on Cakewalk and I needed to change the presets of TH3 at some places in the show. So what I did was ,I created an empty midi track and put all the program changes in the right times so that I don`t have to change the guitar sound manually during the show. The problem is that I can only do it if I use the VST2 version of TH3 not the VST3. This problem seems to be on many VST3s . Is there a work around to use VST3 instead of VST2?? Thanks in advance. Peace
  3. Addictive Drums is the same......what I do is open another Addictive Drums just for the cymbols.....like this I can control them from thier respective midi track , if they are on there own in a midi track. Peace.
  4. Drum replacer problem is fixed with this new update. Peace
  5. Thank you guys....you where always magic.....no other DAW has this kind of support......and now its free. No wonder I`ve been using cakewalk since Pro Audio 9.3. Peace.
  6. Yes Same here it works fine in older version...... if it`s only us we have to find a work around..... but if a lot of users are having the same issue it will be fixed in the near future hopefully. Peace.
  7. HI all is any body seeing this with this new update. Looks like Drum replacer is not changing the sample you give it....when to try to change a sample it goes silent. It works on the default sample. Peace.
  8. Hi Max all in cakewalk even 21 years ago .....I think I used Reason for those samples not sure ,too long ago.... Razor7music ...I do not use any samples today... funny for me in 2020. Glad you liked it. Peace
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