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  1. In my case, that's not too bad. If I had multiple systems, 10 authorizations could be an issue, so I see how that could be frustrating for some people.
  2. Question regarding authorizations. From a post in the Coffee House: https://discuss.cakewalk.com/index.php?/topic/6676-lovehate-relationship-with-ik/ How many authorizations do you get? Are there no measures in place to handle system rebuilds?
  3. If you buy the plugins separately without buying T-RackS 5, are they resizeable?
  4. I downloaded the freebie from Acustica, BASSTard. I started noticing a strange behavior with the VST3 version of the plugin in Cakewalk by BandLab. I insert the plugin on a track, apply the settings that I want. Hit the play button (or space bar) and it sounds great, awesome. Time to stop the track, so I hit the stop button (or space bar, doesn't matter) and the "Boost" knob resets back to the default position. In the process of trouble shooting, I installed the VST2 version and the problem doesn't exist with this version. I then uninstall the VST3 version and reinstall it. No good, same result as before. So I see if the problem happens in a different DAW. I try Reaper, and both the VST3 & 2 versions work great. So I go to Sonar Platinum by Cakewalk and I get the same problem as I do in Cakewalk by BandLab. I'm curious as to what it is about Cakewalk/Sonar that causes the Play/Stop functions to communicate to the VST3 version of the plugin to reset the "Boost" knob back to the default position. I've been communicating with Acustica about this issue and all I've received for a solution is to uninstall and reinstall. Which I have and nothing changes. I'm not sure how much of an effort they're going to put into a free plugin. Any thoughts? Noel, any thoughts?
  5. To have the ability to have a user defined project length. This way when exporting, the user defined project length could be used as an option for exporting project audio. I find having to select the tracks that I want included in my project audio export an unnecessary evil. If I don't want certain tracks included in my exported audio I would simply mute, archive or delete the tracks. This one may most likely be only me, but it appears that the export volume is linked to the "Hardware Volume" fader. I'm curious as to why anyone would want the exported audio linked to this fader. Shouldn't the volume of the mix be controlled by the Master Bus? Especially during the mastering process where a lot of analysis plugins are inserted on the Master Bus to determine the overall volume output. It defeats the purpose if the Hardware Volume fader has been altered. I sometimes use the Hardware Volume fader as a quick way to lower the listening volume during mastering, instead of messing with my I/O knobs. Yes I have forgotten to return the Hardware Volume fader to zero and had to re-export. I understand that many may like the current workflow and it could very well stay as is. I'm suggesting adding to the current workflow, maybe in the form of radio buttons to toggle the options to export all tracks in the project and in the user defined project length. These settings could then be saved as an export preset.
  6. Thanks. I have yet to pull the trigger on any device.
  7. Only in Cakewalk have I run into this issue. Once you insert LSGate on a track go to the plugin properties as shown in the picture below: Once the plugin properties dialog box opens, make sure the following check boxes are checked: Once the prior steps have taken place, remove the plugin from the track and re-insert it. This only needs to be done once and only once. The plugin will function as expected from now on.
  8. Are you the Tay Zonday who created the song "Chocolate Rain"?
  9. I've developed a plugin that does exactly that. I created it for myself and have given it out for free. You can download it here: https://www.kvraudio.com/product/lsgate-by-littlestudios. Just click the download link to the right. It can do some cool things, stutters, tremolo or create rhythmic patterns. It syncs to the host and uses musical note values. Let me know what you think or if you have any questions or if you have trouble getting it to work properly. There's a user manual included in the .zip file that explains all the functions.
  10. Is there a way to set the default track template? When dragging in a bunch of audio files from the Browser, it would be great if there were a way to predetermine the track template. I understand that I can replace the track from a template, unfortunately it renames the track to the name assigned in the track template.
  11. I'm in the market for a DAW Control Surface and was very interested in the X-Touch One. Does anyone here have any experience with this product and CbB? One question I have is when cycling through tracks, how do you get to the bus section of the console view? Do you just keep cycling until the bus tracks become active? Thanks.
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