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  1. If we already have Essentials, is Assistant worth the upgrade?
  2. Anyone else's firewall throwing a fit during the install?
  3. I contacted SSL support and they resolved the issue. I had to redo the process of adding it to my cart and all that crap. Once it was processed it showed up in my iLOK.
  4. Worked for me. If we already have it, would it be a good idea to just hold on to it and wait for the next Group Buy?
  5. I had success with the purchase. I'm assuming because I already own the Harrison Mastering EQ. The strange thing is, it's not showing up in my iLok account for activation. Is there sometimes a delay?
  6. I have it and use it all the time. It's great for side chaining and creating space in crowded frequency ranges.
  7. Naaaa. I left it alone. I don't think my response would change their tactics.
  8. This is absolutely hilarious!! I got their reply for what the free plugin is. I highlighted the plugin. So happy I didn't sign up.
  9. Yeah, I'd post the link, but it's a personalized link and populates certain text fields with my personal information. Because of this I won't be sharing the link.
  10. I contacted their support and have yet to receive an answer, not sure if I will.
  11. I received an email with a, what seems to be personalized link. Here's a screen shot of the email: When I click on the link it brings me to a page that allows me to enter my email, name and cell number. I have not signed up.
  12. Same, I was just curious what they thought was equal value to harassing you with text notifications
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