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  1. I was hoping their announcement was going to be RX 8.
  2. Understood, my current situation dealt with a project that was setup by another party and I was taking over. They didn't use take lanes. I wanted to use take lanes and thought there has to be a more efficient way to move items into take lanes once the Cakewalk project had already been set up.
  3. I've really received a project started by another party. They have a bunch of takes, all on separate tracks. It would be nice to have a feature that would help with getting these tracks on another track as take lanes. Here's a list of some behavior that would be very handy: Add selected tracks as take lanes Add selected clips as take lanes, maybe an option to maintain time stamp position or to place at now marker on new take lane Add take lanes to existing track or create a new track I imagine this type of tool would most likely function through a dialog box. Just a thought.
  4. I ended up just dragging them one at a time into take lanes. Soooooo much easier to edit that way. Would be nice if there were a way to take existing tracks and have a command like, "Create new track and add selection as take lanes".
  5. I've inherited a project with multiple takes that were originally done without using take lanes. In order to simplify the task of comping, I'd like to pull the separate takes together into take lanes.
  6. Is there an easy way or am I going to have to drag and drop? Not a huge deal.
  7. Also I think some of the confusion stems from the fact that there are currently two standards being used to map 0dBu on DBFS, EBU R68 and SMPTE RP155. I've attached an image that better describes this.
  8. I believe I found the answer at the IK forum: https://cgi.ikmultimedia.com/ikforum/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=14486
  9. Not sure if Peter can answer or find the answer to this. So I'm fully on board with IK and T-Racks, love it. One issue that I've found is the VU meters in T-Racks Metering plugin, they are off by -4dB. I've generated a 1k sine wave at -18dBFS. I calibrate the VU meter in T-Racks Metering plugin to be -18dBFS and the read out should be 0dB on the VU. Instead I get -4dB on the VU. I verified this with the TB ProAudio MVM2 and PSP TripleMeter, both show the correct readout of 0dB VU. I also tested this in the plugin version and stand alone T-Racks application. Thanks.
  10. Took the plunge and I'm happy.
  11. I've been demoing the plugins and I think they are all great. The only thing that bugs me, just a little, the VU meters, especially on the Black 76 seem to move a little slow. Just to make sure I wasn't crazy I compared the movement to other VU meters, making sure to use meters based on 300ms average and it still seems a bit slow. It's more noticeable in GR mode than the output settings.
  12. Peter, Does this qualify https://www.ikmultimedia.com/products/tr5/?pkey=tr5 for Pick & Mix Group Buy?
  13. In my case, that's not too bad. If I had multiple systems, 10 authorizations could be an issue, so I see how that could be frustrating for some people.
  14. Question regarding authorizations. From a post in the Coffee House: https://discuss.cakewalk.com/index.php?/topic/6676-lovehate-relationship-with-ik/ How many authorizations do you get? Are there no measures in place to handle system rebuilds?
  15. If you buy the plugins separately without buying T-RackS 5, are they resizeable?
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