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  1. Anyone else having update issues? My install appears to finish, but the IK Product Manager continues to say it needs to be updated. *UPDATE* It appears to have worked, the IKPM must be bugged. Ah well.
  2. PA teaser thread morphs into a Matrix thread... LOVE IT
  3. So what's the point of the 29 forever plan?
  4. This should make everyone happy. Dan Worrall made a video on this exact topic. https://youtu.be/GjtEIYXrqa8
  5. I used to look forward to the voucher.... meh.
  6. I decided to run a very similar test where I ran a kick sample as a sidechain to Waves Metafilter, and ran pink noise through the filter. Here's a link to the video which provides a better explanation of the steps I took to create the result. Keep in mind, the volume does jump. No fear though, I provide a warning before the volume spikes. @Craig Anderton, I'm not sure what you're doing, but so far I'm able to reliably able recreate this "bug" by simply enabling "upsampling" on playback and activating it with the "2X" button. Here's the link: https://youtu.be/uu2-_rmkJLs Reasons for wanting oversampling can vary, which is not my point. But the point of these tests is to show that Cakewalk's upsampling/oversampling on a per plugin basis needs some work. I provide these videos to help remove as much confusion about the tests I'm running as possible. I understand these tests aren't perfect and that there are many variables at play. That being said, Reaper's implementation of a per plugin oversample feature, so far, appears to be better than Cakewalk's. I'd love to see Cakewalk improve this feature as Cakewalk is my DAW of choice.
  7. Using Reaper, I set up the same test I conducted in Cakewalk. Everything functioned as expected. Here's a link to the Reaper oversample test: https://youtu.be/cmDFNrf5vQk And once again here is a link to the Cakewalk test: https://youtu.be/CfMU93SCigU
  8. I'm aware that it's in Cakewalk, but I've shown that it's buggy as hell. To quote myself from my original post: Here are links to videos I've made showing Cakewalk's mediocre implementation of per plugin oversampling: https://youtu.be/CfMU93SCigU https://youtu.be/LgupFqtLDHc I have yet to run tests on Reaper's implementation. So far activating and controlling the sample rate is much more intuitive than Cakewalk's approach.
  9. I don't want to get into a discussion on whether or not high sample rates make an audible difference. For those who prefer to work at higher sample rates or prefer to have certain plugins run at higher sample rates, this is a definite workflow game changer. Especially for those who have weaker computers. This can eliminate the extra steps of bouncing out tracks at a higher sample rates, then downsampling to match the project sample rate, taking up more drive space, etc. to have the result of a higher sample rate. This also helps address an issue that some may run into while working at higher sample rates, and that's the fact that not all plugins are created equally, having different sample rate limitations. Having the option to control the sample rate of plugins on an individual basis is another workflow plus. So, yeah, if you're in the camp that questions whether or not high sample rates are worth it, this feature is definitely not something to write home about. If you're in the camp that finds that working at higher sample rates produces a desired outcome, then this could be considered game changing, especially from a workflow perspective.
  10. I haven't run tests, but if it functions correctly, could be game changing: https://youtu.be/H9YwW6bNuek I know Cakewalk by Bandlab has a similar feature, but it's quite buggy, which I have posted about and uploaded videos to YouTube as well. This appears to be very straight forward.
  11. Ok, so you can saturate the hell out of it per band. I don't see the smoothing feature as anything to write home about. So other than the saturation... just an EQ.
  12. Hey, a demo has been made available.... ABOUT TIME!
  13. If it's simply a 5 band EQ with HP and LP filters, how is this cheaper than ANY free EQ out there? How is this cheaper than any stock EQ plugin? With all the EQ's out there, what makes this one worth $6.00? I think my point that I'm circling around is... Why is there not a demo? It's 2022, c'mon, put a demo version out. There's no examples or reviews of this plugin that I could find (still looking). So they're asking money for a product (even if it is just $6.00) and all that can be found (so far) is their description on their site: ...really ...really Also, it's only $6.00 for a limited time. It will be retailing for $24.99.
  14. OK, so what makes this plugin worth the $6.00? Buying a plugin simply because it is cheap IS a no brainer. Back to YouTube to see if I can find a review?
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