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  1. I've been googling for hours, and I've yet to find a comprehensive guide/post about how to accomplish this. Either DAW technobabble, or situations that are irrelevant to my own. I am a vocal performance student, and in lieu of actual voice lessons due to COVID-19, I am recording my music and sending it to my professors. I have a midi accompaniment track recorded by my regular accompanist, but when I use it in Cakewalk (drag the midi file into the track panel), I can't export both the audio recording and the accompaniment. Trying to export results in .mp3 files that have the output from my microphone, but no accompaniment. Just my voice... which is not what is required of me. How can I do this in a way that includes both the midi sound and the audio? I'm using Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth for the midi, fyi. Thanks in advance!
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