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  1. SOLVED! (I get to answer my own question.) After some poking around, I found a MIDI input setting in the synth window. You apparently need to select a MIDI channel to receive on, but since the MIDI track supplying the data has no designated channel, I selected OMNI and the synth worked! Need to find out if that continues to be true as I add more tracks.
  2. Just got Cakewalk working and quickly discovered that the VST plug-ins that came with it would stop sounding if I imported a MIDI track. Read a nice post here by Syphus that helped get that working (eliminate NRPN events in the MIDI list). So I sprang for a nice UVI Orchestral plug-in, hoping to use some better sounds. But when I load the soft synth, I get sounds from the keys in the pop-up window, but none when I play from the associated MIDI track (where the meters are bouncing). I have checked the routing and it is correct. I can get the SI-Strings VST plug-in to play the MIDI data, but not the UVI. And I did set the VST properties to Not Intercept NRPN messages. Any thoughts?
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