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  1. I don't know what's what with PA anymore. I was thinking of possibly signing up to their musician bundle, as the rumor (later confirmed by Dirk himself in the Facebook group) was that you'd have the option of switching from it to the mid-tier mega plan ('Mega XL'), basically saving $5/month. The info at the time was that the older subscriptions would no longer be sold once the new ones become available. Well, the new ones are here, the musician bundle is still available, and some people are grumbling about the offer they received (so maybe the upgrade is, in fact, different/unavailable) but I couldn't find any clear details.
  2. I was wondering about that myself. Didn't see any related feedback from Dirk yet, so maybe there's hope?
  3. Yes. Vouchers don't stack, unless someone discovers a new trick. The upgrade offer is basically a voucher. I picked up Physion and was playing with SplitEQ yesterday (demo), on track with an acoustic guitar recorded in a bad room. There's definitely an area of overlap, in terms of what you can do (in my case, cleaning up the recording), between Physion, SplitEQ, and Neutron 3 (transient shaper). I couldn't really make up my mind whether I need it. At $30 it would have been hard to pass on.
  4. Yeah. That would've been sweet 😄
  5. I watched a couple of the videos with the shimmer delay and I demo-ed it. Thought it sounded okay. And it's cheap. But next to Eventide's H9 bundle, it feels like a silly purchase to make. *Especially if you bought the latter for $44*
  6. Yeah, CPU heavy. Maybe the included free presets don't do it justice (it's all I installed/tried), but my first impression is not great. I don't really like the interface, either.
  7. I do. And I have a bunch of other (good) ones. I'll just add that these are the lowest prices for H9 plugins I've seen ($21), so good time to demo them and pick some up.
  8. Good upgrade offer to the H9 bundle already online on the Eventide site, for those interested. I paid $59.70 for the 5 plugins I was missing. No upgrade offer (yet) for Anthology, I guess it will go online shortly. I have to thank PA for preventing me from spending this money on their sh*ttier deals.
  9. The math's a bit off, as you can use jam points for the group buy as well, so you're looking at a ~$70 difference. Also, I personally don't see why IK wouldn't allow the group buy to go all the way; once everyone gets the newest 11 synths and their favorite 5-10 synths from the earlier ones, most participants would likely not be interested in paying for the remaining ones. Whereas letting the group buy max out ensures existing customers are happy and is good marketing to get new customers on board.
  10. Cheers. I found the bug. Some of the zip files don't get unpacked/installed by the installer, even though they download fine. Unpacking them and updating the sound content (samples) folder manually fixes the problem. More fun with IK!
  11. Have you guys met this beauty? She's elusive, appears with some presets but not others. She's probably the daughter of a Ukrainian farmer, as she's looking for a tank. I would like to kindly ask her to grant me access to my presets, but I'm scared of her, so I could use your help.
  12. They're getting a bit ahead of themselves.
  13. Judging from past sales, this group buy will do all the collecting for you. If you mean worth installing, once owned, I'd say yes. Hoarding is like using, really, and both are healthier than finishing songs.
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