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  1. The math's a bit off, as you can use jam points for the group buy as well, so you're looking at a ~$70 difference. Also, I personally don't see why IK wouldn't allow the group buy to go all the way; once everyone gets the newest 11 synths and their favorite 5-10 synths from the earlier ones, most participants would likely not be interested in paying for the remaining ones. Whereas letting the group buy max out ensures existing customers are happy and is good marketing to get new customers on board.
  2. Cheers. I found the bug. Some of the zip files don't get unpacked/installed by the installer, even though they download fine. Unpacking them and updating the sound content (samples) folder manually fixes the problem. More fun with IK!
  3. Have you guys met this beauty? She's elusive, appears with some presets but not others. She's probably the daughter of a Ukrainian farmer, as she's looking for a tank. I would like to kindly ask her to grant me access to my presets, but I'm scared of her, so I could use your help.
  4. They're getting a bit ahead of themselves.
  5. Judging from past sales, this group buy will do all the collecting for you. If you mean worth installing, once owned, I'd say yes. Hoarding is like using, really, and both are healthier than finishing songs.
  6. It would be nice if they allowed buying however many gear credits one needs to make them usable (e.g. in addition to the ones we have), instead of the set values. No point for the latter, now that the discounts have been removed. Or at least make everything available in the Custom Shop (sounds download credits, license transfer credits).
  7. They sure make things really confusing (to the extent that no other company comes close). Then you have to dig through forums, FAQs, explanations and experiment just to (try to) figure out their product line. I have S2 SE and S1 deluxe with the 22 synths. For a synth that's included in S2 SE, the new presets work in edit mode, the old ones don't. Full S2 allows S1 presets in edit mode and S2 SE doesn't? What if you didn't have S1 before getting S2, would S2 still include S1 presets? And S2 SE doesn't? Even for synths included in S2 SE? This is getting silly.
  8. I picked up the iRig HD 2 a few weeks ago, with the promo of full (MAX, I guess) Amplitube for iOS included. Great value, great sound, really convenient/practical to use with an iPad, but quite flimsy. The headphone jack in particular doesn't feel at all durable.
  9. Anyone with a $50 voucher they don't need? I'll buy you a cup of coffee ($5) if needed.
  10. Why EOL though? Maybe end-of-sale. It will work fine and you're free to use it for the foreseeable future. As for transparency, let's say they announced, together with the $50 sale for SSS1, that SSS2 was coming (not that many companies, if any, do that). How would you be better off than you are now?
  11. What am I missing? If you bought SSS1 cheap ($50), you can get SSS2, if you want, for the same total amount that a new buyer would pay. That's better than most upgrade deals I'm currently aware of for my plugins (i.e. it would cost me more, total, to upgrade to bundles from the plugins I own - most of them bought during sales - than if I were a first-time buyer just getting the bundles now). Not to mention that you get to use SSS1 and decide if/when to upgrade, while the rest of us have to decide between parting with $120, or stick to using the Drumkit from Hell on bossa novas 🤕
  12. My rapidly filling up hard drive gave me the finger, my RAM won't talk to me anymore, I don't even drink coffee, but I bit.
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