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  1. If you apply a coupon, the 'apply' button should update to 'cancel coupon'. Yep, $119 is what I paid for it, but I was about to pay $126 when I came across the new coupon on reddit. Still a great deal. Edit: great that you got it working.
  2. Bummer. I know I canceled the voucher that was added by default, and added NewPassword to make it work, maybe try that. Other than that, check with the man. In my case, the discount was definitely not applied by default (I bought something cheap from them the previous day, with the regular group/forum voucher).
  3. Agreed, VPRE-73 and the Ash bundle at less than $20 total, are a steal and distinguished guests on my guitar tracks.
  4. I can confirm it works, I used it for an Izotope upgrade bundle. Didn't know about the message, but grabbed the code from reddit and it does indeed only work once, so you might as well use it for a pricier purchase, if you had one planned.
  5. Upgrade from any standard/advanced Ozone or Neutron at jrrshop: Tonal Balance Bundle: $125 Production Suite 3: $251 Best upgrade offer I've seen so far. Based on the deadline from Izotope's loyalty offers, these seem to run until August 31.
  6. I have Ozone 8 standard as well. $133 for the tonal balance bundle is the cheapest it's ever been - I'm pretty sure about that, as I've been watching the sales. The bad news is that there seems to be a geographic restriction on this particular upgrade (not available to customers in the EU maybe?), on audiodeluxe.
  7. fitzroy

    PA Black Box HG-2

    I'll take it if you don't need it. Maybe some interesting sale will come up later in the month.
  8. fitzroy

    PA Mega Bundle Sale

    Yeah, that's the question, whether you'd keep getting the monthly loyalty ones. Say you get the yearly plan; with the $249 voucher during one of their mega sales, you might be able to pick up 8 plugins that you really like. With the monthly loyalty vouchers on top, used wisely and selectively, you could get a total of 12-14 of your favorite plugins from PA in one year for about $300 ($199 for the yearly plan + $100 to spend on sales, with the monthly loyalty vouchers). If you take into account that you'd also have one year access to all of their plugins (so you'd also be more likely to pick up only those that you really like/need), that's an interesting deal.
  9. My highly subjective take is that the world of amp sims has matured enough that we are looking, by now, for both quality AND character, to make us happy about a new amp sim. And in truth, I’m sort of on the fence about Nembrini in this regard, even though I have several of his plugins and I generally like them. That’s why I was writing earlier that I thought this should be a free upgrade. The quality is there, his plugins are transparent, responsive, cleans are solid, saturation is ok. I’m not quite sold on the character though. I was testing his plugins for a solo; preamp section only, clean/crunch, with custom IR’s, a nice compressor and spring reverb, etc. They all sound good. But I found that PA’s Chandler has a lot more character and just sounds better in the mix in this scenario. Even IK’s Orange will get your more interesting sounds, although it’s not superior in quality. And for creamy cleans, S-Gear’s Wayfarer still rules the roost. Quality is the new standard; character should already be an explicit goal for new amp sims, IMHO. Maybe Nembrini should steal a few pages from Neural DSP’s book.
  10. fitzroy

    PA Mega Bundle Sale

    Does PA send out monthly vouchers to people who are subscribed to a a yearly plan, too? That would make it interesting.
  11. fitzroy


    This was a good month! The plugin gods protected us, for the most part, from irresistible but expensive offers. My planned holiday in Greece, in September, requires them to be vigilant one more month 😇
  12. Sounds great! Should've been a free upgrade though, me thinks.
  13. I'm not sure if there was an Ozone 9 Advanced sale at $99 (so $87 at the resellers I mentioned) from anything Izotope. Larry might remember that. We are splitting hairs here though, if you need Ozone 9 Advanced, $99 seems like a good deal from 7 advanced (there seems to be somewhat of an agreement among users that Ozone 8 was a big step forward, so 7 to 9 should be a significant upgrade).
  14. Also, some sales have the upgrade path from anything Izotope, including the Elements series. Worth keeping in mind if you have a standard version (I have Ozone 8 standard), as you could sell that, making it an even better deal.
  15. $99 for Ozone/Neutron and $199 for the Tonal Balance bundle, but with the usual jrrshop/audiodeluxe discounts on top. If I remember well, discounted price was $87 for the Ozone, Neutron, RX7 upgrade/crossgrade, and $167 for the bundle.
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