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  1. fitzroy

    PA Gig Performer 3

    That's the trick question. I demo-ed it during the previous sale, and really liked it. It feels quite organic, being able to save tweakable instrument/effect chains and build your own interface with the controls you want. It's definitely more 'analogue' feeling than a DAW and great to just play through. I bought it using the $25 voucher. I think it's good value, but I also hope I'll be able to link it up easily with Reaper using the Jack API.
  2. Got it too. Love it mixed in at low % on acoustic/semi-acoustic guitars.
  3. So I guess the unlimited use of the voucher was a glitch then? Based on their 'official' emails and what's been posted elsewhere it seems that's the most likely scenario, unless someone has better info. Kind of made me feel bad for them, as I grabbed a bunch of stuff. Then again, I wouldn't have paid more than $20 (total) for the "freebies" I got (and I didn't already have), which is a fraction of what I've spent on their plugins. I also bought two $29.99 plugins using the voucher, so they did get something out of me this time as well.
  4. I picked up Fault for free, but if they reset the voucher tonight, I might get Zip as well. Or G8 for free. Or the ADA flanger, also for a tenner. Anyway, one of those.
  5. fitzroy

    Izotope Sale at JRR

    It's pretty crazy how cheap you can get their plugins compared to 1-2 years ago.
  6. Yeah. Unlikely that it will count. I have Amplitube 5 Max, which I bought as a bundle with Axe I/O, and I don't qualify for the Max grade. And that's despite the fact that the bundle cost more than buying the Axe I/O alone, so we're not talking about 'free, bundled software'. I find that odd but hey, it's IK we're talking about.
  7. I bought the MEssentialFX bundle (65 EUR for me having owned one of the 10 plugins). Interestingly, my price for the other bundles hasn't dropped much at all after I bought the Essential bundle; and there's no additional discount for the MCreativeFX bundle. Not sure if this is by design, or it's just that the site/database hasn't updated the available discounts with the latest purchase.
  8. I'm definitely crossgrading to this from A5 Max, to get some bits I might be interested in; the Hammond, Modo Bass, maybe some other stuff... ... in 2023-2024, for $88 using code: GROUP.
  9. Dear PA, get it over with and send us the monthly loyalty voucher. 🤩
  10. Big difference is that you're getting upgrades/updates for free. Not bad for people who depend on these to make money. Less tempting for the rest of us, especially if we've already bought many/most of their plugins.
  11. Come'on now 😄 Off the top of my head, based on things I bought/sold recently through resales: Toontrack, Arturia, Izotope, Acustica, Plugin Alliance, Eventide, Ujam, PSP, U-he, Fuse Audio, Tokyo Dawn, Crave DSP. I suspect that if we'd put together a list of the 100 best known developers/companies on this forum, around 90% or more allow resales.
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