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  1. fitzroy

    PA Mega Sale

    I find the Train II very similar to the Chandler for cleans and (soft) crunch. So similar that after adjusting the EQ's and playing them through the same IR's, I can barely tell them apart. Which makes me wonder whether I need the Train II.
  2. Hey, for a freebie, that's not bad at all! The EQ / Tone section is what I like the least, I find it heavy-handed and I couldn't get it to be transparent/neutral no matter what I tried. They need to make it possible to demo the pro version (duh). And yeah, think hard about that price.
  3. Two mediocre demos, no way to demo the actual plugin, $55?
  4. For those interested, I've seen it go a couple of times for a bit less ($70-80-ish) on KVR, so that might be another option, if you can wait and are searching for the absolute best deal. To my ears, for clean/crunch, S-Gear is top notch. There are other great plugins for cleans, with different flavors, which I use and love (Plini, Fuse's F-59, some of Amplitube 5, plus a few more). Like those, I think S-Gear is pretty close to perfect in what it offers, but they each have their respective strengths.
  5. fitzroy

    Gig Performer 4

    You mean you bought GP3 caring about GP4 when GP4 wasn't even announced, but now that the latter is out, your GP3 is useless (as in money down the drain)?
  6. fitzroy

    Gig Performer 4

    As a few of us noticed/commented at the time, that crazy last sale, when GP3 was $39.99 (so $15 with a voucher), made it quite probable this would happen. I bought it for $25 (with a voucher) during an earlier sale, and while I'd love to have GP4, I personally don't feel cheated. I basically bought a pretty great tool for not a lot of money, that I'm free to keep using. I'll simply decide if/when to get GP4 down the road, depending on PA's future sales.
  7. You're way off. I've sold bundle parts before on KVR, if they were duplicates. And I bought bundle parts that others were selling. You don't need to be a 'plugin broker', or make a living, or even a profit on KVR to do that.
  8. If anyone gets this it would be useful to know if you get individual codes to redeem each included plugin. In that case it would be worth getting it, then sell eventual duplicates.
  9. wow, crazy price; makes me think that we might not get much of an upgrade deal to Gigperformer 4
  10. With so many plugins released by their competitors since, they're still at the very top for me. And the $83 I paid for the Effect Rack feels like cheating, for what I got. You can find the full bundle for sale on KVR fairly regularly at about the same price (or below) as the current offer, if you're interested but for some reason can't jump in right now.
  11. British Kolorizer? 😄 They say this sounds fantastic on 'Rule, Britannia! '. It gives it a certain Master Tone.
  12. fitzroy

    Mogwai Multi Gate

    This one's actually pretty cool; useful and straightforward. Edit: for whatever reason, I didn't see your attached image, Piotr, before I installed it. My antivirus can't find anything now. Might be because the ransomware has already settled in. It's probably busy putting crappy reverbs on all my tracks. Time will tell. 🤕
  13. I hate that they do that 😒 These are not some legacy plugins that no one cares about, but awesome reverbs that many people love and use. How hard would it be for Izotope to integrate them into their Product Portal?
  14. Personally, I prefer the Black Rooster combo (VEQ-5, VEQ-1P, and the free filter).
  15. It's not that it's a bad deal, it's a good deal. I agree with the TheSteven though, the fact that you can download the presets yet you can't activate them or use them is a bit misleading. But I'll give you that it might not be intentional - and maybe I'm just not familiar enough with Arturia's business model. Most people would probably assume, intuitively, that if you can download and install presets, they're free and yours to use. In this particular case that assumption proved wrong and it cost us some time, that's all
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