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  1. Some of these site templates are so similar. Unless they're best buddies with 8Dio.
  2. fitzroy

    PSP L’otary2 $20

    Anyone have this AND Eventide's Undulator? Similar? Completely different? Dumb question?
  3. There are some nice ongoing Beatskillz deals. I bought Maharaja 1 & 2 for something like $15 (total) on JRR.
  4. Absolutely. It's been sitting in my NowTheseYou'reDefinitelySupposedToBeUsing folder ever since I demo-ed it, liked it, and bought it.
  5. You could just get another license. You'd have no problem selling it on kvr once the sale is over for $20.02. At decimal points no one could accuse you of profiteering, but you'd tilt the balance one penny on the side of happy.
  6. I wonder how this compares with the Rebelle bundle they had on sale a while ago. I bought that one for my girlfriend who keeps saying she likes/wants to draw but never does. If this is an even better deal, it might be worth getting just to push her further down that guilt trip. Heck, this might even get me Falcon for my upcoming birthday, if I play my cards right.
  7. You mean keep typing it in randomly, hoping that it would magically work, even without a sale announced? That's just wong in so many ways.
  8. I'd probably get it at 50% off as well. Maybe they'll have a group buy like last year. Oh, and why is this in the 'Deals' section? It's not even an upgrade.
  9. Damn, I'm getting there. Is that by calendar year (did you get your first $50 voucher in January)? I agree, at least you should have the choice of whether you want a $25 or a $50 voucher. I was just saying that I think you'd be able to exchange it on kvr for the $25 voucher, since the $50 is more useful for the newer plugins (say, you want Knifonium now) and there's plenty of people hunting for the latest stuff. Sure, it would be harder to do during one of the sales where the $25 voucher would be more useful, and it's a hassle, but... yeah. If $300 over the last year is the threshold - I'm practically there, but I also feel I'm slowing down. Not really hunting for a lot of other PA plugins - I still want a few, but I'd only get them on really good sales (I didn't get anything for $29.99 the previous round of sales). I'm quite happy with the plugins I bought from them. On that note, I picked up SpecOps now.
  10. Is there a known spending threshold beyond which you get the $50 voucher, instead of the $25 one? Or is it one of those dark secrets that everyone's just trying to guess? Just so I know when to pause buying their stuff 🤪. Also, can't you just exchange your $50 voucher for a $25 one? There seems to be some interest in them on KVR, so it might not all be hopeless.
  11. It's true. But there's nothing preventing you from loading individual plugins by loading only that one plugin into the empty rack. As I was posting above, the CPU hit/difference is negligible. The workflow is a bit different, that's all.
  12. Based on my own experience, which seems to be echoed by what others who bought the rack have been posting for the past couple of days, this is not the case. I think most people who bought the rack will not upgrade to the full bundle, unless there's some crazy good offer down the road. The rack has all the main plugins in the bundle, and it doesn't come with any significant downside (in my case, the CPU hit of the empty rack is about 0.02%). If you also consider the fact that the 'little' plugins, which are not in the rack, have been on nice sales previously and people bought them in order to get better offers for the bundle, a lot of new buyers of the rack now have what, 95% ?, of what the full bundle offers. I would think Soundtoys are well aware of this. They leave a bit of headroom, so that those who want 100% of what they offer go for the bundle, while selling the rack to A LOT of people who were not heavily invested in their plugins before. I'd say it's a win-win.
  13. I jumped on this one. God knows how many times I tried to buy it for $99 a few months ago, with that weird only-works-if-you-got-the-free-demo voucher.
  14. Well. I couldn't help myself, and I'm 49 smackers poorer. I hope you're right, but evidence so far suggests otherwise. Upgrade/crossgrade offers haven't been great for owners of individual FX or packs. Seems like Arturia, in step with other companies, is focused more on trying to get new customers on board when it comes to their newest releases. It's not even clear when/if discounts down the road will match the launch price (see Pigments 2); it's inevitable that they will at some point, but it might be a long wait. In other words, if someone likes/needs multiple plugins from the FX collection, the smart money says grab them now. I decided that I'm more interested in the modulation pack than any other pack, so I can live without the full FX collection. I'd be (pleasantly) surprised if buying the modulation pack turns out to be a cheaper way to get the full collection.
  15. I like the free Blue Cat plugin pack. Also the free TAL chorus. Dimension D has more 'color', I guess in line with the hardware it's based on. So maybe less flexible, but a really nice, smooth, analog color. Demo it, you'll probably like it.
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