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  1. Anyone managed to demo their new rig libraries? They don't show up in my list of rigs available to demo in TH-U. Not sure if this is a bug or a new feature 😅
  2. Come on TDR, if the limiter can go this low, I bet Nova can, too 🙃
  3. I tried hard to keep it under control: - Melda's MTremoloMB and MSoundFactory LE (based on opinions here and elsewhere, though I kind of have my doubts about this one, especially if I won't be able to use the drum samples with it; I hope I'm wrong) - Liquidsonics Reverberate 3 (I demo-ed Tai Chi and love it, but just can't afford it right now, as I'd like the full version) - Tonex SE (long time coming) and a $3 so-so tone pack - One of the 8dio Soundpaint saxophones Still to come: - grudgingly, but I think I'll get an Ilok key; my old OS drive died and it's a hassle to recover some of the licenses (cough, Exponential Audio <- first and foremost, Air Music, Sonivox) - I should have waited with one of the JRR purchases to pick up the Inspirata Lite freebie, which I want; hopefully I'll find something cheap but useful to get it - same as above for Pluginboutique, as I want the Dawesome Love
  4. Try them out, they (well, Ray? I'm not sure anyone else is involved) have a generous demo policy - 14 days without restrictions. Personally, I think all the preamps/compressors are absolutely top-notch. The channel strip at this price is a Hornet level steal. I LOVE the F-59, I think it's a hidden gem. The spring reverb is interesting/nice with its own character. I demo-ed the plate reverb but didn't think it stood out next to the other ones I have/use (Arturia, Soundtoys, PSP).
  5. Tempting. Does anyone know if this unlocks the stuff it comes with (e.g. unlimited downloads for tone models) for the iOS version as well?
  6. Yeah, valid points. But even at $10 a month they'd make a pretty penny over multiple years. Also, this $150 offer is only for the first year, I think. They had something similar last year, and it wasn't renewing at that rate.
  7. I was actually hoping that EastWest would have a $9.99/month sale for the composer cloud, perhaps in response to Musio. I would go for that. I don't quite get why they don't do it; as opposed to most mixing/mastering plugins, I'd hate to switch between large orchestral libraries/ecosystems. There would be a strong incentive to stick with a sub for years, making it a win-win.
  8. I demo-ed this, and it was painful, as figuring out the IK multiverse often is. Activating the demo in Tonex CS you get a message that you have 30 minutes (lol) to demo the pack, but then, clicking through the individual tone models, they still come with that lovely intermittent hiss (as with demo-ing tone models one doesn't own) 🫠 The collection itself sounds good, though to my ears, not significantly better than some of the better (free) captures on Tone Net. Speaking of those, another IK riddle: as my OS drive died a sudden and definitive death, I had to reinstall *everything* (which was quite a crash-course into the wildly different activation/deactivation policies that companies employ). Before the tragic passing, I had 17 tone models downloaded in my Tonex CS (in the 20 available 'free' slots). Having reinstalled Tonex CS, I can't find a way to access (identify and re-download) those. The filter seems to only reflect tone models saved/downloaded locally, so if they're not available, they don't show up, even though they're counted against the limit of 20 slots. Any ideas? 🤕
  9. So, for those like me, who also didn't get the Mod and Crush pack plugins at first install; I updated Native Access, reintroduced the NI effects serial from the bundle, and now they show up in NA, ready to be installed.
  10. No joke, I think I refreshed this page 500 times. For a 16 dollar discount on a plugin I don't really need. G*dd*mn GAS
  11. Eh, no need. At the rate NI's glitching, we'll soon get K14 CE for the price of a HoRNet EQ.
  12. Maybe only people born in August get those. Seriously though, I guess they'll figure it out. Native Access doesn't seem to mind repeat registering of the same serial code, so I'll try to refresh NA and/or readd the serial code for a couple of days, before I start whining to them. But if someone (not born in August) gets them to work it would be nice to know how.
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