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  1. Quite a deal you got there. Also, the Chandler is a hidden gem and my favorite PA guitar amp sim together with the Fuchs Train II. The two are quite similar to my ears, like variations around similar (but good!) flavors.
  2. You can always try stacking them until your CPU melts on top of the overloaded RAM. I'm with you on the redundancy part. even though I have/use/love several of their plugins. But just look at this thing, it's so damn cute!
  3. Not only capable, but surely much better at it than the legendary Nero burning suite. It might not leave you speechless though, our expectations evolved too much since then. Forget how good Nero was, like everyone else, you were probably shocked at the time that there was such a denoise-ing tool to begin with, so you bet that piano sound was left 'untouched'. Now you'll be fiddling with Acon for an hour or so, for +/- 1% soft knee tweaks and careful parallel processing , to be just about content with the amount of sheen lost in the high-mids.
  4. You can use it for most things you'd use Izotope's RX for. I use it for audio restoration or subtle noise/hum reduction on individual tracks/recordings. Comes with the typical modules (de-noise, de-hum, de-clip, de-click). Not as fully-featured powerful as RX Standard/Advanced, but it's excellent at what it does and has a very nice/intuitive interface. Great price, too, I bought it during a Black Friday sale for abour $60.
  5. It's quite odd with PA's system that the $50 voucher is more of a penalty, instead of an additional reward. They really should do something about this. An easy fix would be: - if your cart value is at least $75, it works as a$50 voucher - if your cart value is above $32 but below $75, it works as a $25 voucher
  6. You don't have to register any serial number. Once you've finished selecting them as your 'promo' items, open custom shop, click 'restore my purchases', and leave it open. Then open Amplitube 5 and they should be there, ready to use (you won't need Custom Shop to be open past this point). You need the latest version of Amplitube (so update it in the Product Manager if it shows an update available), as it contains the actual installation for the new plugins. I just want to say that these are awesome, and IK... thank you so much for adding them to the group buy !!! If you were, like me, awestruck by the quality of some of the Neural DSP effect modules included in their plugins, these are very close to those. To me, an amazing addition to Amplitube.
  7. I think it was always possible to use someone else's voucher and, as it has been discussed here and elsewhere, in some months they do seem to be generic (i.e. everyone gets the same voucher). So maybe PA are indeed becoming more generous about how people use them. But just so we're clear - did you use two $25 monthly loyalty vouchers in the same (this) month?
  8. No problem. Yeah, that would be quite useful to know, if it works. About a year ago, when I wanted to do the same, PA were not allowing it, but who knows, maybe they relaxed that policy. People giving away vouchers is probably not a good indicator either way (there are plenty of people who don't get vouchers who are happy to accept them).
  9. I was talking about something else.
  10. You don't need a USB stick with one account, you can use online activation. Are you using multiple PA accounts at the same time, on the same computer, without using the offline activation?
  11. That does complicate things a bit though. As far as I remember, you can only use one voucher of a certain value per account/month. If that hasn't changed, you'd have to use the second voucher with the second account; then you'll have PA plugins registered to (at least) two accounts. As per their policy, you can't use two accounts at the same time on one computer unless one is used in offline mode (license on a USB stick).
  12. Sampletron is in the GB, I picked it as a freebie. Maybe not in your tier?
  13. Do you use the drum packs? I mean, for more than sketching or jamming along a nice beat? I picked London Grooves as one of my freebies to see how it works. It sounds great; as recordings, they're top notch. But I also find it quite limiting in use; I would have preferred fewer 'songs' but with more variation/grooves per song, With its limited flexibility, it's noticeably more difficult to use it for your song, rather than theirs.
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