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  1. You lost me. You said this was a one trick pony. You also were 'meh' about it. Then you knew about Gojira, but you didn't. Then you post a video with you playing through it using a different preset/setting. Ok, so that is "not Silvera Solo". To show, what? That it's not a one trick pony? That it's still a one trick pony despite a different preset? That you tried it and it's great? That you tried it and it's still meh? It's still an argument of some sort that hinges on taste, but I admit, I have no idea what the argument is. You win. 🤘
  2. If you bought it, on the page with the key, there's also a direct download link (under the BitTorrent label, but it's a direct link).
  3. On matters of taste, beyond adding your impressions to the murky pool of general opinion, which we all do here, there's no point in trying to convince people of anything. Adding what you think are arguments doesn't change that. Because just as with the original impression, people may well feel differently than you about the argument (in this case, the song, the playing, the gear, the recording chain, the mix, it goes on and on). It's a never-ending spiral.
  4. There is a high chance that you'd get better results by paying for insulating a few critical parts of the ceiling/walls in the apartment below, rather than your own. I was/am in a similar situation with my apartment. The studio flat next door and my apartment used to be parts of the same, large apartment. So the wall between them is quite thin. I could easily and clearly hear my neighbor having a conversation next door. So when I renovated my apartment, I installed pretty serious soundproofing on that wall. 6cm thick soundproofing foam behind two layers of drywall. On a 24 sq. m. wall. So not cheap. The result is that I can no longer hear normal conversations next door. But the new tenant has a puppy, and I can easily hear him bark; quite loud, too. I'm sure that the results would have been better if I could have convinced the owner of the studio apartment to install some cheap sound absorbing foam on their side of the wall. Increasing sound absorption is, most of the time, a lot cheaper than limiting sound transmission, once you're dealing with resonance through walls, pipes, heating systems, and so on.
  5. I agree. It's sluggish and the interface isn't the best. But I can get great results with it with its core functionality, which is pretty awesome for a free product.
  6. In theory, I agree with you. But in practice, most big names are using demos to tie you into their system to some extent. My point was that Neural doesn't stand out in any particularly bad way in this regard. Sure, you can demo/install only plugins that come with zero strings attached. But you'd be missing out on A LOT of great plugins. Whether a 14 day unrestricted demo (no noise, silence, pop-ups) is enough to decide whether one likes or doesn't like a plugin is really a first-world problem. I think we can agree on that. The rest is down to taste, so inherently subjective.
  7. Thanks, that's useful info. RAW processing is key for me. I'll probably still install the demos to see what's what.
  8. True. But it would be good to know. I'm using Inkscape and RawTherapee and the price is right to switch, if the workflow improves. So I'd definitely demo them if the sale price is alive for at least a week or two.
  9. Absolutely. 2.3 (95% CI: 2.22-2.36) times better.
  10. True, but most people who have a collection of plugins are used to that process. It is a bit of a hassle, but it's close to the norm, rather than an exception. I think the benefit of having a generous demo policy is that everyone can decide for themselves. That's worth more than a thousand reviews. To my ears, the heavy sounds are awesome - on par, or better, with anything else I've tried. It makes even my semi-acoustic sound like a KH ESP. I'm not sure that's a good thing, but hey.
  11. True, it's also missing some extras in the FX Rack. You could say it's 40% of SVT-VR. Still very nice for a freebie.
  12. This really is half of SVT-VR which I also have (and love). I was curious to see if they tweaked anything so I played through both of them to check, but no, it's just... the (now free) half of an existing, nice plugin.
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