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  1. I use my 65'' 4k TV as monitor often when I'm not sitting at my desk, and I'm thinkin of replacing my desk monitor with a 43'' TV as well. If you choose the right TV, it can be awesome. rtings are the best review site that I found to cover the topic; they test TV's pretty extensively and have a dedicated section in which they explain why each would work well (or not) as monitor. See here.
  2. Doesn't seem to work for me (the previous codes don't work). But maybe you've found a way to stack them that works?
  3. I love Eventide. My upgrade offer is also $269, despite the fact that I have at least 15 of their plugins, instead of 4. So, thanks to you, now I love Eventide 2.69% less.
  4. This FOMO epidemic is getting out of hand: hmm, this may be a cheapo way to get a decent video editor for when I need one 🤔 it would be nice to settle on one user-friendly option 😏 feedback is good, seems like a good deal, let's log in on HB and think it over 🤑 wow , lookie here, I have purchases from HB, I wonder what they are 🤓 oh man, this one's almost two years old and I never installed it, what the heck is it 🤓🤓 hey, it's Pinnacle Studio 24 Ultimate
  5. This is the first 'wow' sale for me this BF. I'm in. 🤕
  6. You mean you discovered a non-random pattern in the way your spam filter is acting up? Could it really be... ? 😮😲
  7. I was just messing about. Amp Room is one of those platforms that I really wanted to like and just couldn't.
  8. What's the update? It sounds good now?
  9. 299$ 😏 I've done the math: - plugins I'd want from PA at sale prices: 100-150$ - cost of PA plugins I own , don't really use, and would happily let go: 200$+ Holidays are near, and in the spirit of Dirk's generous offer, I'd accept a 1-for-1 trade with PA. Quick and easy, no need to mess with kvr sale threads or silly bundles.
  10. Which effects, though? As my case is the opposite (I like the rigs, not so much the regular patches) and only have TH-U Essential, I was looking through the rigs to see if I could identify the ones I like AND maybe come with a nice effect or two as a bonus. Bus as far as I can tell, only the BM rigs have two additional effects (the parallel compressor and a reverb). They used a bunch of pedals to sample most rigs, and they list them with the rigs ("boosted with"), but those are not available as separate effects inside TH-U. Or am I missing something?
  11. I'm going to try some more rigs, but they're so many, and you can only demo them for 1 day (I have no idea when/if that resets?), that I feel I have to be strategic about it, or I'll lose track of what I liked and what I didn't. IRs, yes, that should be fun, as normally I use a selection of IR's with everything, so things might only get better with them. 🤠 That was my surprise as well, having demoed TH-U Premium before, that the rigs are quite a step up in quality. I haven't tried many of the rigs in your list yet, but I'm with you on BM Filmprojector, I really liked it. I'm more into cleans/crunch, yet I found some excellent heavy patches as well; I liked the Bogie Dual Reverb 25 a lot. Is 50% off the best/target sale for these? They add up quickly, even when discounted.
  12. I just messed around with rigs for the past 3 hours or so. It's great that you can actually demo the rigs without owning TH-U, I had no idea you could do that. I've only demo-ed a couple of TH-U versions before, and wasn't too impressed, but the rigs are something else, there are some real gems in there. I picked up the TAF Summer Sunshine rig, but I might get some more in the future. Some personal/subjective notes: - some of the rigs/patches sound/feel at least as authentic as any other amp sim I've tried - comparatively limited options for usable tweaks; once you start playing around with the knobs (particularly with gain, for example with the Fender's) in the rig player, that authenticity quickly disappears (I guess that's what you'd expect, given that rigs are based on sampled amplifier signal chains) - there are only a few basic effects included in TH-U Essential, so TH-U Essential + rigs is mostly about the amps and cabs - the interface is meh, but workable - there doesn't seem to be a TH-U Essential installer; the installer Overloud links to is the same as the full (demo) version, so I guess that the entire package has to be installed, with only the activated bits becoming available in the interface; not ideal, if this is the case
  13. That would make sense. But I'm pretty sure it's going to be available for this amount and probably less going down the road. For people using their products professionally, it's a no-brainer purchase, as is. For the rest - and most of their existing/future customers, it's a value proposition, so they'll inevitably continue to try to get it out to as many people as they can via sales (just as with v1). I'm in the second category; I'm sure I'll get it at some point, but I don't feel any urgency (i.e. v1 satisfies my needs just fine without the new, admittedly significant, features).
  14. They already have one. They just prefer to call it a group buy, for some reason.
  15. Forget about Black Friday. For someone just starting out, this is the best value package on the market. For many/most people, it won't even be close.
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