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  1. Mirosalve, sounds like some sort of cure all ointment.🤪
  2. I am sleepy. I am going to follow abacab and just get everything he gets.
  3. Maybe it will happen when the counter gets updated.
  4. Me three. Come on IKM, get yo axe together. Just kidding. I am sure it will appear eventually.
  5. One wonders what could have caused the change in GUI sharpness. One would hope that some designer didn't think "Let's make everything blurier. That will make everything look nicer." My first thought was that perhaps S2 has a resizable GUI, and S1 does not, however S1 is just as resizable. Very strange design decision.
  6. The Syntronik 2 GUI is definitely more bleary for me than 1.
  7. 808...and we are there!
  8. Just listened to the presets for Human. Sounds so sweet, I have always been a sucker for the human voice. There is so much variety here. Definitely will be a buy for me.
  9. Even if this were free, I wouldn't buy it. If they sent me a hard drive containing the instruments, I would format the drive and use it for something else.
  10. After watching this, I now have some questions, @Peter - IK Multimedia. There is stuff in the Edit panel that is not WaveSet related like the Modulation Matrix and the filters. Could not the legacy synth presets use those feature since they are not WaveSet dependant?
  11. Not me. Still got my $50 voucher so I could do 3 for $43.
  12. To expand on what cclarry said, legacy presets for S1 synths are just as editable in Syntronik 2 as they were in Syntronik 1, ie you can still bring up the instrument interface and tweek parameters. What you cannot do is use the new Edit button which is used to edit the new S2 features. This confused me at first. To confuse things further, upgraded S1 synths have additional S2 presets which can use the new S2 features.
  13. I hate reference and howto videos. I don't want to sit through pointless nattering and long winded intros to get to the meat. Give me something to read!!!
  14. 500. At the current rate, it looks like it is headed for ~2500 participants so 28 synths for the price of one. Of course, previous GBs have shown us that you really can't predict how it is going to go in the end. IKM may even extend the GB if the target is not reached in 30 days. All that to say, anything can happen.
  15. Should have mentioned this before. I have a key for Ignite that I don't need if anyone wants it. I got it during the last Acoustica Humble Bundle. PM me. First come, first serve.
  16. Disengaging in 3...2...1...Disengaged.
  17. I don't know about the size of all the companies. Sonuscore is fairly well known. But why should that make a difference? Because a company is large, it should absorb the cost of downloads? And if they don't, that makes them scuzzy and evil?
  18. Sonuscore for one. In fact, when I try to download something I purchased in April 2021, I get the message: Sorry, this download has expired: Go to shop. Looks like I would have to buy the product all over again. Fluffy Audio states this: Download links will expire seven days after this E-mail is sent. And there are limited download attempts for downloading your product. We suggest to backup your product to be able to recover your files anytime. Sampletraxx has the same policy as Fluffy. They both use Fastspring for their downloads so it may that way for any Fastspring downloads. Audiofier is another that uses Fastpring. Their email states: The link will expire in 7 days, so please hurry up 🙂 Xtant Audio has the same message as Sonuscore when I try to download past purchases. These are some examples from my last year of purchases. Now it may be that if I contacted support, they might be willing to reinstate a download for free, but no where on their websites do they specify that this service is available. Fortunately I have not had to find out I would like to point out that just because some or even the majority of company follow a certain policy, not all companies should follow that policy. IKM implimented download charges for a reason, and I don't believe for a moment they did it because they were evil or trying to do something underhanded. Update: Just checked Fluffy's FAQ. Looks like they can reinstate download link if you contact support.
  19. I don't find it sheisty or evil. And I am not going let a measly potential $10 charge stop me from purchasing from a company that gives me good value in their poducts. If you want to avoid a company based on an out of perspective principle, as you say, have at it. It is your loss. Fine by me.✌️
  20. Curious, where is this IK forum you speak of? Nevermind...found it here: https://cgi.ikmultimedia.com/ikforum/
  21. Spent my "budget" for this month. Fortunately, April is almost over and the GB will still be going strong in May. Probably like a lot of people, I'll jump in at 10 freebies.
  22. 401...6 free synths now.
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