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  1. Apparently this is a 32bit program and only supports VST3. So if you only use 32 bit VST3 plugins, you are good to go. Otherwise this makes it pretty pretty useless.
  2. That trailer though..."PANAGEMENT GOT REVERB". Looks like they spliced together a bunch of stock video and stuck their plugin onto the screens.
  3. You can never have too many thangs.
  4. So are we supposed to enjoy this or not?
  5. Luxury! My first computer was an Atari 400 with a clock speed of 1.79 MHz and 8K of RAM. And a membrane keyboard! I actually worked on computers where the user interface was toggle switches and LEDs used to enter and display binary code. This was the beast. And people complain about the SampleTank UI.
  6. I have the Behringer EMC 8000 and have used it for years with great results. But I didn’t get that kind of price! That is a killer deal I looked at this mic but it does not seem to come a calibration file. How would you use it with ARC?
  7. Channel Robot has some really great stuff. I do not like the interface for Firewalker but their Kontact instruments are really fun to play with.
  8. Doug Rintoul


    Free version is limited to 5000 local files. There is no buy option; subscription only. No thanks.
  9. So then, it is a feature, not a bug.
  10. Interesting to note that Ted's one and only post was as the OP of this thread. I think we scared him away.
  11. I actually think you will find there are more non-Cakewalk users in the Deals forum than CW users. I know your woocommerce comment was meant as a joke, but it is not like Ted's question was completely out of the blue. Anyway, I have said my piece. Have at 'er. Peace out.
  12. This is what I did too. The current version of Amp5 is a real mess.
  13. I agree with this completely. Ted's question would have had a better chance of getting answered in a S1 specific forum or the InstaComposer thread. I assumed that because the Deals forum was a sub forum of the Coffee House forum, that the CH forum rules applied to the Deals forum as well. What I reacted to initially was the idea that because Ted question did not relate to specifically to Cakewalk, it did not belong here. I would have been fine if people had said that Ted would be better served asking his question in the InstaComposer thread or an S1 forum. The point is, I appreciate the community here. I appreciate the fact that for the most part that people are much more forgiving and willing to go with the flow rather than be sticklers for rules. I actually enjoy the off topic threads in the Deals forum. Think of what we would loose if we started enforcing the rules and made the Deals forum only about deals.
  14. I just used the Product Manager to authorize and download my SampleTank freebies. I think I had to unauthorize and reauthorize SampleTank itself, and then all my freebies were authorized as well. The Ampltube models were unlocked by restoring my gear in the most recent Custom Shop.
  15. I used this option. It works great. I was dubious but it seems to have done the job.
  16. Well...looking at the first page of the Deals forum, King Larry himself posted about Pink Floyd - The Reunion, there is a first looks post, a couple of software update announcements, and a couple of other posts that have nothing to do with deals. Like I said, things are pretty fluid around here.
  17. The Deals forum is actually a sub forum of the Coffee House forum which has this preamble: This is an inclusive discussion area, intended to promote music-related discussions that do not pertain specifically to Cakewalk software. Users of all experience levels and backgrounds can ask questions and share knowledge. By making your posts music-related, you help preserve the quality of these discussions. So @Ted Haber 's question is fine. Except that it is not really a deal so might have been better for Ted to post it in the Coffee House forum itself. But because the InstaComposer deal was posted here, more people might look at Ted's message. We are pretty fluid with the rules here, I think.
  18. Yup. Less weight to carry around. Loosing weight is suppose to be healthy, right?
  19. I just worry that the next time Larry leaves he is going to be singing:
  20. 25314 registrations have been reached so far in the GB. I wonder how high it will go? I also wonder how many actual people that number represents. And I wonder how many new customers this GB has brought into the IKM fold. I am sure Peter and team are crunching those numbers now. From this user's perspective, this GB has been a resounding success, not only from the all new toys I have to play with, but also from the community that has been built up around the group buy. Not to mention that my post count has increase dramatically because there was so much to talk about.
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