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  1. Hi all. Did not see the replies until today. Thanks for comments. Finally got the session to work. I had to revert to a previous session auto save without too much stuff missing. Maybe the current session was corrupted somehow.
  2. Hi all. Hopefully someone will be able to shine in for this problem I have after last Cakewalk update 2021.12. Some instruments in a project closed in late December with the previous version of Cakewalk will not load samples or remember patches for specific instruments like Trilian, VSL, Iris 2, Eat West strings and Sforzando. I tried to open backups, but it doesn't help. Something is broken apparently. No changes on these instruments or system. Just update to Cakewalk. Is this a potential bug perhaps ? I don't know for sure. I will try to roll back to the previous version of Cakewalk, but if anyone can comment on other solutions, please let me know. Thanks Claude Edit : not Cakewalk. Something else in a single session. I tested other sessions and they are ok with 2021.11 or 2021.12.
  3. Hi azslow3. I removed the two files and I managed to launch Cakewalk with no more issues. Yeah !! I did a little test and after replacing one or the other file in the core folder and relaunching Cakewalk, I think it is the ctrlsurface.dat that was at fault. I am going thru your information and tips to add DAW control. I hope I will succeed. Thanks for your help. It is really appreciated !!
  4. Hi all, I think I hurt Cakewalk pretty badly after trying to configure my M audio Hammer 88 Pro oping to start to use all the DAW buttons (yet to configure in the controller). BTW, anyone has done this ? Is there an editor preset file that exists already somewhere ? Can't find it. Anyway, I was trying to set up the input ACT and Mackie controller in the preferences. I was following instructions that I found on the net and was supposed to be helpful. Now, I get instant crash whenever I try to launch Cakewalk. A restart does nothing. I have a crashdump file if it can be helpful. Can anyone help me, please ? Thanks in advance. Claude
  5. This is a new behaviour. When dragging a pick from EzDrummer onto a track, the region name appears as the full path as per my screenshot. Before that I would only get "Variation 20". Something changed. I have no idea if it's something new in EzDrummer, Cakewalk (both latest versions) or a configuration. I tried to find some settings in both and I am not successful. Any idea what to look for ? Thanks Claude
  6. Hello I'm curious to see if there is a fix for a problem I'm having with Cakewalk (latest v - but probably not related). I'm recording my performance via Jamorigin MG2 midi converter and the playback is done with an Amplesound vst2 instrument. I have the default (2) pitch bend activated in the MG2 plugin and a fair amount of data is being recorded (tremolos, bends etc). When I go into the PRV to edit notes and velocities, everything runs smoothly, but as soon as I switch to display the pitch bend data, everything runs slow, like moving notes, drawing/correcting pitch bend. I mean slow!! Anything to check or try ? Is it fixable ? Thanks! Note: I use Amplesound vst2 because I get a plugin crash with the vst3 version with too much pitch bends. I have a PC i7 with 16gig ram. It is a fairly small session. Overall performance 10% Engine load 15-20%
  7. I'm relatively new with CbB and I'm very very happy with it. Thanks to the developers and the help here. I'm just wondering if there is a or will be a way so that articulations ( in the zone above the PRV ) could be automatically added after you record a performance ? I play a midi guitar with a midi foot controller that triggers live articulations so that it sounds as authentic as possible on the first take. I think it would be very helpful to do some editing on the notes later and see the articulations that were in use.
  8. Oh wow !? That simple ? I was not even aware of this because no other plugin I have behave that way. I'm so glad it solves my problem. Thanks a million Scook !! Have a nice day, Claude
  9. Hi all, I have the latest Cakewalk version and Vienna Instrument player. I'm trying to rename a matrix in the Vienna Player, but instead it triggers shortcuts in Cakewalk in the background. As if the plugin is not in focus. I have reported this to VSL. Maybe it's a Cakewalk issue. I don't know. Anyone experiencing this problem ? Thanks Claude
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