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  1. I always have my cursor set to "Smart". Any time I open a project, the first time I record, the cursor shifts to "Move". It doesn't do that after the subsequent takes. Anyone know why this is happening?
  2. Thanks. That could work well when I've bounced everything on a track, right? I often leave all the individual clips because I've edited some parts that may need rethinking later. Hmm...but I suppose, within each track, I could copy all the clips to another take lane to save for my above-stated purposes, then bounce the clips, et voila! Will give it a try!
  3. chamlin

    Corrupt Audio Region

    Thanks, that could stop me from being traumatized every time I open the project!
  4. When exporting a slew of tracks, I want Cakewalk to name those tracks solely as my tracks are named. But when exporting, I can't just leave a blank field, I have to put something in the field like a dash or or a letter. Cakewalk also add a dash and number at the end of the track name. This requires me to take a lot of time to remove the letter and dash from all the front of the track names, as well as the dash and numbers at the end of the file name. I would love the option to not have to add something to the file name field, and the creation of a checkbox: "Only name exported tracks with actual track names". And since it's unlikely that we can leave the field blank, maybe some control+shift+P type signal that Cakewalk will understand, oh, it's Chamlin and his friends who are so fussy they want their clean and proper names... Thanks!
  5. chamlin

    Corrupt Audio Region

    Thanks, that's both informative and helpful. Wondering if most folks here use the "create one file per clip" option, and if there are any drawbacks. ?
  6. chamlin

    Exporting Track Names - A Better Way?

    Thanks. Jeez, that seems crazy. Of course, I've been doing it for years, but sure would be nice for a fix for that.
  7. chamlin

    Changing Multiple Track Colors At Once

    Thanks, Christian...oh, that's a relief!
  8. Is there a way to select a number of consecutive tracks and change their colors in bulk? I always have to do them one at a time, Can't find this in the documentation, thanks!
  9. When exporting a slew of tracks, I want Cakewalk to name those tracks as my tracks are named. But when exporting, I can't just leave a blank field, I have to put something in the field like a - or a letter. Then, I have to remove the letter and dash from all the tracks. Also, Cakewalk adds numbers at the end of the file name. Is there a setting that will allow me to avoid having to clean this up each time? If not, what do you do?
  10. chamlin

    Corrupt Audio Region

    When opening a project, I got this message. But it doesn't say where that region is. I can't find anything but sure, it could be a part I'm not noticing is missing. 1. Is there a way to figure this out? 2. Is it on anyone else's wish list to have something more defined in the message?
  11. Safety copy? Not sure what you mean, technically.
  12. Much gratitude! Now I can go and wreak havoc!
  13. In finalizing a few songs before mixing, I want to assess if the song sounds better if I edit out a repeated chorus, or other "structural" edits. In the past, I've used "Save As" to create a whole new project so I didn't damage the "master" version. But I'm thinking there's a smarter way to do this. Save Copy As? That would keep it in the same project, but if I cut out large junks across 40 tracks, would that leave the audio data for the other "master" version intact? Better way that wouldn't require a major learning curve? Thanks!
  14. Has to be a better way than my process. The goal is to duplicate all the background vocals in a chorus to fly them into the next chorus. Within each track there are multiple takes (lanes) blending into each other. How I've been doing it is crazy. Each track, I expand the take lanes to double what I've used. I then Control Shift (copy) and drag all the clips to the open lanes. Then I slide them to the next chorus section. But I do this for each track. Utter silliness. I suppose I can just duplicate the track, then delete all unneeded clips, then slide the clips to the new chorus, then move them to the "real" track. But that's almost as crazy, AND, moving multiple lanes between tracks never seems to fall right into separate lanes when I do it. What's the obvious way to do this that I'm missing???