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  1. How do I edit the title to indicate Solved?
  2. Ah, the simple things in life. Thanks so much Promidi!
  3. I usually have the transport showing beats and the area where my image's arrow points to is where I see the time scrolling as I'm playing/recording. I must have accidentally hit a key that hides the time thingy. Don't know what it's called so can't search for it in the documentation. How do I get it back? Thanks, Chamlin
  4. Thanks, scook. Hmm... The clips in the project were all recorded in the project which is set to 48/24. So what might cause the 44.1/16 to show up?
  5. Don't understand why the project shows 44.1/16 when my settings say 48/24. Help?
  6. Hey, but that's still better than the original track and would allow the chord to ring out! Well done.
  7. He said he used the De-click function to remove the obvious clicking, and Spectral Repair to remove the residue.
  8. It's kind of fascinating because I was there when it was recorded and don't see how that is possible yet my ears too hear that. I just went on to Upwork and posted that end bit asking for proposals for fixing that with RX. Almost immediately got a sample mp3 back from a guy in Malaysia demonstrating the clicks gone. Amazing. Literally 15 minutes from posting. Grateful for everyone's help here on this as you got me there! Thanks David Baay and LarsF! Fixed track attached! Acoustic Guitar METRONOME issue - File is 24bit 44.1 full edited.wav
  9. Yup, once the guitar volume lowered, it was audible. The rest of the song, even the beginning which is only acoustic guitar shows no sign of it due to played guitar volume.
  10. First, wow, thanks for all the help on this! Just a note: There's no volume fade, the guitarist was naturally and intentionally reducing his volume as the song winds down. Yes, the bpm was 149!
  11. Can anyone with Izotope Rx fix this? Would make such a big difference in the mix, thanks! File attached. Acoustic Guitar METRONOME issue - File is 24bit 44.1.wav
  12. Thanks, David. I'll see if the guy who did the track can record his click and send it to my engineer. Hoping for a software designed for this kind of thing solution.
  13. Ugh. On a beautiful ending to a song where the acoustic guitar and bass sound a final note/chord, there's an audible click track. Some might not notice it, but it was a nightmarish moment hearing it. Is there software, a plugin that can fix that? Replaying the last note is not a great option. And do any of you do that kind of work? It's a bout a 5 second segment.
  14. In another thread someone suggested deleting the aud.ini file. Tried it, no change. A few others said they had audio engine problems after they updated the latest Focusrite drivers. Hmm...perhaps I can try going back to the older driver.
  15. No VSTs, no effects, nuthin'! New project with 6 audio tracks. Every time I import a file the blue circle of hell does its thing and cycles for a long time. Sometimes doesn't stop. Eventually up pops the Audio Engine Dropout (12). Other times, the file is imported but I can't save the project without triggering the next round of blue circle joy. Seeking a solution for this issue with Code: 12 Reason for dropout: [Internal] Internal audio buffer memory limit overflow. Potential preventative action: Contact support with recipe/project file. 1. Been running Latency Monitor for 30 minutes, no issues. 2. Focusrite 18i8 1st Gen. Latest driver. 3. This is a new system with 64 GB RAM.
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