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  1. Good point about the drivers. I ran the test again and RMAA is indeed in ASIO. The PreSonus audio panel is set at 96 with internal clock. Same results. I even went into all the windows settings I could think of, and there's nothing else turned on. Even the GameBar I have disabled. Yeah sometimes the updates flick stuff back on but nope. I'm on a wired connection and so there's no wireless anything in the box. The FirePod plugs into the firewire card that PreSonus recommended. Again everything was all great at 44.1 but I just had to kick it up to 96 LOL! I even ran a test this morning right after turning it on thinking that it may somehow be heat related but that didn't change the results either. Here's the response of 24/44.1: That was what I was expecting to see - flat enough - not gonna loose any sleep over .37dB😀 but man that graph for the 96k - whoah! That explains some of the EQ choices ... I did try using the PC EQ to filter that out and it did lower the garbage a lot. Might be able to salvage some of the stuff I did record.
  2. That second video at xiph.org - wow that takes me back to audio lab from many years ago😁 Explained the same way too! Probably could filter it out/off but I may just go ahead and redo everything at a lower rate. I guess that all that extra ultra sonic "wonderful stuff"(sarcasm) is causing problems in the audio range thus the really bad results in the RMAA and the odd roll off. The THD test came in at 5% - yes five percent not .00xx% I would have thought that there would have been a filter already applied before any audio got digitized - or maybe there is and the FirePod just isn't all that great🥴 Anyway, thanks for the replies guys. Looks like I'll be sticking with 44.1
  3. So I've had a FirePod for a number of years now and it's been rock solid with Sonar/Cakewalk and it survived a few Windows versions as well (Vista, 8 and now 10). All at 24 bit 44.1 or 48kHz. But I did the odd song or two at 24/96 and wasn't all that impressed, and have been working on a project that would be 24/96 and something really isn't right but couldn't put my finger on it. I downloaded RightMark Audio Analyzer and got this for a frequency response at 24/96 : Yikes! Looks like it's rolling off at around 6kHz and what is all that garbage from 25.5ish on up? I went ahead and loaded a 1kHz test tone in Cakewalk and looked at the graph in SPAN and on playback all looks like it I would expect: HOWEVER, everything I've recorded at 24/96 has this extra junk in the 25k area going on up to the limit: Also happens with 88.2kHz as well. The rest of the test results from RMAA were ok (what I expected) for 44.1/48 but were really bad at 96. So is my FirePod defective? It's on all 8 inputs, mic and line Even patched into the 2 returns on the back of the unit - same results. I assume that it's something being added during the A-D stage as the test files I loaded up playback without the extra "stuff". Tried with ASIO and WDM drivers and there's no difference. I loaded up a song from 2013 and sure enough, same junk in the upper end - and no, I don't really like the overall sound of that recording. Couldn't quite put my finger on it then and never gave it a thought to look at the response. I'm on the latest updated Win10, but I don't really think it's an os problem...
  4. Guess we're coming out of the woodwork😁
  5. I'm split between CbB and Studio One. For projects that I'll be in front of the screen for extended periods of time I go with CbB because my vision is garbage and the SO dark "theme" is outright painful after a while. I really like Studio Ones mastering section I'd throw a +1 for Reaper as well if the above two fail. Just my .02
  6. +1 to the pictures. Good news to hear that they're going for a big presence ... let everyone know Cakewlk's still alive and well😀
  7. Same for me with IE11 - it just sits at the continue screen and doesn't display the Cakewalk logo (but has the placeholder for it). Not really sure why I even clicked on IE in the first place🙄 Firefox works fine.
  8. Seriously though, that was the part of the old forum I went straight to almost everyday. I mean didn't we all?😁
  9. I've done that more times than I'd like to admit😀 Good to see the new forum up and running, so keep up the good work BandLab!
  10. Hello and welcome Notes! That's a lot of info 🙂
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