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  1. +1, very good videos. I've learned _so_ much from them. Thanks.
  2. Thanks. I did not know about the requirement for separate vst3 and vst2 folders. With that now known, I think I'll keep everything where it is, as it isn't causing any problems.
  3. Hey, Over the years, I've accumulated a set of plugins from a variety of vendors that I use regularly. Some of these plugins came with installers, others I manually added, resulting in several plugin folders over two different drives. I'd like to consolidate my plugins to one folder, and know how to do this in Windows. But I wonder, is this having a single plugin folder a 'good practice' for Cakewalk? Moreover, what about those plugins that were installed via their own installer program: any chance that the installer did more than simply copy the plugin to that folder? Do plugin installers commonly add dlls or write to the registry information on directory or folder location? Of course, I don't seen any harm in keeping the plugins as they are in various locations on my system, but it would make things neater if they were all in one location. I appreciate your thoughts, comment and opinions regarding storing plugins in one directory, and thank you for your time.
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