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  1. Hi there I have two problems. I am using Cakewalk with a Roland soundcard. I can see the audio signal on the track which is routed to the Master but the Master is not playing anything back. I also have a latency issue with a slight delay in the audio signal arriving.
  2. Yep and Cakewalk recognises the device...this is what happens when I disconnect it.
  3. Hi, I have recently purchased a UGreen soundcard to connect from my mixer to the computer. I needed a USB input as I don´t have a direct mic input. There is a signal from the mic to the mixer, which is connected to the external sound card, but no audio input, even though I have it chosen as an input on Cakewalk. This is the soundcard: https://www.ugreen.com/product/UGREEN_USB_External_Stereo_Sound_Card_Aux_and_2RCA_Converter-en.html I have checked all the cables. Thank you!
  4. Seconded, I´m also having trouble. I can set up a strum pattern which plays back through the plugin, but when I follow the steps to programme the MIDI as per their tutorial videos, I only get the sound of the keyboard, rather than the MIDI playing the recorded pattern I´ve programmed into the plugin.
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