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  1. Fantastic stuff Larsy!
  2. Thanks Larsy so much for doing this and thanks everyone who helped getting this through to the family! ... and @Grem for Bumps 🙂 Terry is surely in an very interesting journey right now. Blessed be his soul! What a great community! Thanks guys and gals!
  3. Yes the best De-essers, have you tried the hardware? Most smoothest de-essing around...
  4. It is a very cool plugin, in serious moderation can also work in mastering 🙂
  5. Esteban, you can do it... just wake up one morning and say ... THAT'S IT! I'm done with that! And from there it all goes towards better... little by little! Focus on something else, like every week spend the saved money on making something nice for yourself... like buying a great plugin and making a memorable piece of music with it... Memory of the times you quitted but where not the ''quitter'' 🙂 . Oh and that one morning should be sooner that you expect it to be! Best of luck 🙂
  6. @PavlovsCat what a great post! Thanks for sharing your story and your enthusiasm in this matter after all you've been through!. . Again and again shows how great and passionate this place is! Thanks to all you guys for making this possible! Hoping the best for Terry and his family ... But also for everyone else here that is in some kind of despair! You know you're not alone here 🙂
  7. I use Resolve exclusively now for over 2 years... before that used Premiere Pro for about 10 years, before that Final Cut pro 7. Used After effects all the time, but got so fed up with Adobe, never fixing basic bugs and extremely slowly doing the updates for their video apps (After Effects, Premier Pro) and yet happily taking my money every month... wasn't happy with this kind of arrangement so switched to Resolve. Resolve is great as is the Premier Pro, I love Colour correction in Resolve very much and Fusion is getting very good, but it isn't yet close to the After Effects, for what I've been using it for. There's much more third party support for plugins, templates etc. for Adobe platform. MUCH more. Premier Pro was drastically slower than Resolve on my system, (talking about the rendering stuff out 4k etc) I'm o Mac (iMac Pro) and Resolve runs great. Main difference is for me... the most annoying part with Premiere pro was the final movies renders via Media Encoder, so many crashes, corrupted renders, and the only help was sometimes to render the TGA image sequence, so when it crashed, you start from the crashed frame so to save the (re-render) time... frustrating stuff... but that could have changed in the past 2 years. For comparison, not one Resolve render in my time with the app has ever been corrupted or crashed. I believe Resolve is growing fast as the complete edit - finalise solution and hopefully will get you there to the desired final product... But there are also many annoying bugs that go unfixed from one version to the other (Cubase Pro - type of scenario), so it isn't all honey. Working with proxies in Resolve is really great and takes away the stress from the CPU-GPU processing. ... And if you happen to own the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera (4k-6k) the BRAW is absolutely great and very light nicely optimised and runs fast in Resolve. Just my two cents...
  8. Yes indeed, best wishes to Terry and his family!
  9. Great news! I was just about to suggest that perhaps he's still alive... didn't wanna jinx it! Thank you so much Larsy for all your efforts!!! Awesome work as always 🙂
  10. It certainly could work here in Eu, is it possible to even try to do so in the USA? Usually deceased records are the best bet...
  11. I think that we should try to fulfil his last wish here on this forum and get the money to his family no matter what. Even if it takes until April, May... it means nothing else that more effort from our part. We will get there at the end! Steps: 1. So he had left 3 kids behind. Contacting local schools and asking / trying to find out in which school they go to. 2. as Grem suggested. Contacting local tv station 3. Contacting local newspapers . Same as above with the addition to ask for the ''death announcement'' being made last couple of months that would match the name surname you have for Terry. 4. Anyone on the Facebook that was a friend with him that we could find and get in touch with?? 5. If we pay for the advertising on the Facebook, with the text that would explain our mission, it wouldn't cost that much...
  12. Just wanted to post what I've sent to Larsy: Don't give up trying to find his family, it might take time. But if there are 3 kids around in the school, try to get in touch with school's headmaster and see where it leads... DON'T Give up GUYS!!! BR Zok
  13. THANX! Checked your stuff Nigel, really cool Stuff! I hear bit of Morcheeba feel there... Stay healthy in the New Year!
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