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  1. Next year sell all of that 500 stuff and get the proper 19'' rack units for better headroom and transients 🤣👍 Congrats nevertheless 😊!
  2. Beautiful place and people, love to be here and thanks @everyone ! Wishing you Inspiring and Blessed Christmas gals & guys? Love from Finlandia!
  3. Awesome Eq for awesome price!👍😊
  4. Opsix is probably one of the best fm synths out there , if not the best... Never had a chance to play DX-1 back in the day... I like the Wavestate, but it needs great discipline, super organised mind-flow and patience 🙂
  5. Ah good to know 🙂 No I didn't try the UAD synth, have plenty of HW and software synths... I'm done 🙂
  6. excellent choice... better than the Korg SQ64?
  7. I didn't realise that... pity... No news what so ever about when will it hit the shops... if ever. Post-Covid parts shortages, perhaps?
  8. I say go for it Fleer, but get the SE 61 keys version instead, I think it's worth the additional price of admission... The basic Wavestate hardware was a bit disappointing for me.
  9. Both Wavestate and Opsix are absolutely great... @96kHz session they are so close sounding to the hardware that with little Eq adjustment you're pretty much there... of course no immediate hands on, but Wavestate Software is actually in most cases almost easier to program than the hardware synth and things can be mapped to controllers... so I think they are a winners!
  10. I hate subscriptions, left Adobe years ago, cut my loses with Waves and don't use them nor am interested in them at all (as their fees are just another way of subscription)... But having said that, I think I'll go with PA 99$ / year subscription with this kind of logic: Have most stuff I need and some old plugins still sound great, so not that many great really new and useful plugins are needed to be had for me... they just bring another flavour to the table... and my skillet is sorted with the spices already. So, if I feel there are three (3) plugins I want to purchase at the time of taking and / or renewing the subscription, I will do that... each costs 33 $, that's an ok price for me. The bonus is, I get all the other stuff to demo properly on real projects for a year and all the possible new releases. If PA decides to restricts and limits the possibility to use some new stuff within the subscription, it's their loss... I wont renew, they lost any further money from me! Done. So paying up front for a year gives me 3 plugins for 99$ right away, everything else is a bonus, if at next renewal there isn't anything within my subscription that I'm interested to make at least the 3 plugins to be purchased further... I'm out. Learned the hard way... trust the offer what you have on the table, not the offer promised.... I don't trust anyone, they are all up for grabbing my money one way or the other. I govern to whom it goes. This hype and urgency of sales is funny and quite intimidating one's intellect... Sad world out there! Remember protection gals and guys! Love from Finlandia!
  11. ZokZTM

    PA Introduce Sa2rate

    Spl PQ or add me to the Q😊👍
  12. This one is unbelievably good! Highly recommend!
  13. ZokZTM

    Trouble at 2C Audio

    Hi Denis, Welcome here! I'm sure comments here are nothing to do with you being Russian... there are millions of great Russian peole and millions of bad business practices and scammers all around the globe any colour and any nationality! Right is right and wrong is wrong! I'm for one super happy that you have expressed here your sincere feelings and facts. I'll second @Last Call and suggest reuse the code , make it better, new software, move on and cash in on your intellectual property! Stay well and don't despare... in cycle of life tables do turn... if you push them hard enough!
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