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  1. I highly recommend to everyone RootOne and StageOne... absolutely amazing plugs...
  2. ZokZTM

    Disaster Strikes!!!

    Nice! 43 should be plenty big and cheap enough 🙂 Indeed ! 😃
  3. ZokZTM

    Disaster Strikes!!!

    sorry to hear that Larsy... what are you getting as a replacement?
  4. I've tried that and it didn't work for me... but anyway can get the amek for 30 usd with new 29 usd subscription plan
  5. Sorry, no place for this rants here... carry on with PA deals guys!
  6. What world are we living in... it feels that absolutely everything is corrupted... And we suppose to be motivated and create the art... right! now back to mixing... for what I as myself.... ??
  7. Oh man, o man... that sucks big time! Hope this gets sorted soon... It ain't fair
  8. Sure thing... there's right and wrong!!! Can you at least use the stuff you bought before from PA?
  9. This is just plainly wrong! I feel for ya man!
  10. just terrible!!! Is there a way we could start a petition of some kind for our fellow musicians?
  11. ZokZTM

    PA Forever $29

    Exactly, that's why I said just make the plugins 30 usd and stop this hassle... some of us could use the precious production time on more useful things than fight this marketing craze... like actually properly demoing the plugins... using them as demos right away in the production, knowing it is yours for 30 usd at the end of the session!
  12. ZokZTM

    PA Forever $29

    What stops one to subscribe every time when they release something new interesting (and after demoing it) and then unsubscribe the next month so to get that ''new'' plugin for 30 USD.... ?? Why they just don't cut the c**p out of this marketing and sell their plugins for 30 USD every one of them, new old... They would have a lots of business... A LOTS!
  13. I almost bought the 2nd copy as it was never ever before on sale!
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