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  1. @Stefano Maccarelli Complimenti Stefano e grazie mille! Greetings from Finlandia...
  2. @Max Arwood If we are talking Aqua Plugins: 1st Water, 2nd Cream, 3rd Pink in this order. You can get every genre mix done with those...then add Ruby + Taupe + Ivory + others at a later date. That's what I would do now after 5 years of Acustica stuff... Unless you are ready to do some serious work of learning and collecting the stuff for Nebula 4. Which is simply awesome but a bit more initial work and research in what is good needed.
  3. You're welcome.. same here picked up 1084 instead of the 1073 as well... Enjoy!
  4. Congrats! Neve 1084 is GREAT!
  5. @better5150 this advice might help as well. I used it few times! Best of luck!
  6. ZokZTM

    Sonible Smart Comp

    Very nice comp, super useful!
  7. as per Fleer's intuition 🙂 What I find strange is we actually waste lots of time by messing around. ....let's just put this (plugin) on, than this, great it sounds better, than this... fiddle more, than more.. almost always sounds better, right, at least louder - louder is better... than fiddle some more, adjust fiddle again. Then I take everything away, and if level matched I almost always prefer the original. We loose so much especially with, De-Brethe, De-plause, de-ess, de-this, de-that = de-stroy! I find this especially true for the vocals, presuming they are well recorded in the first place. For all that ''wasted' time experimenting with the plugins I could have just gone through the original (edited) vocal track and make the required automation (or cuts- fades) for the relevant vocal elements. Same time spent = much better final result. But is it more fun than fiddling with the plugs? no way... just way more hard work = better results. But hold on aren't we the big boys with the toys, just love to be at play 🙂.?. SO here comes Larsy again with his another deal, we grab the 'virtual 'wallet, get the fix... and enjoy our play in our custom 'virtual' playground... finally! Seriously though... I always ask myself what is the reason for me destroying that lovely sound of my expensive mic, boutique pre amp and great compressor chain that I used at the tracking stage?
  8. @Zo by far the best result I had the last time I was in need for a De-plosive massage was: zoom in to the waveform, cut just before the offending P, T, CH plosives -> make a short fade in (over the first portion of the sound) -> adjust the fade in to taste, done... Most natural sounding.. RX9 and others destroyed the sound too much for my liking! It was truly worth the effort!
  9. ZokZTM

    I have returned!!!

    Welcome back Maestro Larrsy!
  10. My Mistresses to the King!
  11. It doesn't appear to be timeframe thing.. more like over-life spent x amount = x% amount of discount (my current: You have purchased Acustica Audio products for a total value of EUR 750 to EUR 1000, so you are entitled to a personal discount of 30% OFF your next purchase.)
  12. Interesting, putting it on purchase hold as well... due to the same facts. @Wavelet Audio Any comments you could add regarding Tezza's find?
  13. Fleer not, splendid caveat to have 🙂
  14. @Fleer Have you got it Fleer? Is it any good? Any caveats?
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