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  1. ZokZTM

    PA Mega Sale

    Chris I used it successfully for solo cello (live recording), other orchestra stuff, vocals and mastering. The filters are excellent the mid bands mind-blowing... you just need to get used to it how it really works... read the manual first to get the grips with it then just listen and turn, on the high band, don't think - just turn that knob... 🙂
  2. ZokZTM

    PA Mega Sale

    I don't like de-essers... they destroy the sound too much. Better automate those esses manually... and also make fades on places when they stick out. ProAudioDSP DSM V3, can be useful or any spectral stuff, Multiplicity by DMG also can work for dessing, but manually automating works the best every single time. again just my humble opinion...
  3. ZokZTM

    PA Mega Sale

    @Fleer As the reset code has just been announced, I strongly recommend Lindell TE-100, it is amazing! Make sure you use the oversampling on max when processing / bouncing the final files. ACME opto comp is great beautiful colour (for Vox etc) but TE-100 is special! Just my two cents 🙂
  4. @Doug Rintoul It is always good to have some plans on stuff you need and stick with it... but sometimes we need to treat ourselves... whatever keeps you motivated 🙂 Saving with a plan is a great way of being organised and knowing your exact needs. How many reverbs do you need, channel strips? It 's up to us to decide and stay focused, otherwise the valuable production time goes to waste... searching, testing, comparing... you know 🙂
  5. Sounds great, instant buy :-)... Thanks Frank, Reid... and Larsy!
  6. Anyone needs 25 USD PA voucher, PM me...
  7. Yes Adrian, and twice the same email... have contacted them now to ask about it...
  8. both, exactly like that in the same email
  9. .. ah ok , makes sense..
  10. Yep Bettermaker is great actually 🙂
  11. Anyone needs 25 USD PA voucher for this month, please PM me...
  12. same here... what's up with 50% code, can anyone share it? Cheers guys!
  13. Fantastic stuff Larsy!
  14. Thanks Larsy so much for doing this and thanks everyone who helped getting this through to the family! ... and @Grem for Bumps 🙂 Terry is surely in an very interesting journey right now. Blessed be his soul! What a great community! Thanks guys and gals!
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