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  1. I'm sorry to ask this, but checked few videos on this and it doesn't sound anything really special ... lots of options, I get it but apart of that... still very average sound... anyone care to explain why it is sounding good to you, what is for you so special about it sound wise? Thanks gals and guys!
  2. Shameless self plug... you could check my Uncivilised G'rooves 🙂 New sequel development undergoing... Sorry, couldn't resist 🙂
  3. It's very good, but provided samples could be better
  4. I think everyone who has been around for awhile knows that there are always some kind of deals going on... and like a bus... it always come another one... I think when you have used that last plugin you've bought for at least one fully finished song you should entitle yourself to another one... but collecting digital dust is fun and actually quite expensive. So if you spend around 75 usd on average per month throughout the year, thats over 900 usd. I think one should ask himself what did I do with this money? Where was it used, how much did I get out of it? If this was your hardware presumably laying around not being used for a year, you would consider selling it, right...
  5. So do you guys find it morally ok to actually being ripped off by this kind of game at hand which is imposed by many bigger vendors... is there something you like about it, like truly like it? What makes you feel good? The fix of the day? Better than making music using the tools you already have and have forgotten about it? I'm slowly growing really allergic to it and start to find it a big distraction in multiple ways...
  6. So how many computers can you authorise with one license in the new Cubase 12 machine licensing system?
  7. Like I've stated b4... they should just make max price for one plugin @ 30 usd (or lower) and call it a day... stop playing cats and mouse game ... the truth is once you got your favourite 25+ plugins, you will almost never need anything else to make any kind of amazing production... different flavours, sure but hardly ever an essential tool that you are so badly missing... unless you of course watch those YT videos and buy because you are in the "big boys toys" mode... that candy buying impulse isn't really worth more than 30 usd a bag, err I mean a pop!😊👍
  8. ZokZTM

    Larry, where you at!

    This!!! An awesome guy that is greatly missed here. No deals needed he's one of the greatest deals here a creator of this family community here! And suuuuper loved! Thanks a million for doing this @PavlovsCat!
  9. ZokZTM

    Larry, where you at!

    @PavlovsCat Peter please send him a message via fb telling him that he has all our love and support no matter what his decision will be like. It would be cool that we somehow let him know, what an awesome person he is! To us here! Thanks man!❤
  10. ZokZTM

    Where is Larry?

    Larsy you have my full support for whatever your decision and further steps might be. Love from Finlandia ❤
  11. Archaic Kontakt, a true legend seen by the eyes full of contacts
  12. 20.95 usd would be fair middle ground price for both sides imho
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