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  1. Thanks, Hibi. After reading the manuel and looking at the MIDI examples it worked. Zaquira, I used an electric guitar VST coming with Finale 2014 using Aria Player. I believe it is part of the Garritan instruments.
  2. Thanks! I installed sforzando and I am able to load it up into cakewalk with the soundfont you linked above. Now in sforzando I can switch between the "K-Switch"es giving me the option to change the play style like "sus_down" and "mute_down". My question is: How can I switch between them dynamically using cakewalk? Or maybe I need multiple instances of sforzando?
  3. Thanks for the reply TheSteven. The electric guitar VST I am using doesn't seem to offer sampled palm muted sounds, so I initally wanted to use FX to turn a "normal" sampled sound to a palm mute one. Yes, I did try using Google to simulate this, but the results are technical overwhelming for me, so I hoped maybe here someone can try to explain it to a dummy like me Can you recommend a good free electric guitar VST that comes with normal and palm muted samples? Your examples above do require purchasing one thing or the other (either the VST itself or the medium that uses it) and I don't want to buy them yet, since I just started producing music.
  4. Hey, newbie here and I hope this is the right sub-forum. I would like to know if it is possible to simulate a palm muted sound on a (electric) guitar VST + Audio FX "TH3". Does someone already have experience with it?
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