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  1. A further update: `I once again, began to get the dreaded, "The following Channels are in use by another application". I could not understand why. I now know the real answer: Make sure that in Preferences/Midi Devices, that the Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth is un-clicked. Hope this helps somebody else down the line.
  2. Just thought I'd UPDATE everyone on the issue of channels being in use by another application. Despite me disabling any other audio drive in the Device manager, I was still getting the same problem of something using my channels in Sonar using ASIO mode. Anyway, this issue is now solved. I've just reinstalled Windows 11 and installed Cakewalk. Removed the WEBCAM I had been using completely from USB slot. No problems this time. It was the webcam that was the culprit.
  3. No worries, my friend. I have been using my Echo interface (with ASIO driver) without any issues before on Win 11. It's just that reformatting and reinstalling Win 11 this time seems to have added another hidden gremlin.
  4. Updated the title to a more appropriate issue. I will, of course, get back to this forum if/when I ever solve it. Thanks.
  5. I am using CbB. I have used CbB on Windows 11 without problems, I reformated my PC and reinstalled CbB - now I have a problem with the ASIO drivers. I can only guess that it is an update to Win11 that has created this issue. If anyone has any info that I'm missing, it would be greatly appreciated. I am using an Echo AudioFire 8 interface.
  6. I have, in the past, recorded lots of songs using sonar platinum. Alas, I am now unable to use this software. Every time I use it, I get a 'the following: channels are in use by another application" I can only assume that Cakewalk is no longer Windows 11 compatible.
  7. As per title. I have old projects from about 3 years ago. I try to open them but cakewalk flickers into life and then shuts down. Using the safe mode, I have pinpointed the issue to be with projects where I have used Breverb. Anybody else had this problem? Of course, I could open the old projects with safe mode, insert breverb then, and save, but I just wanted to know if there was any way of reopening these old projects with breverb still intact. Any help appreciated.
  8. Thanks Scook. Sonar Platinum it is just for the reverb.
  9. A new year and a fresh installation of Windows. Do I still need to install Sonar Platinum before a fresh install of CbB?
  10. Massive thanks to you, my friend! That does the trick
  11. As above, i want to print out the staff view. I also wish to give it a title (at the moment it just prints out as untitled). Any help appreciated.
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